What I want about Hearstrings in 250 words


I want it to be a big hit! I want people to fall for Jung Yonghwa, the actor. I want people to judge his acting fairly, not with the prejudice that idols shouldn’t be cast in dramas. There is a reason other than popularity that he’s given the leading role in his second drama.

I want to see how Lee Shin, the golden boy in college, captures every girl’s heart. Shinhye says she’s surprised how handsome he is in the drama. Didn’t she give him the nickname Bolmae Jung?

I want to see Yonghwa ‘acting with his eyes’. So Yihyun says his intense gaze bothers her a lot.

I want to know how spirited Kyuwon ‘saves’ Mr-Darcy-like Lee Shin. But the drama must not just end there when love begins. I need to see a lot of lovey-dovey moments of the couple. Say, something like this. 🙂

I want to see a lot of scenes when the band ‘The Stupid’ perform awesome music. I heard Yonghwa’s guitar playing in some scenes is very cool.

I want the OST to contain original works by Yonghwa. Rumor says he made a ballad. Can I be greedy and expect more? It’d be even more wonderful if other CNBLUE members participate in the album. What about Jonghyun’s angelic voice as the background in some romantic scenes?

Last but not least, I want people who don’t know CNBLUE yet to become interested in the four talented boys and their awesome music, because of Yonghwa and Minhyuk’s hard work.


I heard a good blog post shouldn’t be more than 250 words long. Thanks for reading my posts all this time and even saying you like them. I never consider myself a good writer but I must say writing everything about Yonghwa and CNBLUE is a fun thing to do. But I’m more used to sharing pics, videos, making gifs, and even making phone ringtones. So check out the Heartstrings page where I compile pics and videos if you find my words irrelevant.

To make this post more useful to fans around, I made ringtones out of Yonghwa’s song, ‘You’ve Fallen For Me’.

If you prefer him singing ‘you’ve fallen for me … see my eyes’,
version A: iPhone | other phones

If you prefer him singing ‘I fall in love with you … see your eyes’,
version B: iPhone | other phones

Happy Heartstrings watching , everybody!

3 thoughts on “What I want about Hearstrings in 250 words

  1. Thanks a lot for your hard work. I enjoyed reading your articles on CNBLUE boys very much, especially when it comes to concerned of yong hwa. HEARTSTRING FIGHTING! YONG HWA FIGHTING! SHIN HYE FIGHTING!

  2. Thank you, Klaritia! What can I say? Great minds think alike? Muhaha 😀
    And thanks for the ringtone! I need to check out how to change iPhone ringtone.

  3. Thankyou for your very nice article. I Really Love the CNBLUE Boys but im Yonghwa bias., I want him to be Happy.! He’s really Cool..

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