I’m looking at you. When will you look at me?

When Kyuwon and her friends are walking in the campus, she gets a call from ‘Narcissistic Prince’. She knows he wants slave service and doesn’t want to take the call. Bowon eagerly takes the call on her behalf. He wants a regular cappuccino.

Kyuwon says she’ll pretend that she’s in class for she doesn’t want to go. Shin calls again and Kyuwon sticks to her plan but she doesn’t know Shin is actually watching her from some balcony overlooking the main road in the campus. And he has to whistle at his own success exposing her lie.

“Bring it in within 10 minutes. Before the foam is gone.” I think Shin doesn’t realize bullying Kyuwon actually makes him very happy.

Kyuwon sees Yoonsu at the coffee shop and she’s buying a cappuccino too. That reminds her of Shin’s gazing at Yoonsu the other day. I don’t think Kyuwon is that kind of observant person. It’s just that she’s become very interested in Shin; she doesn’t know yet.

The whole giving-coffee-money-and-asking-for-change thing is just cute.

Kyuwon says she wants to ‘buy back her slave life’. Shin asks how much she’s willing to pay. Kyuwon says 5000 won but Shin says he’ll consider for 100 thousand won. I’m thinking too much? Kyuwon means some value to Shin already.

So this has become Shin’s way to end any discussion with Kyuwon. Say something random. “Do you sing well?”

Bowon makes Kyuwon go to the club with her, for Junhee is singing that night. Of course Bowon smiles ear to ear listening to Junhee’s sweet singing. Is Kyuwon like us, paying a lot of attention to Shin’s guitar playing and soft singing too?

The two girls run into the two boys outside the club. Junhee is such a gentleman; he offers to ride Bowon home on his motorbike. I was right: Shin is totally on Kyuwon’s radar now. She overhears Shin answering a call. He looks like he’s been waiting for this call his whole life. Her heart sinks a bit watching him zoom off on his bike, I’m sure.

Of course we know who called. Just see how worried he looks on his bike moving at a car’s speed.

It turns out Yoonsu was locked in the studio. Shin brings in some security guard to open the door.

Shin worriedly asked if she’s hurt. His question sounds so foolish to me. But love makes a person dumb.

Yoonsu explains that she has nobody else to contact for help. The price of being a beautiful woman? No women want to be her friends because they’re jealous and guys don’t want to be just friends?

Kyuwon saw them leave together because she forgot about her music scores and came back for them. Is she picking up the pieces together?

“No matter when and where, just call me and I’ll run to you.”
“Take care on your way home.”

Having rescued his princess makes him too happy. He needs to tell someone.

At the hospital, Shin’s dad finds him sitting alone at the reception area. He asks Shin why he’s come. Shin explains that he didn’t know it’s too late for visits but he wanted to sit for a while.

Dad thinks Shin looks so happy.

“So you like this professor of the dance department.”
“I had a girl I liked a lot too. My friend’s girlfriend. To make myself forget her, I even married another woman. But I still thought about her. So I stole her from my friend.”
“So you lived with her since then?”
“I don’t know. It’s just me.”
“So that makes you a bad person.”
“True. I’ve been living my life as a bad person. Don’t be like me. Be good to her.”
“That’s what I want to do. Be good to her.”

I just love this father-and-son chat.

When Shin went home, he saw her mom saying goodbye to a man at the parking lot. It happens his mom’s friend is Kyuwon’s dad. (It looks like he was and is still in love with her. So complicated.)

Back to Kyuwon’s coffee slave life. Why does he need Kyuwon to give change every time and Kyuwon just doesn’t have enough change every time?

And we know the reason why Shin stand at spot every day now. He’s waiting to watch Yoonsu come to school every morning.

Shin tells his bandmates that he wants to do the 100th anniversary show (a musical).

Junhee totally loves the idea (obviously to see his Natasha) but the other boys (what are their names?) point out that Shin used to hate such things and wonder why he’s changed. Shin keeps saying he just thinks it will be fun. Junhee teases Shin, asking if it’s because of Kyuwon oinee.

“Because of a girl!”
“No. It’s not like that!”

The boys are partly right. Anyway, they’re his closest friends.

Kyuwon had a fight with the girls who are jealous of her being chosen by Seokhyun to do the musical. Though Seokhyun punished her together with the other girls, he can’t hide his fondness of her. He actually plays with her like she’s his pet or something in the open. And of course this has to be witnessed by Yoonsu. Then Shin just happens to pass by too.

He’s happy to see Yoonsu but then feels bad as she’s looking at Seokhyun.

This scene is typical of dramas but it’s made nicely. Seokhyun is looking at Kyuwon, Yoonsu is looking at Seokhyun, and Shin is looking at Yoonsu. I’m wondering if there will be another scene when the four appear together again, with Kyuwon looking at Shin too, completing the love rectangle.

