The logbook of Lee Shin: excerpt

Lee Shin thinks if people know he writes a diary, his reputation will be ruined. He writes ‘log’ instead.

This girl dared sit at ‘my’ table. She woke me up and said I shouldn’t sleep in the library. I made her buy me a coffee but she didn’t let me drink inside. I went to the rooftop and she followed me. Girls follow me anyway. But she asked me for the coffee money. I just gave her back the half-drank coffee and left.

That clumsy girl stopped me in the corridor and asked me for the coffee money again. I can’t believe she just won’t let go. Girls buy me coffee every day. I never pay. I just gave her that look and walked away.

I said yes to Yeo Junhee finally. I had fun in the concert. Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to join the band.

She and I had a walk. And I felt strange.

The above is proof that I’ve been daydreaming too much. The trailer is only 35 sec long but a lot of things keep popping up in my mind.

Download wmv | 320Kbps mp3 (ripped fr TS video by me)

What will be the name of the OST title track? Just ‘You’ve Fallen For me’? The music is so ‘Yonghwa’, don’t you think? Then the English lyrics seem so ‘Yonghwa’ too … see my eyes … see my eyes

Then ardent fans around posted the lyrics and I read the translation. I never knew lyrics can be narcissistic like that but sound cute at the same time!

넌 내게 반했어 반했어
You’ve fallen fallen for me

달콤한 내 사랑에 녹아버렸어
Melted in my sweet love

넌 내게 반했어 반했어
You’ve fallen fallen for me

황홀한 내 눈빛에 취해버렸어
Mesmerised by my charming gaze

See my eyes 넌 내게 빠졌어
See my eyes, you fell for me

See my eyes 넌 내게 반했어
See my eyes, you’ve fallen for me

translated by: chiffonlau

So the lyrics are to suit Lee Shin’s character?The feeling of love is so one-sided. How can he be so sure about how she feels? But he doesn’t tell how he feels? Hmm … maybe I need to wait …

Yonghwa must have practiced a lot at home to look so snobby staring those stares. His poor bandmates!

But of course we won’t hate Lee Shin for long. Look at the different faces of Lee Shin!
Lovely boys and lovely girls in a lovely campus, chasing dreams and falling in love. Plus, awesome music in the background. Can a drama be more beautiful?

I miss my college days.

5 thoughts on “The logbook of Lee Shin: excerpt

  1. OMG! I thought this is the reaaal!
    I imagine it as the exact scene, and yeah, your words fit the image and totally make sense xDD

    Yong’s killer gazes are just…. **diess
    KyuWon ahh~ thaanks for coming to Shin’s life~~ xDD
    I can’t wait to see how he’s changed 🙂
    And I anticipate for Shin-KyuWon’s bickering moments the most! That’d be awesomee! xD

    totally agree with you, this drama just have it all!
    HS, fightiiiing!

  2. kya wonder if first eps will come out 50% (or above) like the daydreaming log… well somehow it’s logical, at least telling from the 35 secs~
    the teaser is stiring up my impatience again ~ for the drama and the OST (another FnC production) as well … Yongyong (with CN guys?) voivce/s and who knows, even a duet of the lovebirds too (sr, i’m just so hyper :’>) …to what extent will their voices be harmonious together?! #imagine

    ㅋㅋ the snooby practice partㅋㅋㅋ

    And thanks 4 these nice gifs, Klaritia 😉

  3. klaritia, you’re so goood^^..i’ve good times reading this..hehehe..
    ”The music is so ‘Yonghwa’, don’t you think?”..i do think so..It’s got yonghwa’s signature on it..hehe..loving the song already.

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