Taiwan magazine Color June 2011 CNBLUE interview

It’s time to post something useful! Instead of just rambling and daydreaming. 🙂 Posted the translation to the soompi CNBLUE thread too, just to divert people’s attention back to CNBLUE… And this is some interesting interview. I knew something new about them. Lovely boys with mature but very cute minds!

The magazine hasn’t arrived here yet. I have the benefit of reading it so soon, thanks to @CNBassBunny (KCBlue). And I posted her scans in the soompi post too, hope she won’t mind.

Q1: Please tell us about this album. What about it do you think is most different from your previous ones?

CNBLUE: Our last album has received so much love. We thought we have gained the greatest award just because of that! ‘Intuition’ in the new album is no regular love song; it’s about the obsession of things one really likes, just like our band’s spirit! And it contains some songs of very new and varied styles. It’s a challenge making it to us. Anyway, we have been meeting new challenges all this time.

Q2: Since your debut, what is your biggest frustration and inspiration? (Time of loss?) Have you been given good and unforgettable advice by your bandmates?

CNBLUE: We have felt frustrations but never lost, for we have goals that we can work hard for. We do give each other advice. We talk about who can do what kind of shows or what genre of dramas may be more suitable for whom. The best thing about this career is that it’s something very interesting. All of us are hungry for new experiences.

Q3: What are your different ‘habits’ (???) in the MV set? Did any of you do something that made everybody burst out laughing? Who’s the king of NGs? Who’s the best actor?

CNBLUE: Filming ‘Love Girl’ MV wasn’t an easy thing. We were supposed to be very cool and manly, but the outcome was that we looked like little boys. We felt so embarrassed. Whatever we did, it seemed we were still little boys rather than cool guys, so all of us were NG kings! We had been so clumsy since the very beginning of filming, haha. We meant to look cool, but our hands and legs just couldn’t co-operate and we even tripped each other over. The filming crew said we were lovely! Still we felt embarrassed and helpless, haha!

Q4: If you could have a week of holiday, what would you do?

YH: Just stay at our cozy home for the whole week. I want to do music only, not even want to think about any other things that usually bother me. Just an ‘empty’ week will be so good. I am very busy these days; I haven’t had any week that I can relax. I want to enjoy homey life. Be an otaku, haha!

JH: I want to see my friends and also have more practice time. I haven’t been to Pusan for a long time. If I have a week’s holiday, I will go to see my old friends and family, and enjoy some very carefree time.

MH: I want to travel. Even in Korea, there are many places that I haven’t been to. Every time when I see the good places they show on TV, I write down on some note papers. I want to travel on a bike or maybe on buses. I want to travel!

JS: I want to stay with my parents. I need to tell them stories of my overseas trips. Maybe we should have an overseas vacation together. I want to buy plane tickets with my parents’ names. That kind of overseas trip will be so meaningful.

Q5: If you were a reporter, what questions would you ask your bandmates? Whom do you want to interview most? Why?

YH: Jonghyun. Because I want to share music with him even better. I need to have a very thorough interview with him. He seems to be a person of depth. Haha.

JH: Jungshin. Sometimes, he thinks too much. When I hear crazy stories about other people, I’m not surprised at all, for I’m a weird person myself, haha. But Jungshin seems to be even more weird than me. And he doesn’t show everything about himself usually. I really want to know what’s inside his mind.

MH: Yonghwa. I’d been working so hard for this album that I wanted to relax a bit at times. But Yonghwa never wanted to relax. He almost never rests. And he does everything so perfectly. I wanted to know how he can do that.

JS: Minhyuk. He always looks kind and sincere. He is the same age as me but why is his IQ so much higher than mine? I want to ask him about that. Haha.

Q6: In this whole year, what is your greatest achievement?

YH: Lyrics written by me were accepted. Then I sing my own lyrics on stage. I just can’t describe the excitement I felt. I was thinking: “Maybe this is the sense of achievement that I have always been longing for.”

JH: My greatest achievement is to realize the work I need to do today; just do what I need to do today well. I won’t think about things that are too far away from now. I believe if I do things well today, the things of tomorrow will go smooth. To think about the too-distant future and review on the past aren’t solid things to do. But I do feel a great sense of achievement with our successful concerts.

MH: It’s still music. A few weeks ago, I locked myself in my room writing songs. I have done half of them then. There is still one last song to finish. I felt so great writing so many songs on my own.

JS: Each day when all my work has been done, I feel I have achieved a lot. My principle is that I need to ask myself: Have you tried your best today? Have you wasted your time? I feel great already when the answers are negative. It’s not that everybody can be number 1; I just want to live every day a very ‘full’ day.

Q7: Do you want to challenge yourself as an actor? What kind of role do you want to play?

YH: A real bad guy. He was a good person with a kind heart to begin with. But circumstances made him a person who doesn’t separate the good from the bad. He became an absolute scumbag step by step. It would be a great challenge to act out the change of such a person.

JH: I want to play a guitarist. If chances allow, I want to do some romantic scenes do.

MH: There’s an 80% chance that I’ll play an innocent character. I actually want to do movies like those done by Pierce Brosnan, where he does all those cool actions and is so manly.

JS: I think I can be an actor too. I want to be a person who lives in his own world. He wants to have contact with other people but he is so afraid to be hurt that he chooses to live alone. I want to portray that kind of feeling. Though the world seems an exciting place, there are people who live very lonely.

Q8: Feel like saying something to your fans?

CNBLUE: Hello! We’re CNBLUE. This album contains our own works and solos. The title track ‘Love Girl’ has a totally different style from that in the first regular album. You can feel our hearts through it. We will continue to work hard making music. We love you. And Yonghwa and Minhyuk will be busy with the drama ‘Heartstrings’. Please support us as actors too!

PS The first Q & A is strange. Question and answer mismatched?

One thought on “Taiwan magazine Color June 2011 CNBLUE interview

  1. Thanks for translating this. I love learning new things about the boys til now. I actually felt a bit sad reading Yong’s answer in what he wants to do if given a week off. He must be so tired and I have to agree that he hasn’t really had any vacation since debuting in the Korean entertainment industry during You Are Beautiful. Having a week off just doing nothing at home with no schedule to go too must sound so heavenly to him. I feel sad cause it used to be he would say he’d want to shop or just have a cup of coffee outside but now he just wants to do nothing but his music. I wish FNC can grant him that after their drama. Just 1 week off please President Han. =)

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