When the world doesn’t revolve around Lee Shin

After the performance, Kyuwon goes after Shin and tells him that she screwed up about the the roll call and both of them have to write a repenting essay as punishment. Shin asks her to write his essay for him but Kyuwon says no. He complains that a slave as dumb as her will be so useless.

Shin waits for Yoonsu outside her place. Yoonsu repeats that he shouldn’t be doing such things again. But Shin just says, “I saw my dad today. I need to tell somebody.”

Then he’s to left, but Yoonsu calls his name and says, “That’s great.” Shin thanks her and left with with a happy heart.

Look at the smile on his face! I want to blame Yoonsu for giving Shin any false hopes. But the poor boy really needs some love.

Shin and Kyuwon hand in their repenting essays. The professor asks if they’re in a relationship. Kyuwon totally denies it and Shin explains that he has a high standard for girls. The professor must have found these two young people too cute or he’s really mad about the essay contents. He asks them to read each others’ essays. Shin is actually amused by Kyuwon’s repeated use of adjectives and adverbs. Just to fill up the page or she’s really really really really sorry?

Kyuwon is angry that Shin describes her as brainless. But Shin is proud of his being able to make her mad.

Maybe the professor is really mad about their bickering in front of him, or he wants to play cupid. He orders them to tidy up the drama department’s store room as further punishment.

Punishment to Kyuwon but entertainment to Shin. He tells Kyuwon to do his part and he’ll just supervise her. While supervising her, Shin discovers a cute side of Kyuwon!

He makes Kyuwon try on all sorts of funny costumes and has much fun asking her to do this and do that.

Does God play dice? When Kyuwon trips and Shin is asking if she’s fine, all the lights go off. The cartoon eyes in the dark scene are so random … But when the lights are on again, their faces are so close that Shin is shocked seeing Kyuwon’s big eyes and has to pull himself away from her face.

And he must be surprised by this weird feeling, though it just lasts split of a second. He hides his embarrassment away by asking her to work hard and not to fool around anymore. πŸ™‚

When they’re done tidying up the place, Shin ordered Kyuwon to take his bike for fixing. His bike’s tires went flat the other day, thanks to Kyuwon’s curse.

So the first phase of Kyuwon’s slave life has brought her a little closer to Shin. But she hasn’t fallen for Shin yet. I’m thinking about the OST title track lyrics.

Kyuwon has the bike fixed, brings it to the club and goes to see Lee Shin. Seokhyun is there too and asks if Shin and Kyuwon know about the college’s 100th anniversary show audition. Shin gives a smirk at Seokyun’s suggesting that Kyuwon has a chance to be the lead. Kyuwon is of course mad but nobody expects Shin to throw out this sentence when he leaves, “I really want to listen to your playing gayageum again.”

So literally everybody in the college is excited and busy preparing for the audition, except our indifferent prince who just wants some sleep.

But one thing he does care about is his ‘guitar lessons’. He’s there playing the guitar with his dad again.

I have no problem about the scene being kind of repetitive. They don’t even speak but I just find it beautiful.

It’s what people do in real life when they visit somebody taken over by a terminal disease in the hospital. They don’t cry bucket of tears; they just accompany the sick and do whatever he/she likes to do. [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

And when Shin is with his bandmates practicing later, the boys tell him that his playing has improved so obviously and asked if he’s been coached by some expert. His guitar sound has become more solid. Shin doesn’t explain but is happy about his friends’ remarks.

When he looks at his fingers (with real calluses! Yonghwa’s a guitarist in real life), is he thinking about his father’s shaking hand?

Then he gets a call from Junhee asking for a big favor. He’s surprised about the need for candles to be arranged in a heart shape for a performance. Aww … there’s another thing that the snobby boy cares about, his bandmate! The others say Junhee is a fool but the prickly guy just smiles at that and do whatever his bandmate asks him to do. By the way, his slave is of some use this time.

Okay, the hero in this scene is Junhee. But I can totally see Shin in it with my biased eyes. I just like that he’s so real; he doesn’t have to be the hero of the story every minute.

But of course I need to capture a frame of his cool look too.

The audition results are released and successful candidates are asked to gather in a hall. The Stupid are asked to go to the gathering place too.

When Kyuwon sees her ‘master’, she greets him, out of courtesy. But Shin just turns his head away. Because he doesn’t want his bandmates to misunderstand?

Even though the Applied Music Department professor explains to Shin that she wants them to play music for the show, Shin insists that he’s not interested and even wants to leave immediately.