Shin officially declares war to Seokhyun. He goes to see Seokhyun and his first words are: “Is it fun to make the girl you once loved a joke?”

“I like Professor Jung Yoonsu.”

I have to add that Shin was never interested in all those gossips. Earlier, Heeju told him the love history of Seokhyun and Yoonsu, wanting to talk him out of liking Yoonsu.

I love how Shin talks back saying he knows why Heeju has no friends. (She really knows how to hurt others’ feelings.)

Should this episode be titled as ‘coffee love’ instead? Kyuwon’s bought Shin coffee but he’s nowhere to be seen. I seriously suspect she’s enjoying her slave life now. She doesn’t look impatient at all when waiting. For some reason, Shin is late but he’s wondering if Kyuwon is there at the balcony.

When he finds the coffee that Kyuwon’s left, he smiles at the message: “Applied Music Department Lee Shin’s coffee. Spit added. Pit! Pit!” He isn’t angry at all but has a sip with this smile on his face.

And he just doesn’t want to share the coffee with Junhee who begs to have just one sip.

I can see Kyuwon has occupied a tiny spot in his heart now. The seed of love can grow in the narrowest crack.

Seokhyun needs Shin’s help and he knows where to find him. The library.

Shin needs to do something for him if he really wants to be in the musical. They went to Kyuwon’s class.

Seokhyun reveals that he knows everything: the reason for Shin’s wanting to take part and and Kyuwon is Shin’s slave.

He makes his point clear: he wants Kyuwon to do the musical. While Kyuwon actually asks Shin to try persuade her, Shin says he doesn’t care to do so. He says Kyuwon can never be like Heeju, blah blah blah… He really knows Kyuwon? Reverse psychology works.

He’s said enough and stands to leave. Kyuwon can’t help asking, “Why do you suddenly change your mind?” “I have someone I want to see.”

When Shin watches Yoonsu coaching Kyuwon in the studio, is he smiling at Yoonsu’s smiles or Kyuwon’s working hard look?

Has Shin ever been nice to a girl (except Yoonsu) before? He offers to ride Kyuwon to school for she’s having great pain in her legs after hours’ of dance practice. This is a dream and this isn’t a dream! 🙂

But he has to be mean in the end and asks if she weighs more than 60kg.

Did Shin google for ‘excuses to kiss a girl’? I actually know quite many people do. I see exactly that search engine term leading to my blog post a few times! I wonder if he planned to do that. And of course Kyuwon has to see this.

I can hear the sound of a heartbreak (heartbreaks!).


I think I’ve become so wordy. Why do I need to describe the scenes like you haven’t watched them? Maybe I’ll just post caps and gifs next time.

I read a blogger saying that she wants to see Kyuwon and Seokhyun be together instead. They look so cute together. Well, you have no idea how cute together Shin and Kyuwon can be, if you haven’t seen those YAB BTS clips. All the bickering is so much fun to watch already, I can’t wait for the lovey-dovey moments. But it seems we will see some tears first? And Shin will be very depressed … when he’s rejected?

6 thoughts on “I’m looking at you. When will you look at me?

  1. love wat u wrote. maybe i no need to watch the show at all . . lol. . my heart actually shattered into pieces watching just the teaser, l m not even a yong bias . still wondering should i even watch epi 4.

  2. im very excited while reading your review.. this is the best episode as of now for me.. I really Love it. now i can understand whats really happenning….cant wait for the next epi.. thankyou..

  3. Yes Klaritia. The sound of heart breaking – one of them was mine. LOL, but it’s more for KyuWon’s sake. I think my emotions are too invested in this drama. I read about how so many people are shipping the KyuWon-SeokHyun couple now. Well, I just hope the drama will soon unfold enough to show how cute KyuWon-Shin can be. Hopefully we’ll see more of that in Ep5.
    My favourite scenes in Ep 4 are:
    1. When KyuWon bought Shin coffee and left it there with a cute post-it message. I think he’ll miss it if those coffee stop coming one day.
    2. When Shin protected his coffee from JunHee. Loved how cute and playful both boys are.
    3. The bicycle ride and cute KyuWon’s daydream.
    Please continue to screencap and put in your comments, Klaritia 🙂

  4. i Love your re-caps dear… or is it long photo captions..
    Anyway, I really love it. Please continue doing so. You give a different light to the scenes.

    Episode 4 is my favorite so far. ^^
    Though I just skimmed on it.

  5. i really love the way you make people see what u think in every little gesture made by shin and KW… since i’m thinking the same way…!! ^^ i can’t wait to see love blossom for both of them…but i could see there’s some heartbreaks and tears first to be seen…. ^^ can’t wait for next episode..!! ^v^

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