First look at Lee Shin’s world

People have no idea how much he cares about music. What he hates most is that people seems more attracted by his good look than his music. He can’t stand people liking his outside more than this inside, i.e., passion for music; it’s a thorn in his heart. So when Kyuwon says his music doesn’t move her a bit, he’s absolutely mad. He needs her and the whole world to know his music is good, at least better than hers. A war will start in 3 days.

Shin is so full of rage that he can’t focus when practicing. His bandmates are wondering why he’s so unlike himself today. When he announces that they’ll have some music battle with the girls from the Korean traditional music department, his bandmates can’t see why. He never cares about anything. They even wonder if he’s interested in that girl …

I just love this scene. And it totally deserves a gif. 🙂

Poor Kyuwon, she’s gotta pretend that she actually stops Shin to warn him not to forget about the competition, for her classmates are watching. Then proud Shin actually bullies her with this look.

I think Shin is so worried about the competition, not that he won’t win enough votes but if he can really move the crowd with his music. His bandmates are so fed up as he keeps saying they aren’t doing good enough. Everybody’s hungry and want to go eat, especially Junhee. But Shin says no.

It’s late but Shin has to go see the professor. He won’t burden her; he’ll keep his distance. He watches her cry. Can you feel his heartache?

When he’s home, he strums a few chords with his guitar and the sad professor is still in his head. Music heals his soul? I bet he wants to heal her soul the most at that moment.

It’s the day! Though Lee Shin has so many fans supporting him, he seems worried. Look at this face.

He almost doesn’t want Junhee to see his pout. Aww … (Call me biased, I have no problem staring at this ‘expressionless’ face all day!)

And he smiles at Junhee’s funny remark about saving the good clothes for performance. He just loves his bandmates (totally reminds me of CNBLUE).

When he learns from Junhee that Kyuwon’s professor died, he understands Kyuwon’s anger the other day. His sorry face.

Have I said how much I like the drama focusing on music? Even the background music of this scene is so good. Absolutely cute.

Shin is actually a good person. He apologizes first though they’re literally engaged in a battle.

Of course Kyuwon stands on guard and takes his apology for granted. Then Shin has no choice but put on this arrogant face.

The Stupid rock and the crowd cheer. (Fans who went to the filming say they played live and Yonghwa was AWESOME. I need Jill to come to tell us more.)

When the Windflowers play, Shin listens with a serious face. I think he actually admires the music.

Could the competition be fair if Kyuwon’s harp string hadn’t broken? I mean The Stupid definitely have more fans. When Kyuwon is worrying about her slave life to come, there’s this flashback of Shin’s cool look rocking the stage earlier that day. She fights so hard to shake it off her mind!

Junhee’s getting into trouble gives an opportunity for Kyuwon and Shin to clear up their misunderstanding for each other.

Kyuwon almost thinks Shin will be nice to her and walk her home. But he asks which way her home is just to head for the opposite direction. Meanie! He adds that he’s got time and can actually walk her home if she likes. Who wants to be walked home after being teased like that?!

I’m repeating myself. Shin should do his sister a favor and stop being nice to her!

The way he grabs Kyuwon’s phone and keys in his number is so damn cool. Tens of girls watch Shin talking to Kyuwon, with total envy. Can’t wait to see the ‘sweet but bitter’ slave life of Kyuwon.

“Oppa, you know this girl?”
“Yup, she’s my slave.”
“Oppa, don’t care about a girl who looks like a pumpkin. Let’s get going.”

Well, I think the little sister doesn’t really think Kyuwon looks like a pumpkin. She just have to ‘write off’ all girls that appear in front of his brother. His brother belongs to her only. 🙂

Remember I told you his family is one of the only 3 things that Lee Shin cares about? His face so full of love when talking to his mom, even when she randomly asks him to quit the guitar.

Of course he actually knows why her mom says that. Look at how his face changes when his mom left the room.

I must say this scene looks odd. Who sleeps like that ‘with a perfect pose’? But I still cap that … we fans feel a tug at the heartstrings watching that perfect face, not only the mom in the drama.

Shin knows something that his mom thinks he doesn’t know. I don’t understand why he needs to hide that fact from his mom. Not to add burden to her sadness? But he carries the burden all by himself! See how he walks with a heavy heart.

