Taiwan magazine Trendy no.24 CNBLUE interview

Many thanks to @kof1_ who shares awesome scans on twitter. Links to the 5 pages of scans: 1 2 3 4 5 (click ‘view full size’ to download)

Translation by me 🙂

Private Message from CNBLUE

(Skipped subtitle and introduction paragraph)

There isn’t a date of CNBLUE’s second visit to Taiwan yet, but we want to help Boices keep supporting this great band. So Trendy shoulders the big responsibility of interviewing them via telephone conference this time. We ask them to talk more about themselves and their private lives …

Enjoying Practice Time

CNBLUE first happily talk about their everyday practice. They explain how they try very hard to tell each other the things they need to improve on. No matter which member makes a mistake, the others will point it out straight and the four of them have to do it all over again as a team. It may be the problem of only one member, but with each of them paying attention to all fine details in the practice, they just improve together. And having a serious attitude for practice is good for attention and involvement.

Though each member is good at a particular instrument, when time allows, they always want to play other instruments. Yonghwa played the clarinet years ago. He gave up clarinet for the guitar. So he says he’ll take up clarinet again if he can have more time later. Jonghyun says he always wanted to play the piano better. But he has neglected fingering practice on the keyboard because he’s focusing on the guitar. Minhyuk is ‘greedy’. He wants to learn to play ‘all’ instruments besides drums. As for Jungshin, after some thinking, says he just wants to focus on bass!

CNBLUE’s Leisure Time

CNBLUE reveal that they like playing an electronic game of football in the dormitory. They play in teams and the one who wins will treat the rest for dinner that night. (My note: punishment for the winner?) Minhyuk is the best and he gets free dinner all the time! As their album promotion activities have ended, they talk about their plans for the leisure time they can enjoy.

Yonghwa: I want to work hard making music. I’ve been composing while I have all these promotion activities. I feel that I don’t have enough time at all. If I can have a vacation, I want to work on my composing leisurely.

Jonghyun: I want to go to my home at Pusan. Though the four of us went to Pusan once earlier because of an official schedule, it was a pity that I couldn’t introduce the great places and things about Pusan to Minhyuk and Jungshin. If possible, I really want to take my bandmates to all those great sightseeing places in Pusan.

Minhyuk: I don’t have particular places in mind; I just want to travel. I still haven’t had a good look at Korea, the country I live in. I saw some great places watching TV earlier. I have noted them down. I want to go visit those places on a bike or by bus.

Jungshin: I want to go fishing in Jeju, to enjoy some real leisure time.

Imaginary Date with Taiwan Boices in Korea

When asked about if they could have an one-day date with Taiwan Bocies in Korea, the four boys happily say there are many places that they want to take Taiwan Boices to. They have a short discussion before they tell their decisions. Jungshin actually includes fans in his own vacation plan!

Yonghwa: Go look at the sea in Pusan!

Jonghyun: Amusement park. I want to play with our fans.

Minhyuk: I want to take our fans to see Han River and Insadong in Seoul, the different sides of Seoul.

Jungshin: Let’s go fishing in Jeju together!

Imaginary One-day Vacation in Taiwan

Trendy is curious what places they want to visit if they can go sightseeing in Taiwan for just one day. The four boys tell the places they want to go immediately. Boices should take note and maybe there’s a chance for your becoming CNBLUE’s tour guides and be sure to treat them well then!

Yonghwa: I want to go to Xiemending. I heard it’s like Myengdong in Korea. I want to feel the real life in Taiwan, see the trendy places and the night markets too …

Jonghyun: When I watched the Korean Drama On Air, I was very interested about the overseas location. I searched the Net about that and knew it was Jiufen. If I can have an one-day Taiwan vacation, I really want to visit Jiufen.

Minhyuk: I want to see the National Palace Museum. Last time when we had promotion activities in Taiwan, I heard about the museum. It is one of the four most famous museums in the world. I saw some photos of the museum. It looks so grand. If I can have an one-day vacation in Taiwan, I will just spend the whole day in the museum.

Jungshin: I heard people say one must go to Taipei 101 when visiting Taiwan. So I’ll just go see it if I have an one-day vacation in Taiwan.

Love Message to Taiwan Boices

Hello, we’re CNBLUE. We have finished our promotion activities for our first regular album First Step. Since a lot of happy things happened during this time, we felt very happy doing all the activities. This is all because we have the support and love from you, Boices, that we can make things happen. After the album promotion, you can see Yonghwa and Minhyuk showing off their acting skills in the drama You’ve Fallen For Me. Please anticipate our drama and CNBLUE’s music. Thank you everybody.

PS I’ve been to those Taiwan places, except Taipei 101. 🙂

One thought on “Taiwan magazine Trendy no.24 CNBLUE interview

  1. Dear Klaritia..

    Thanks for this.
    Awwww.. after coming back from Seoul and Busan, what they said is really true. Busan, is REALLLLY a nice place!! I’ve been to the beaches there, they were beautiful. The whole city is totally different from Seoul.
    And Insadong.. ahhh.. I love to go to Insadong, with you Mingie!!
    I wish Malaysian magazine would do this too. Huhu

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