The fragrance of love

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I’m so in love … with the new Heartstrings teaser!

The smiles … what adjectives to use? Pictures speak louder than words.

The words on the screen are spreading the fragrance of love:

설레임(心动)Heart fluttering
두근거림 (心怦怦跳) Heart thumping
수줍음 (害羞) Shy
무지개빛향기 (彩虹光 香气)Rainbow light, fragrance
달콤한끌림 (甜甜蜜蜜)Honey sweet

while Shinhye sings, “내게만 들리게 달콤한 목소리로 얘기해줄래 … ” (只让我听见吧,用甜甜的声音说出来吧 Just let me hear it, say it out with sweet sweet words…)

Korean w/ Chinese translation by littlemo莫 @ weibo, English translation by me

Yonghwa can act with his eyes. Agree?

I may not have things to say for each and every release of pics/video. Notice that I added ‘Heartstrings’ page?

Smell it? Love is in the air.

6 thoughts on “The fragrance of love

  1. drop by to say hi^^just found ur blogㅠㅠthe new teaser is just ….daebak ♥ so cute and so sweet….dies…cant wait….^^

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