How to mend his broken heart?

Lee Shin, the ‘celebrity’ boy in college, is the one girls want and boys want to be. But he has a broken heart. I still have to figure out why. About his first love? And he puts on different faces in front of different people; which is his real face? He’s a much more complicated person than I expected.

I’ve fallen for this song he sang at the end of episode two. Who doesn’t?

320Kbps mp3 (ripped from 720p avi by me)

Everybody asks about the name of the song, we don’t know yet. I just call it
Lee Shin’s Theme

Under the same sky, on the same day
Other than your not being here, everything’s the same
I thought I’ll let go
Not leaving anything behind
No, no, no, I can’t yet, can’t let you go yet

Missing you, missing you, msissing you so much
Everyday I’m alone, calling you and calling you
Want to see, want to see, want to see you
Just like a routine, I call out your name
Like I used to do

Every tomorrow I feel I’m going to die
What should I do

I love you, I love you, I love you only
I couldn’t even speak a word but just let you go
Sorry sorry do you hear me?
My late confession, can you hear it
I love you

[Eng trans by klaritia, based on Chin trans by Sonotriste @ weibo]

This will be a challenge to Kyuwon: how to mend his broken heart?

PS Just heard FnC confirmed that the song title is ‘I miss you’, composed by Yonghwa! 🙂 Plus, it isn’t about romantic love at all.

6 thoughts on “How to mend his broken heart?

  1. ive been waiting for you to post this after i watched the episode last night.
    eventhough ive dload the mp3 from DC i still dload it from you!
    Lee Shin’s theme! i like! hehehe..thanks a lot klaritia.
    who doesnt fall in love with him when he sings that song!!
    gosh..ive got goosebumps when i first heard it..its just so him! SO EMOTIONAL!
    i think the 2nd episode is better than the 1st one!! n i hope i will get better and better!

    p/s : i cant stop playing Lee Shin theme over and over again since last night! btw, the title is I Miss You, rite? correct me if i’m wrong.

  2. This song is definitely the highlight of ep2. I have been playing it all night long. Yong hwa sings it with so much emotion. Like Kyuwon, I’ve fallen for you! I just love every song he composes.
    Now I understand why Kyuwon said Lee Shin’s song did not move her. We are all actually waiting for this moment! Daebak!!!
    Btw, Yong’s acting definitely improved. This facial expression change after getting out of the car with mom really surprised me.

  3. Thank you for posting the rip! Fell in love with the song at first hear, and thought ‘oh how sweet’ when I read the translated lyrics. After watching the episode and reading the recaps, the significance of the song took a whole new meaning! Am about to get on a 20 hour flight and thanks to your rip, i can re play all I want!

  4. i like this song too…have listening to this song over and over again…can’t stop ones you have listern to it..heheheh….i’m a fan of cnblue and like most of their song….i’m melt when hear yong hwa sing this song…his voice full with emotions…who will not fall with him? gosh!! can’t wait to watch ep 3…heheheh

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