Yonghwa was lucky to play the role of Shinwoo?

Anybody still misses Shinwoo? Not me. I have said goodbye to Shinwoo here. But I saw some awesome caps posted at Yonghwa’s DC, and elsewhere some people say that Yonghwa’s success with the Shinwoo role may be an obstacle to his doing the new drama…

What do you like about Shinwoo? Or Yonghwa playing Shinwoo?
His handsome look?
His way of loving Minam?

Or his quite-good-as-a-rookie acting?

I always believe ‘picture speaks louder that words’ … Where are all my YAB gifs??? I thought I made more. So I dug up this very amateur MV I made back in November 2009, just after Yonghwa/Shinwoo sang ‘A song for the fool’ in that heart-breaking episode.

I say we drama fans were lucky to have Yonghwa play Shinwoo.

One thought on “Yonghwa was lucky to play the role of Shinwoo?

  1. i wud say the way he loves Minam ❤
    the first time i watched the drama, i was like, who is this guy? i dont think he's good looking at all. ( i don't like his hair in YAB) LOL~
    to be honest, i watched the drama because of Geun Seuk since i known him from Baby and me.
    but after watching the full drama, the bias changes to Shin Woo instead. he really is Bolmae Jung. you'll not going to fall for him on first sight.
    and of course the more you get to know the real man behind Shin woo, u just have to love him.

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