Actor-turned-singer or singer-turned-actor?

Perhaps Yonghwa is still a better musician than an actor, the scene that impresses me most is the one in episode 2 when he plays guitar duet with his father. The words he’s spoken are countable but the sadness in his face and the emotions he pours out playing the tune say it all. We know why he has this broken heart!

[720 avi | mp4 for iPhone]

And of course I absolutely love that scene when he sings Because I Miss You in the club. [720 avi | mp4 for iPhone] He is Lee Shin at that moment; he’s written a song saying how much he misses his father. He thought he’s let go but found out he actually can’t let go … Pouring out emotions through his singing and guitar playing is his best skill so far. Many people wonder how a young man like him is capable of writing such great music and touching lyrics at this age. He just turned 22 (23) on Jun 22. I had this thought too. Then I remembered Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences I read before. Musical intelligence in a person develops early and language skills are typically highly developed in those whose base intelligence is musical. Plus, musical intelligence grows with age … So we can expect even more awesome music from the talented singer-song-writer, Jung Yonghwa, in the coming years!

Can the following scene erase comments like these? “He’s never bad but just boring.” “He’s a cardboard box with a pretty face.”

[720 avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Hmm … some may argue that the background music (instrumental version of Because I Miss You) helps a lot. If people still weren’t impressed by his acting in Heartstrings until the very end but would become interested in him as a musician who can write beautiful music and words, I’d be happy enough. Maybe I don’t watch enough K dramas. Who else writes a song and sings for his/her own drama and catches skyrocket attention even before the official OST release?

Fellow fan Yuki said she’s impressed by the above Shin-changing-face scene. Me too. We’re just some biased fans?

I’m not that kind of drama addict who watches the drama episodes over and over (I don’t watch You’re Beautiful that many times). But I think I’ll watch Heartstrings more times, at least I’ve cut the music scenes and put them into my iPhone.

Sharing more avi and mp4 cuts I made from episode 1 and 2.

The Stupid cover: ‘You’re whom I accidentally meet’ [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone] (Thanks to kiwiwitch @ twitter for song info)

Carmen Habanera remix [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Music battle – The Stupid rocking it [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone ]

Just when CNBLUE debuted with Bluetory in Korea, many questioned if a pretty face who wins hearts through a drama debut can sing. Now he’s “an idol who sang yesterday but suddenly becomes an actor” …

I’ll be a fool to say “rating doesn’t mean anything” but I believe “rating isn’t everything”. Yonghwa hwaiting!!!

9 thoughts on “Actor-turned-singer or singer-turned-actor?

  1. Hi Klaritia,
    I love your post. It’s like you’ve taken the words out of my mouth and put them here. Thank you.

    I’m a huge fan of Yonghwa and I’ve been upset lately when I read about others’ opinion on his acting. The “he’s a cardbox box with a pretty face” or “so many scenes calls for an expression and he’s just….blank”, hurts me. I wanted so badly to reply to those comments with sharp words but then I thought….people are entitled to their opinions afterall. But that does not make me feel any better and I had no avenue to vent. Then I read your post on this. And I realised I can come here and you’d probably understand.

    Admittedly, he’s not a spectacular actor but he’s improved so much! Credit should be given to him for that. I think he portrayed the character of Lee Shin well enough. Quiet, sensitive and caring to people he loves and arrogant, snobby to others he doesn’t care about. I think the whole encounter-with-his-dad hospital scene and the subsequent reflection in his room and his singing in the pub in episode 2 was just awesome. I can actually feel my heart move. Bias, much? Maybe, but I won’t apologise for that. As a fan, that’s what I should do – support him no matter what.

    Like you said, if after HS, people still think his acting is bad but come to recognise him as a talented musician, I’m happy. And I think he would be too. He is, afterall, a musician and singer first before anything else.

    Yonghwa hwaiting!!!

  2. I watched ep 2 again tonight in 720p. In stead of focusing too much on worrying whether Yong’s acting can proof that people are wrong in saying he is just a cardboard box with pretty face, I try to forget that he is Jung Yong Hwa and just enjoy the drama itself. I actually was more impressed with his acting than I watched the first time. He is never over the top but was able to let me feel the warmth wrapped in a cold face.

    You said it well that he was questioned as a singer after YAB. Now that he is questioned as an actor after this music talent got recognized. How Ironic! I totally believe over the time people will be able to appreciate his acting skills.

