I know a heartache when I see one

“Happy birthday. I gotta go now.” Shin says that after stealing a kiss! Cool!

But that woman! Back in her car, she takes off the necklace and wipes her lips like she finds the kiss disgusting. I wonder why she doesn’t say anything but just let Shin walk away like that, with butterflies in his stomach most probably.

Please forgive my making this gif and breaking your heart; it’s for the sake of illustration.

At home, Kyuwon can’t forget what she saw. She puts her hand on her chest feeling her own heart and talks to herself, “Something’s wrong here. Why is it like that?” On the other hand, Seokhyun is surprised that he’s jealous because of a ‘kid’. But he takes action and goes to Yoonsu’s place, just to get her call saying she’s not feeling well and apologizing for having to cancel the date. She’s not feeling well after being kissed? I can’t hide my hate of this woman!

See how Shin leans against his room door after closing it. He’s feeling his own heartbeat.

Playing the guitar is really his way of channeling his emotions. He plays a happy tune. I actually want those smiles to stay on his face, but it seems impossible.

Kyuwon brings the coffee to the balcony but can’t see Shin. She complains that he doesn’t show up every day. Doesn’t she ask herself why she cares to wait for Shin, just to get back the coffee money? Or longs to be asked for change and not able to find enough change … I see her impatience. When she finally sees Shin coming, the kissing scene surfaced again (thought of making a gif too but I was afraid of heartbreak sounds getting too loud).

She sees Shin with this happy face, just because Yoonsu is waiting for him. They walk together into the campus building. This college campus is too small. Everybody happens to appear at the same spot at the right or wrong time: Seokhyun sees them too. Yoonsu returns the necklace to Shin in her office, telling she’s too busy to play such kiddie games, adding that a boy with a dream isn’t enough for her, she needs a man.

“Can you say to me that you haven’tΒ  been moved by me a bit?”
“Never. Have never been moved. Not even a bit. I say that from my heart.”

Shin isn’t ready to give up yet. Before he leaves, he says he doesn’t mind what Yoonsu thinks. It’s his real heart he’s showing her and he’s going to do things his own way. “And … I’m not a kid.”

The lonely coffee sitting on that spot has such a symbolic meaning now. Shin passes by, sees it, hesitates for half a sec and left.

Kyuwon can’t concentrate on her gayageum practice and goes checking on the coffee. She storms into The Stupid’s practice room and throws out a chain of sentences complaining about her buying coffee every day and Shin’s not drinking it … she feels like she’s a dog in training … If Shin won’t drink it today, she won’t buy coffee for him anymore. She leaves slamming the door.

Shin goes out after her.

“Drink or not drink, it’s my business. You just have to do things the way I ask you to. Plus, don’t ever talk to me in an interrogating tone.”

“You like Professor Jung?”
“You think this makes sense?”
“What’s not making sense?”
“Professor is professor. You two have a difference of 12 years.”
“Starting from today, you don’t have to be a slave. You’re free. You don’t have to buy coffee anymore. Please don’t do anything anymore. And, don’t bother my business.”
“Get lost!”

How many times does he need to sigh staring at nowhere holding the necklace?

Shin is late for the musical rehearsal. Seokhyun is unhappy about Shin’s insincere apology or just jealous, he says the music sounds aren’t good enough, especially the guitar.

Proud Shin can’t stand his negative comment and plays a solo with everybody around wowing and clapping.

The jealous grown-up man can just throw some random words and calls the rehearsal to an end. Shin isn’t afraid of confronting ‘grown-ups’. You know he says he isn’t a kid.

He finds Seokhyun and tells him, “Director, can you please be more specific next time criticizing my guitar playing. I just couldn’t understand what you meant earlier.” Seokhyun’s reply is irrelevant? “Don’t be late. And don’t play cool.”

When sad, he plays the guitar; when happy, he plays the guitar; when confused, he plays the guitar …

It’s very late already and Shin is leaving school. But why he checks on that ‘coffee spot’? Some fairy’s cast a spell on the coffee? His face looks so calm seeing the lonely coffee.

Words on post-it: “Training a dog.”

I have no idea why he even bothers to open the lid (obviously the foam has died). He closes it, puts its back, but takes it up … and drinks! You laughing out loud, hitting your thigh seeing this?

Bullying Kyuwon is something that makes him happy. Shin finally gets it. He writes something on a post-it and pastes it on Kyuwon’s head when she’s fallen asleep at the bus stop.

