You’ve fallen for me … I fall in love with you

mp4 | mp3 (ripped fr mp4 by me)

So what do you think having watched the MV? Anticipate the drama even more?

And what about the OST theme song? We don’t know the song title yet. I just call it You’ve Fallen For me. I love the refreshing melody, full-of-energy arrangement and of course Yonghwa’s singing. I’m so thankful to the DC fan who posted the Korean lyrics and KW who translated them into English. I think the words are simple but very lovely. One doesn’t have to write like Shakespeare to describe love. Simple words can touch the heart too.

Maybe I haven’t listened to enough love songs. Or I never pay too much attention to lyrics. I think most love songs tell how one feels when in love. This love song is so different; it keeps telling how ‘the other person’ feels. I assume it is Lee Shin telling the story from his point of view. He’s so conscious that the girl has fallen for him … mesmerized by charming gaze … See my eyes You fell for me … See my eyes You have fallen for me … Then finally his own confession: I fall in love with you too … Now I will confess I am in love with you … My heart says I am in love with you. So there is this information gap: why does he fall in love with her?

It looks like there’s a song telling the love story from Kyuwon’s point of view too. I must say I have the same degree of excitement anticipating the OST as the drama itself. I heard the soundtrack will be released on Jun 30. 🙂

I can’t help thinking: which is more fortunate? A: You’ve fallen for me … I fall in love with you. B: I’ve fallen for you … You fall in love with me.

3 thoughts on “You’ve fallen for me … I fall in love with you

  1. those lyrics are so simple but yet so meaningful!
    i cant remember how much i pressed the replay button to see the MV n also listen to the song..
    the melody is light n i really love it.
    the song is soo him! the way he expressed it i feel like its totally him! i really hope that he is the one who compose the song! thank you for the ripped!
    enough for the teasers already! i need to see the real drama!!! totally anticipate for that! ^^,
    thanks again for sharing your thoughts Klaritia.
    i really love it! ^^,

  2. Their relationship will flow from enemy to friend and to lover. I know that this is a melodrama that I’d better prepare myself for many heartbreaking scenes between Lee Shin and Kyu Won. I do hope the lover stage of both will have not just the two last episodes like some typical drama. Can I expect the change of heart will already take place in the middle of of 16 episodes?

    I’m greedy but I like happy stuff more than sad things. ^____^

    Thanks for the entry, dear.^^

  3. This teaser explains all character’s relationship more. Cant wait to see the real drama, especially Yong’s acting. Wish much support to make him happy and relax.

    Btw, thanks for your contribution always!!! I would be behind of information without you. 🙂

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