[Scans] Taiwan ver Inkigayo Magazine vol.5

Seeing The Stupid on stage in Heartstrings episode one, I miss CNBLUE badly.

I can’t believe there are only 3 pics on their comeback stage. The boys work so hard for SBS … other groups got pages and pages of full-page photos and long articles… Maybe those groups work even harder for SBS?!

And a small pic of Yonghwa with the other two MCs.

Click the pics to DL full-size versions. Or grab the zip.

So I can forget about buying this magazine next month!

No signs of fanpics and fancams of their performance last night … What have we done to deserve this?

2 thoughts on “[Scans] Taiwan ver Inkigayo Magazine vol.5

  1. ok..i literally cried when u said only THREE pics!
    its their comeback n SBS only managed to snap 3 pics!
    i’m obviously not impressed n happy with them!
    Yonghwa obviously the MC so im expecting CNBLUE to get at least 5 pages.
    sorry to say the picture is not that great..not in the terms of quality but in the terms of..art?? seems kinda lack of it..
    well.at least its better than nothing.!
    sorry for my ignorant ranting..n heyyyy..THANKS for the scan!
    of course Yonghwa looks amazing as always! haha *bias*
    and i definitely missed CNBLUE!
    still no sign of fancams/pics? hope it will emerges soon!

    p/s : are u counting ur words for this post cuz its definitely less then 250! hehehhe..but i still found ur post is amazing as always! n again..thank youuuuuu~

    • I didn’t count my words.
      I just have to say: CNBLUE became popular just because they’re awesome like just awesome. No ‘powerful’ talent label to help them … if the agency hasn’t done enough to ‘prevent’ them from getting even more popular …
      Ranting welcome! I’m emotional myself. But our ultimate EMOTIONAL Yonghwa doesn’t rant? At least not openly.

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