When two worlds collide

We know why Kyuwon goes to Jejudo but we have so idea why Shin goes there. Just a holiday? But alone? Our lonely prince.

A boy helping a girl in need. But he doesn’t even look at her face.

I wonder if the Jeju scene will have special meaning to tell. Just if it’s for the scenery and for our lovely couple to ‘meet in a romantic way’, I say it’s mission accomplished. I just love how Yonghwa Shin rides the bicycle a lot in various scenes. Like I haven’t made enough Shin-on-bike gifs …

They go to the lighthouse but they haven’t officially met yet. But Shin is curious enough about the girl that he takes a photo of her back. Will we see the photo again in the drama?

While the girl is heading back home, the boy is looking at the sky. Even his back looks sad.

I want to wipe the sadness off his face …

Actually they go to the same college but their worlds never cross until today. The narcissistic prince in school likes to sleep in class and even the professor doesn’t care much. But today after Kyuwon played a gayageum piece in front of the whole class, he asks Shin for thoughts about her playing. Mean words come from a sleepy but handsome face.  “It’s good for sleeping.” Ouch!

I bet Kyuwon and viewers think Shin doesn’t have to be so mean to the girl who confesses to him. But maybe he really doesn’t want to give girls any false hopes. So I’m defending Lee Shin!

Lee Shin is worried that maybe there’s another waiting to confess to him too or he just needs to be mean to all the girls around so they won’t fall for him? He really asks Kyuwon if she wants to confess too.

Just bad impressions. Until The Stupid performs.

Even the girl who “isn’t allowed to like western music” is moved.

Lee Shin doesn’t care what the girls in school or of the whole world think about him. But he just can’t say no to his little sister. Look at this smiling face. He’s wishing her sister’s friend happy birthday …

The proud sister just needs to show off his handsome brother … and earn five bucks!

But Shin is kind of nice to his bandmates, I guess. When Junhee is worried that Shin’d be  upset that he agreed to a performance for Kyuwon’s fund raising event, he sounds reluctant but isn’t mad at all.

Then more unhappy experience between Kyuwon and Shin. Kyuwon sees this cold face of Shin staring at that girl.

These eyes are warning that it’s not Kyuwon’s business.

Lee Shin’s patience is almost used up.

Does Shin really hate Kyuwon that much when he asks her not to follow him? And he has to humiliate her saying that a girl likes her will have no idea of the trouble he feels with tons of people following him every day!

There’s a reason why Shin has to chase off all girls away from him. He couldn’t care less about all the college girls falling for him, for he just wants this woman.

He just can’t help watching her, running to her when she’s hurt, comforting her when she cries …

The glowing face of the boy who’s fallen in love.

I’d say Shin doesn’t hate Kyuwon at all. Teasing a girl that way isn’t a good thing to do … that’s attention seeking!

And the whistling!

Shin’s sister is in the hospital. Of course his sister means more to him than the performance, or even his bandmates. He doesn’t want to let his bandmates know he cares about his family that much? Why doesn’t he call them and explain?

If I had a brother like Shin, I could never fall in love. It’s a crime for Shin to be so freaking nice to his little sister!

Episode 1 ends when Kyuwon officially hates Shin. But Shin doesn’t know why she’s so mad.

When those two pairs of eyes lock, the respective two worlds collide.

Do the ‘critics’ ever think why Lee Shin is kind of ‘expressionless’ in the drama? It doesn’t have to be ‘Yonghwa’s lacking acting skills’. Can it be that the director tells Yonghwa to portray an expressionless Lee Shin, especially when he’s around people he doesn’t care? In an interview released on Saturday, Yonghwa summaries Lee Shin in a sentence. There are only 3 things in Lee Shin’s life: passion for music, love for the professor and sacrifice for his family.

This is what I have always wanted to do; make tons of gifs and HQ caps, talk about how handsome Yonghwa is in the drama, say random things about the scenes and maybe predict what happens next.

Care to join me spazzing?

12 thoughts on “When two worlds collide

  1. Lovely!!! I like coming to your blog nowadays. It’s comforting from all the harsh criticisms that is aimed at YongHwa. So it’s nice to find a place where his fans can spazz. I can’t wait for your next entry and I can’t wait for the next episode. Why is Wednesday taking so long to come. I have a story in my head already on how things are going but I’m not good with words so I tend to keep it to myself. Thanks again. Will wait for your episode 2 recap?

