Word of the day: revenge

Revenge — the action of hurting or harming someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands

When Shinhye said Heartstrings is Jung Yonghwa’s revenge drama, I didn’t expect revenge to this extreme.

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“I hate ugly girls.”

“Don’t follow me!”
“Who follows a rascal as rude as you? I feel sick!”

“Do I have to tell you why everybody is crazily following me?”

Lee Shin/Yonghwa changing faces in a split second?

But it will be a challenge for Yonghwa to make me hate Lee Shin … look at these!

Yonghwa (Shinwoo) went overboard getting revenge!

(Thanks to cnpink @ weibo for Chinese translation) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Word of the day: revenge

  1. wow, i really love your article.. i really cant wait for the drama,.. i missed yonghwa so much.. i think his acting was improved.. i hope so!! thankyou

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