Until he sees Yoonsu walk in the hall. See how his face changes. The stars in his eyes.

A quiet person is always an observant person. Shin must have noticed something from the way Yoonsu looks at Seokhyun. Even Kyuwon senses something weird in the air. Nobody can make Shin leave the room now. I can see determination in his eyes; he has decided to enter her world.


Do you get my point reading the title? Many fans complain that Yonghwa and Shinhye have too little screen time in this episode. I don’t even want to read the news about the ratings and netizens’ opinions. I was disappointed too scanning the raw video last night. When I watched the Chinese subbed version again, I had this totally different thought. I actually enjoy the rest of the episode a lot too. Do you notice that they give a title to each episode? The one for this is ‘Champion’. Obviously, the theme that weaves everything together is the audition. We need to see how hard the other boys and girls fight for some positions in life too. Kyuwon’s father encourages her to do something that will make her college life unforgettable. Heeju is willing to trade her life to become the lead of the show if she needs to. Junhee will do anything for his Natasha. Then there’s this new kid who is forced to attend the audition but charms everybody with his singing. The ‘grownups’ have their sorrows and troubles too. You find the audition scene random with flaws? But I like it somehow. It’s full of energy, young people showing off their various talents. Plus, there’s Minhyuk’s rap in the background! What more can a CNBLUE fan expect when lovely Minhyuk has a lot of screen time and he sings for two scenes?

Nevertheless, as a fan of Lee Shin’s, I’d like to see how the world revolves around him later when he decides to enter somebody’s world. At least his world will cross with others’ when he decides to take action. Can’t wait.

10 thoughts on “When the world doesn’t revolve around Lee Shin

  1. I think you explained it better than the writer. I think that is the main complain by the Korean netizens….The writer and not really the actors. PD Pyo can and should do better.

  2. Why do I keep agreeing with everything you say? Your post reflects my sentiments exactly, especially the title! Been reading about the ‘complaints’ and while i’d love to have Yong Hwa and shin hye fill up the screen for the full hour, a good drama needs well fleshed out supporting characters as well. I am starting to enjoy heartstrings for what it is, a slice-of-life drama with thoughtful portrayals of realistic situations played out with youthful exuberance, and not just a Yong-Hwa fan girl vehicle… You should really post a link to the soompi forum. Am sure plenty more would love to read your thoughts!

  3. “When the world doesn’t revolve around Lee Shin”.
    LOL. That was so appropriate. I WAS disappointed that there’s so little of YH-SH interaction in yesterday’s ep. I loved their interaction and I think the best scene so far in ep3 was their bickering in the professor’s room and the way Shin mocked KyuWon while reading her apology letter. The ‘nomu, nomu, nomu’ and ‘shicha, shincha, shicha’ part had me in stiches. Anyway, I suppose the writers and the PD do need to build the other characters but I can’t wait for the story to revolve back to Shin-Kyuwon again. I’m getting a little annoyed by Shin’s infatuation with weepy dance professor. It would have been okay for me if she’s a more cheerful character but goodness….she’s just too depressing for my liking. And even though you didn’t mention it, I have to say it here. The preview of Ep4 where Shin kissed Yoonsu…..my heart died a little. Though as a YH fangirl, he did look really good while doing it.
    I agree with all your insights to this drama as always. Please keep posting πŸ™‚

  4. <<<<>>>>
    I am actually OK with the writer to spend some screen time to develop a full story about music and love rather than just feed into fan girls/boy’s fantasy. And I can also accept that Shin’s puppy love crush on the professor. However, it really cross my line for Shin to kiss her. Not that it is because of my jealousy (OK, maybe a little), but it is just inappropriate for a student to kiss a professor, though Yong performed that scene beautifully. Anyone with me? Or maybe I am a bit too conservative? Anyway, I still need to watch ep 4 tonight for find out the truth. But I am depressed already.

    I have to say that Yonghwa’s acting skilled improves with each episode. Really liked his bickering with Kyuwon in front of the teacher. And who can forget the startled look in his eye when they accidentally ended up staring at each other in the costume room.

  5. I like this EP. also.
    Love YH eyes at the end of episode.
    He success to express feeling without a word.
    Love this EP.

  6. very nice review, yongha’s acting is really improving.i hope the rating will increase. i didint expect that the kiss scene will come out so sweet..*blush blush* even though its a one sided. thankyou for your hard work. always following your articles..

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