Borrowed some eyes and a nose!

Event: 2011.0617. Hazzys Acc 'Private' Fan Meeting

(Photo credit: bntnews)

39 news pics: download zip

“MC asks about Yonghwa’s recent activities. Yonghwa mentions You’ve Fallen For Me. MC and fans make him sing the OST song. The fans follow along. Yonghwa is totally surprised and his face is like this >>> ㅇ_ㅇ … The group photo taking thing is like the ‘king and his many ladies’, when the ladies fight to get the best position!”

“Yonghwa says: At Jeju airport, I was watching Greatest Love ep14. At the last scene, it was so sad. But suddenly my face was on TV. I was surprised.”

“The lucky fans have the fan service upgraded: handshake becomes light hug; back hug becomes bag hug+tight hug.”

“Yonghwa’s hug is so warm. I can’t smell no smell. I don’t think he uses cologne … my heart goes thump thump …”

(Fan account translations quoted from saturnkr @ twitter, from Chinese translations by karekano @ weibo and baiducnbluebar @ weibo)

Any many thanks to the fans from whom we borrow eyes and even noses! I can’t understand why that cake company think it’s a crime to share some photos. They should stop bothering the ardent and generous fans but do something constructive instead.

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