When Shin comes home, he finds his mom and sister getting excited about their moving to a traditional Korean style house. Are you excited about that? Me totally. But Shin doesn’t care.

He goes to his room, lies on bed, reviews Yoonsu’s rejecting words and sighs staring at the necklace. I need him to throw away that necklace like now!

This cap isn’t essential for story telling, just eye-candy.

This coffee couple just can’t live without checking on the coffee spot a few times every day. Kyuwon is mad seeing the coffee untouched. Is she trying to throw the coffee away when touching the coffee cup? She’s surprised to find it warm and there’s a note on it: “Gukak Department Lee Kyuwon’s coffee! Loads of spit inside!”

She takes out the note that was on her forehead the night before. The words: “Watch out for the doggie. Very fierce. Don’t ever bother her!” Matching the writing, she realizes who did the prank. (She had no clue?) I find their writing about spit very gross but the smiles on Kyuwon’s face don’t leave. Until she spots The Stupid passing by.

Why is Junhee so happy seeing Kyuwon? The other two boys are just too sweet. They take Junhee away with them, leaving Shin alone with Kyuwon. Kyuwon stops Shin … just to throw the post-its rolled into a ball at him. She aims so right.

But Shin just smiles and leaves. What is this all about? (I keep wondering if Kyuwon has gone to pick up the creased notes and keeps them like treasure.)

Musical rehearsal. Seokhyun picks Heeju and Kyuwon as the leading girls. The other teacher suggests Shin to try the leading boy’s part. Seokhyun says the song’s about ‘how one feels when both his dream and love is gone’.

After the rehearsal, Kyuwon thanks Shin for the coffee and apologizes for her being rude the other day.

Shin accepts her apology but wants her back as his slave. New mission: cleaning his band room. He says cleaning suits a slave very much.

But Kyuwon is the happiest slave ever. To be in the room that Shin spends so much time is a happy thing! She strums his guitar, singing, “Lee Shin the fool, Lee Shin the fool … ” And Shin has to enter at this exact moment!

Shin teases her that slave life really suits her for she’s grinning stupidly. Kyuwon explains that she’s thinking about a joke told by Bowon. Shin makes her tell the joke but she messes up. Shin tells the ‘correct’ version.

More bickering and Shin ends everything with a random comment again. “You don’t just suck at singing; you have no sense of humor either.” His saying her singing can’t be compared to Heeju’s is making her mad, but in a good way.

The puppy still stalks his master who’s dumped him.

“Leave when I still find you a little cute.”
“How many more years do I need to grow when I’m a kid no more? 25? 30?”
“Let go of me.”
“I think you messed up. I’m an grown-up man. That weak force of yours can’t free yourself from me!”
“Lee Shin!”
“Please, look at me!”
“You look at me!!!” (My heart skipped a beat hearing Shin roar.)

“You just don’t know when to stop? You acting like this, I feel so annoyed already. Don’t follow me! Do I have to lose temper to make you understand? You, aren’t a man to me. Understand?”

Shin’s eyes are all red. Tears have surfaced but aren’t falling yet. Kyuwon sees everything and she meets Shin’s teary eyes. She turns her head away and back again, wanting to say something but can’t think of anything except: Lee Shin.

Shin walks away with his bike, passing her, with his head so down.

Musical rehearsal. Is it because of Shin’s reverse psychology or her wanting to cheer for him? Kyuwon sings so much better this time. Shin’s lyrics: I want to hide myself … Kyuwon’s: Stand up now, I’m going to sing again. Forgetting yesterday, I’m singing for tomorrow …”

Everybody’s impressed, Shin included?

Kyuwon wants to follow Shin after practice, but was stopped by Heeju. So Shin is all alone, lying on some grass and pondering on Yoonsu’s mean words.

He almost wants to throw the necklace away. Almost.

Ki-young has his confidence back and rocks the stage at Cathasis. Shin is very down when playing the guitar in the background.

The grownups have finally gathered enough courage to confess to each other. Of course Shin has to see this.

And Kyuwon is a stalker slave who follows her master. She wants to divert Shin’s attention by suggesting for a meal together. Having failed that, she tries lecturing. Bad move.

“You, do you like me?”
“You think you acting like this, I will be able to give up professor and like you instead?”
“Lee Shin!”
“Whoever you like; I don’t give a damn. So, that’s what you should be too, don’t ever care about me.”