It takes a strong heart not to show the emotions inside seeing his father whom he’s never met!

Fortunately, Shin can channel them all to the music that comes from his guitar.

I wonder how he feels when his father tells him guitar is his whole world. Nothing else matters, even his own son? Is Shin agry? Or sad? This face looks complicated.

There’s a reason why people are more attracted to his outside than his inside. Shin never lets people see his inside until tonight.

He sings his aching heart out; he misses his father. I can see Kyuwon is absolutely touched. Viewers included.


Though I’m very Yonghwa biased, I don’t mean I don’t care about the other actors in the drama. I just don’t have time to talk about how I like most of them and the other absolutely cute scenes. I think lovely Minhyuk has stolen the thunder in episodes 1 and 2 already. I see many people made awesome caps and gifs of Junhee around, and of course I need to cheer for Yongyong first! Korean TV viewers don’t like campus dramas or aren’t interested in the music thing? But I like this drama a lot, not only because Yongyong is in it. Some say it’s not focused enough … but I say it’s more real to me for the other characters have a life too and that need to be explained. I hope the PD and script writer won’t do anything drastic to ruin the original plot they’ve planned. Changing the script in the last minute to cater for viewers’ taste is the dumbest thing to do. Call me arrogant.

4 thoughts on “First look at Lee Shin’s world

  1. i totally have 2nd lead syndrome .. i din paid much attention to LS cos other casts r also attractive and distracting (wonbin/minnie) .. but thanks for your article that i can be more focus on yong2 …

  2. i’m glad in the second episode, the story kinda focus more on LS himself. I personally like the 2nd episode more than the 1st one.
    Like you said, JunHee (Minhyuk) really steals the thunder and capture all the noona’s heart out there.

    Owh, about the filming, after YH arrived there at the SIoA, he changed his clothes then he went straight to the stage to do the sound checking or whatever u may called it.
    Then he plug-in his Andersons and started strumming. He was practicing the song. The one that The Stupid played during the battle. I’m glad i’d be able to see him playing live. Frankly speaking, normally its Jonghyun who played the riff/break,but that time it was YongHwa and able to see him in front of me, definitely moved me. Then comes Minhyuk checking on his drum. It was clearly LIVE. Minhyuk plays along with YongHwa. And also during the recording, the does played it LIVE. it was loud and YH’s guitar is plugged in. Klari, lets go to korea together next time when CNBlue is having a concert!
    Do i need to tell more? hehe

    OK..gotta say i love ur review!! Its just full of LS! i dont mind JunHee syndrome is taking all over the noona’s heart, i still gonna swoon over LS!! I love the music arrangement for this drama. yeah, called me bias or anything but still, the music suits the scene.
    And please can YH please dont get more sweeter to his sister? i’m sooo jealous of her! haha!!!

    LS is vey closed person. He’s not gonna share his inner feelings with anyone eventhough with his family whom he cherish the most. I wonder how KW gonna make him change his perspective later on. really anticipate for that. And, i felt really sorry for LS during the meeting with his father. He didnt state “family” is what matters the most in front of his own son. I bet LS is aching to call him dad and yet he still pretends that he didnt know the person in front of him. Thus, he just pours all of his emotion into music and that made me… *tears*.

    is it a bit selfish to ask for more YH’s composed song for this drama? i definitely need more for my earcandy!

    ahhh.yeah..hopefully the director didnt changed plot a lot just from the original one so i can see how the character developed smoothly thru all the episodes. Reviews said its not focused enough? i think the drama really potrays what the campus life is. Every character is being distinguished perfectly and each play important roles that connect with one takes time for the characters to be understood n developed but hopefully the ratings gonna be up soon.
    Thanks again Klari for all the caps n gifs! Gonna save it all! ^^

  3. Klaritia, thanks for providing such insightful comments on Lee Shin’s character. All I was focusing on was for Ep2 was how Yong was able to portray Lee Shin so well and I didn’t sense any awkwardness in his acting, unlike in YAB. Like everyone here, I loved, loved, loved that cute pout.
    But for this ep what really stuck in my mind is the beautiful scene with his dad and his ending song. I think I already raved about that scene and the song in another post of yours so i’m not going to repeat myself here. I’ll spazz again for Ep3. 🙂

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