  2. wohoooo! gotta like this 1st! yay!!!
    im glad u started to spazz Klari! wehee! im just glad!
    the 1st episode for me its quite uncertain..maybe its 1st episode..introducing character n such so yeah~
    the Jeju Island meeting is just love!! i love seeing LS riding bike n KW enjoying the scenery of the island. Without a word, the scene is just really nice.
    and god, i’d pay a lot to be LS lil sis! she’s just sooo friggin lucky! if it was be..i will do NGs on purpose so i can back hug YH multiple times! weheee! im just jealous! plus LS cares for her sister a lot! esp when she get sicked.
    The performance! the mixed of modern n traditional music is just awesomeee! i listen to Harbanera a lot n when they played it..kya, yeah, i was pretty excited. I’m quite disappointed when they didnt choose all cnblue member as The Stupid. but then after seeing HS, i can see the other 2 can blend into the group. sometimes i see CNB but most of the time i can see The Stupid.
    Personally, i think YH is doing well as an actor. I dont care much if people said, he’s so plain n such cuz i know its not easy to step up to be a really good actor. it takes time and im glad that he’s improving. ok maybe i’m gonna be forever bias. but no matter what, i’m gonna stand still behind him and always supports him in what ever he did.
    n kyaaaaa…i still cant erased the memory of seeing him upclose during the HS filming.
    YH is pretty serious while filming. n during breaks i just love seeing him goofing around with producers n crews.

    cant wait for u review for Ep.2! ur gifs n pics are awesommmee! ^^, gotta save all those gifs!

    • Wait!!! You’ve seen him up close? WOW!!! I envy you. Agree I am most jealous of his little sister too. He smiles so easily when he is with her and his mom. I’m okay to stand in as his mic too. Any of those 2 jobs I would willingly take without pay. Like BuWoon, I’d willingly be Lee Shin’s slave if it means I can follow him around everywhere. kekeke.

      • lets just said i was lucky to be there! ^^, all thanks to saturnkr onnie.
        hahahha..i’d pay anything to be the mic n Lee Shin’s slaveee cuz obviously i can have his numberr!! lmao! nice meeting u btw! ! his sister is nice but i want to marry him instead of having this siblings relationship! HAHA

  3. @anne Do let us know if you story matches with the ‘real’ story later. Really many harsh comments? A good thing that I’ve been too busy to browse around then. I’d rather analyze the episodes frame by frame if I had more time.

    @Jill Many fans who visited the set say Yonghwa doesn’t have NGs much. I just think the ‘critics’ don’t know the PD is very satisfied with Yonghwa’s work. They think Yonghwa charms him and makes him a fool? What a joke!

    • Agreed!! usually for his scenes they wrapped up pretty quickly since he didnt do many NGs much. i can totally see the PD is ok with YH’s acting. YH didnt favored the PD obviously to make director likes him.. I was there on the filming once but u can totally tell how strict the crews were once the camera is rolled. Its okay..why dont we just support him and ignore all those critics. Apparently they need to criticize on something cuz its what they do! looking forward for your next episode review! XD!

  4. @Jill : I so envy you. You get to see him up close :)) Jealous! Jealous! Well, if I can choose, I’ll choose to be PSH first, failing which, I’ll be his sis and failing that, I’ll be the mike. Hahaha!

    Now, my turn to spazz. I’m going to spazz about all the scenes that I like in Ep1, I like that they’ve already met in Jeju but both don’t know about it. It’s like fate. Very romantic. I also like that he took a picture of her running back at the lighthouse and he gave a very, very teeny smile after.
    In school, his first ‘official’ meeting with KW, love the part where he commented that her music is good for sleeping. His expression at the time was so cold and hot (am I making sense?).
    Love that he’s so warm to his little sis and did as she aksed and wished the classmate Happy Bday. He was obviously awkward but amused about it and that’s so adorable. Made me love Shin more. i think his character is like an onion – there’s many layers to it and I think YH is doing a good job portraying that. I totally believe there is such a kind of person in real life.
    Of course, I absolutely love the modern and traditional music Habanera scene. I hope there’s going to be more of those.
    There’s so many other scenes I like but I think the 3 I mentioned above are my favs. I find that when I re-watch Ep1, I always repeat these 3 scenes. :))

    • I also love that how he smilse a little smile seeing Kyuwon running … I actually made a cap of that smile too. ^^

      “Cold & hot” – of course this combination of adjectives makes sense! Lee Shin is there to contradict everybody’s feelings.
      And being the mike seems not a bad idea at all. Being kissed so much! 😉

  5. as always, love your writing^^…keep writing please..hehe..
    I also download other drama that air at the same time as HS and follows it from the beginning..but i gotta say that HS is totally giving different excitement, like a fresh air to me..the cinematography is warm&pretty and this “campus things” give more realistic feeling. I’m glad HS not just an image of youngsters having fun around..the meeting of modern and traditional music is really good idea since it’s something that i seldom find in youth dramas (i love cultural stuff). Habanera combination from the stupid and windflowers is super cool, bring deep impression to me since i only heard the classic version. I’m anticipating of great OST from HS..now, it’s proven already!! even “you’ve fallen for me” song by yonghwa is in the top 10 of INSTIZ chart^^.
    I read it also..comments mentioning yonghwa’s acting is too plain/boring/straight. IMHO, this “cold-warm” character like lee shin is quite typical in k-dramas so i guess people just need to see the significant difference to finally judge him doing great in bringing this character to life. But for me, i see yonghwa is doing good in his own way (his musicality is definitely make him special). I love how he seem not trying to look super cold but he also give the feeling of modest guy by his eye stare and voice tone. Loving the idea of lee shin riding bicycle coz it made this character more down to earth while looking handsome and popular, hehe..(at this point, i’m more envious of lee shin sister than kyu won..she’s lucky to have a caring-talented-handsome brother)

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