I have no idea how Kyuwon will be able to forget such hurtful words and love Lee Shin again. Big tears roll down her eyes.


I’ve said I hate Yoonsu. She’s so wrong not rejecting Shin when he gave her the necklace. But she’s right about something: Shin just sympathizes her and he mixes up sympathy with love. That’s my theory too. Shin has this broken heart about his father leaving him, unconsciously he wants to mend another person’s broken heart to heal his.

I heard people say this drama is childish. I just love Shin’s being childish. He has the guts to chase for something he wants while the grownups have become so afraid of failure and try so hard to hide their true feelings. Will Shin become like them later?

PS Spending hours doing this is a very childish thing too. I’m young at heart.

6 thoughts on “I know a heartache when I see one

  1. Klaritia, thank you for spending hours doing this! I feel exactly what you feel. Sometimes I even wonder if I sleep-walked and blogged for you. Just kidding! You speak my mind.

  2. Thank you for doing this. It’s fun to come to a place where everyone is supportive of Yonghwa instead of bashing him. After seeing so many episodes, I have to say that his acting has defintely improved by leaps and bounds. And, I don’t think I’m saying this as a biased fan. But of course, there’s still plenty of people out there who are still calling him ‘wooden’ in spite of this tremendous leap in his acting. I think people just like to hate on him and are just saying things baselessly. As Yonghwa fans, we really need to develop strong and resilient hearts to withstand this. That’s why I like to come here. This place is like the calm after a storm. πŸ™‚

    On a lighter note, why is everyone out there claiming Ki-Young to be that great? Am I missing something? I don’t see anything that special at all. But then again, my eyes are always glued to Yonghwa in this drama and I can’t seem to see anyone else, so maybe that could be the reason why. LOL. Now, THAT is a biased fan talking. πŸ˜›

    • LOL, somebody would probably comment: Love is blind.
      Ki-young? I think he looks cute and he’s in other dramas before … things like that.
      I only see Yonghwa in this drama too, don’t you see I make caps of him only? Our Yonghwa is cute too. More importantly, for Yonghwa, there’s more than meets the eye. πŸ˜‰
      So few of us out there? Or we’re just being quiet? Feeling so lonely sometimes.

      • Nah…don’t be lonely. Yonghwa’s fans are probably the strong, silent kind? Hahaha! In any case, I’m right up there with you, cheering Yonghwa on πŸ™‚

  3. May I join in? (even if I may not, I still do, whatchagonnadoboutit? j/k. lol)

    I can’t even begin to express my appreciation having found this blog and you guys. I can’t even begin to feel how grateful I am having found people with souls and hearts that are made for the love of Yonghwa. Lol. And I’m not even his die-hard fan. Well, I kinda am, in a way, but definitely not your way, klaritia. *grin*

    You might, or might not, know that I’m one of the few that actually didn’t have any problem whatsoever with Shin’s puppy crush. I didn’t find the ballerina annoying at all. She was, after all, whom Shin chose to give his heart to. There must have been a legitimate reason for his – dare I say – first love, because a person like Shin wouldn’t fall for nothing. Well, on second thought, I don’t need to know what that reason is anyway, because truthfully, not everyone needs a reason for love, right?

    On a complete different matter, I don’t know, I’m torn between a melodrama theme and a rom com one. But heck, it doesn’t even matter anymore. We’re at episode 7 and the rating still sucks. I’m not naive enough to think that after City Hunter ends the rating could go up (not that I mind if it could) like some optimistic fellows around. Those who dislike it will go on disliking it On a side note, I don’t want to comment on the script/story, because it’s not really my place to say, but whatever direction the drama is heading, I hope it could stay on its initial path and wouldn’t change because many insensitive souls out there hating its guts.

    I just wish Yonghwa isn’t being affected by the rating, because youthful drama isn’t for everybody’s cup of tea, at least not for Korean people. I love seeing LeeShin is all depressed and heart broken (yeah, I’m sadistic like that, so what?), but not sure if I could handle if Yonghwa is.



    Oh, and p.s. this post reminds me of the few hurtful words Shin blurted out to Gyuwon when she tried to console him. I, too, wonder if she could move on from them later on. (why am I so random, even in what I’m typing?)

    • I think I’m seeing Lee Shin as a real person sometimes. His one-sided love has a reason and even if I think ‘his reason is wrong’, I need to respect his feelings being real. So Yoonsu is annoying to me but Shin’s feelings towards her aren’t annoying to me. That’s why I even made an MV on that.

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