    • I like what you said about his acting:
      “He is never over the top…..”
      This is exactly how I feel. I mean in real life you don’t skip or hop when you see your friend or a girl/guy you like. Or when you run you don’t flail your arms about in a “cute” way. I don’t know if I am feeling this way because I am a bias fan but I actually feel that some of the actors in the drama have over the top actions. I like the fact the Yong’s acting is somewhat understated coz for me it makes it more real. But I am not blind to the fact that he can still improve more but I am happy that he has improved a lot. I actually was very happy with this drama cause my sisters and I bonded on this drama this weekend. I was watching it on my lappy after finding some english subs and my sisters got curious and we ended up watching it together. 1 of my sisters actually liked 1 supporting actress than any of the other main actors (she likes BuWoon the best friend of KyuWon). She said that the actress was acting cute but not overly cute that it becomes cartoon-ish. My eldest sister fell in like with Shin’s character most especially during the father-son moment and she loves him singing Because I miss you. (By the way my family isn’t too big on Kdrama so it was pretty much of a shocker to me that they liked this drama enough that after watching ep 2 they were asking me where the rest of the episodes where, I had to tell them it was still airing in Korea).

      Anyway, I am just enjoying the drama and I honestly am trying to ignore about the ratings coz it’s too stressful and I’m stressed enough as it is with work and life so I told myself to just enjoy this for what it is which is a stress reliever from a tiring day from work. I love this drama and I have to agree it’s much better than YAB (for me anyway).

      Thanks for this article. I’m glad I’m not alone.

      • Yuki & Anne,
        I like what you said about Yong’s acting being ‘not over the top’ too. He’s understated and I like that. Makes Lee Shin more real. If we look carefully (and since we’re such biased fans, we will) there ARE little subtle changes of expression in his face. Like his cute pout when his friends came to cheer him before the band battle, his change of expression from smiling to cold at the bus-stop and the entire awesome hospital scene and thereafter.

        I’m glad I found this place – where people are truly supportive of Yong and cheer him on – rather than elsewhere where people are writing about him being a “pretty cardbox”, “expressionless” and in one horrible, horrible post, someone called him “godawful”. Yong is a hardworker and I truly believe his hard work will pay off one day. I’m looking forward to that.

  3. thanks so much for all the download links. this is just episode 2 and my Heartstrings folder is already full with lots of stuff, thanks to u=)

    as much as i love the drama,the rating is bothering me. i don’t know that it is this hard when ur most biased is in a drama and it doesn’t received good response.urghh!!

  4. Oh my Klaritia I love your post. Yonghwa must be so glad that he has a Boice like you supporting him. I think you just told the hearts of many Yonghwa fans. Like you said: “I’ll be a fool to say “rating doesn’t mean anything” but I believe “rating isn’t everything”. Yonghwa hwaiting!!!” I think rating isn’t everything too. Most importantly Yonghwa need fans like you who will stand by him and watch him grow coz we all know that he is putting in his best effort in all the things he does. Even though the rating isn’t very good but we could see that he is improving and its a good chance to show others he is a talented musician! 🙂

  5. “rating doesn’t mean anything” but I believe “rating isn’t everything”. Yonghwa hwaiting!!!

    Love this…

  6. wow! everyone posting their own thoughts now and im appear to be too late! *cries*
    but anyways, like always THANK YOU!
    those ripped means a lot to me! gotta stuffed my iphone with CNBlue goodies n HS!
    i gotta say eventho it is clear that we are all Yongyong bias we didnt say that he is a good actor to begin with. Of course he got some flaws here n there but who cares, at least we know that he’s improving a lot from YAB!

    I think Lee Shin is an upgrade for Shin Woo. SW is kind hearted same goes to LS except he doesnt show off much. LS still got this SW vibes only around his family n good friends. if we just add some coldhearted,bold n badass ingredients into SW,then wallaaa, we’ve got LS. I love HS more than YAB cuz in HS the music is all that matters. everything is settles with music. All the message that cant be delivered is presented through music just like LS n his dad scene! that is absolutely my favorite scene so far! its simple,meaningful n wordless!
    n Because I miss You song..gotta say i fell in love really hard with Jung Yong Hwa. he is indeed the real musician in stead of actor.

    Thank you again! ^^, you’re totally my Saviour!

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