Heartstrings 03 & 04: music cuts/rips

I just love how we have loads of eye candies in the drama, but I love it even more when they arrange for Yonghwa and Minhyuk to sing much in it. Can we expect at least a cover per episode to come?

Semi-CNBLUE performaing ‘Star’ … I wonder if all 4 boys love stars. [720 avi | mp4 for iPhone]

In case you miss my tweets sharing ‘Star’ ringtones last week. [m4r | mp3]

The Stupid covering ‘Towards Tomorrow’. [720 avi | mp4 for iPhone | mp3]

Original: 신성우 – 내일을 향해 Live on Youtube (Thanks to saturn for link)

And if you’re impressed by Minhyuk’s rap in ‘Champion’ in Ep 03 too. Ripped the audio. [mp3]

I think the writer and PD do love music lots. They even match the episode titles to the songs to be included in the scenes (or the other way round). At least they look up for related music when telling the story. No wonder Yonghwa said it’s a project that he didn’t want to miss. So happy that he and Minhyuk can do a drama with so much emphasis on music.

4 thoughts on “Heartstrings 03 & 04: music cuts/rips

  1. i was waiting for this from you! sorry i didnt managed to post comments for ur last two post but of course i read it! ^^, as usual ur the best! i love to read from ur perspective of what the whole scene all about. n i dont care bout the bias-ness at all! teehee!!

    thank you for the audio ripped! gotta stuffed my iphone wif these valuable ear n eyecandy!
    thanks again!! ^^

  2. I really like that fact that we have music performances in each episode. At least FnC said it will be. Btw, FnC also said that Yonghwa’s ‘because I miss you’ would be released like……. last week?? But instead MinHyuk’s ‘star’ was released. What is happening here? Did I confuse the official release date?

  3. Thank you Thank you so much…
    I love to see them, Yong and the stupid in the performances.. they usually performed Old songs that really beautiful..
    Yonghwa really talents , I love his voice, not only beautiful but more the emotions..

    Perfects Yong..

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