[Eng-subbed] Heartstrings ep 05 preview

Many thanks to saturnkr @ twitter for English translation.

(Turn on ‘CC’ button and click ‘EN’ to view subs.)

Poor Shin, he’s running after someone who’s running from him …

Shin: “Whom you like or don’t like, I don’t care.”

“… while I, your baby, chase after you from far behind.
But if you catch the one you’re hoping for,
turn back to me and act like a mother.
Kiss me, be kind. If you’ll turn back and stop my loud crying … ”
Shakespeare Sonnet 143 (modern text)

That’s pathetic … Shin, you deserves someone who loves you only!

Yesterday, saturn tweeted a swf, cut from YAB ep 06 by a DC fan.

“Here is a person who likes you unconditionally. No matter what you do, I will applaud, praise and smile at you.”
Shinwoo, You’re Beautiful

I really want Yonghwa to know that he has tens of thousands of shinwoos out there, me one of them.

3 thoughts on “[Eng-subbed] Heartstrings ep 05 preview

  1. Thanks for subbing the preview. Gosh!!! Sad faces and tears galore. Looking forward to Wednesday’s episode.

    Count me in too. =)

  2. Aww, Yong’s (or should I say Shin’s?) eyes in the last picture are killing me. What can I do? Wed never seems so far away…..

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