I love not the rainy days, but the eaves under which we took shelter …

I’ve given up convincing you Heartstrings is a beautiful drama. It’s episode 6 already and you should have made up your mind. So I won’t describe the scenes like you haven’t watched them. I assume you, who click my blog posts, like the drama, or you like Yonghwa or you think he’s not bad playing Lee Shin.

“Love is blind.” But love gives me patience to watch this drama carefully. I find the director and writers have the hearts to tell some heart warming life stories, about youth, about struggles in life, about love, about letting go … the emotions portrayed in it are beautiful.

Yonghwa loves rainy days. He wrote ‘Just Please’ during a rainy night when he couldn’t sleep. He said the sound of falling rain gives him inspiration. So he surely loves how this episode is weaved together by ‘rain’? I just love this still of Shin taking shelter in the rain, his hand reaching out to catch the raindrops.

I wonder if people still say Yonghwa’s wooden … he cries, he roars, he storms around in frustration/anger in this episode.

I’ll just post my favorite caps of Shin, scenes that I tried to capture in gifs and my random thoughts. Please don’t bother to read the rest if you don’t like Lee Shin. Below is made by a fan of Lee Shin’s.

Shin really loves his father. When he’s sad, he goes to see his father too. And his father knows how to make him smile!

He knows when to stop. He tells her he’ll give up.

He’s thrown the necklace (and his love) away, but he regrets it.

Walking in the rain is the best thing when one is sad, people can’t tell tears from raindrops.

Like brother, like sister … πŸ™‚

His little sister’s mentioning Kyuwon actually makes him smile.

You don’t like Lee Shin, because he’s so depressed, so vulnerable? Kyuwon’s seeing all sides of Lee Shin, but she’s totally fallen for him.

There are news articles today praising Yonghwa’s acting. You can disagree, saying I’m reading what I want to read. And I’m here speaking with ‘the voice of a caterpillar’ in a cave (a children’s book story about courage, never mind if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Join me if you feel like making the echo louder.


Edit: As suggested by checkinout, I went looking for the news articles and got help from awesome Chinese boice.

뜨거운 λˆˆλ¬Όμ„ 흘린 μ •μš©ν™”μ˜ 깊이 μžˆλŠ” 감성연기
Jung Yonghwa who cries hot tears, has depth in his acting portraying emotions…

‘λ„Œ λ‚΄κ²Œ λ°˜ν–ˆμ–΄’ μ •μš©ν™”-λ°•μ‹ ν˜œ, λΉ— 속 눈물 μ—΄μ—° ‘ν˜Έν‰’
Jung Yonghwa-Park Shinhye, crying in the rain scene gains positive comments

‘λ„Œ λ‚΄κ²Œ λ°˜ν–ˆμ–΄’ μ •μš©ν™”, λˆˆλΉ›μ—°κΈ°λ‘œ μ•ˆλ°©κ·Ήμž₯ λ…Ήμ—¬
Jung Yonghwa’s ‘eyes acting’ melts prime time TV drama

λ„Œλ‚΄λ°˜ μ •μš©ν™”, λ³€ν™”λ¬΄μŒν•œ 4단 콀보 λˆˆλΉ› μ—°κΈ°λ‘œ μ‹œμ²­μž 뜨거운 ν˜Έν‰
Jung Yonghwa’s endless variations of ‘4-phase-eyes-acting’ gains viewers’ applause

β€˜λ„Œλ‚΄λ°˜β€™ μ •μš©ν™”, 4단 콀보 λˆˆλΉ›μ—°κΈ° β€˜ο¦εΏƒ 흔듀’
Jung Yonghwa’s ‘4-phase-eyes-acting’ capturing woman’s hearts

Thanks to cnpink @ weibo for all links and Chinese translations. She told me there are articles criticizing the drama, but none against the actors’ acting. All actors are praised for their performance. What the reporters don’t like is the characters not having enough charisma, the plot and things like that.

17 thoughts on “I love not the rainy days, but the eaves under which we took shelter …

  1. i’ve streamed it last nite..and your 1st gifs..
    i’d cried! this is really a heartbreakin episode.
    amazingly how i’d get confused throughout the series now i feel it is now on the right track.
    thanks Klaritia..really enjoyed ur caps n thoughts.
    i was really shocked n goosebumps when i watched him shout.
    Jung Yong Hwa..u did a really good job!! n im sooo proud of him.

  2. Hi! I often come here and read after each ep but it’s the first time I speak up my mind. As you assumed, I am YongHwa’s fan ^^. Just want to say thank you for your beautiful words for the drama and esp. YongHwa and Lee Shin (It sounds like two different people πŸ™‚ )
    I totally agree that YongHwa’s acting has improved clearly in those eps. I’m so proud and glad that I’m his fan. It’s so impressive to see how he gets in to and becomes Lee Shin for us – his fans who really understand how YongHwa is so much different compared to Lee Shin.
    About the drama, it’s been quite confused for me. Normally, I believe in my Kdrama sense, but with this one my sense totally doesn’t work in the usual way (however it turns out to me that this ‘s not the bad thing at all). Yesterday ep, I have been mesmerized by Lee Shin (for the first time, I cried when watching Kdrama without subtitles!) and I was little socked when I saw so many complaints about the ep after that. I am so disappointed because I’m not good enough to protect what I love ^__^
    For me right now, I think it’s still quite soon to evaluate and take the drama as the failure (like many heartbroken comments I have gone over), I have the faith for its upcoming eps. There are many things I’m looking forward to seeing in this drama.
    Again, I am so grateful to see your blog and and entries for the drama and esp, Yonghwa – LeeShin after each ep. You have done so well what I am not able to!
    Thank you a lots. Please keep up your beautiful work!

    • Love reading your thoughts too! Thank you.
      The ‘critics’ just don’t know how Yonghwa is making us see him as Lee Shin in the drama. Of course they’re 2 different persons!

  3. This my first time comment but i always read your reviews & i really think you that you write what is all in emotional angel & boice mind , i watched it twice without trans & with trans and my heart keep crying and yes i like heartstrings and its good drama and yonghwa acting is so improved in it i would like if someone make a gif when gominam stopped him & when yonsu stopped theres a huge diffrence and i wish yonghwa would know that this drama has fans even in middle east waiting for each ep & translate it thanks again & sorry for my poor english :$

  4. Klaritia, I sense your frustration and saddness in your post today. What happen? I was disheartened yesterday when someone replied to my comment about Yonghwa’s acting and said that he must have used fake tears in crying scenes. Again and again I see people say that he is stiff and wooden. I sometimes wonder if they are watching the same drama like I do. Or they just chant their prejudice. Look at his angst, his roars, his swollen teary eyes. Can’t you feel his sadness, his depression, his loneliness, his frustration? Well, I can relate to Shin well. He brings back my first love memories, my love frustrations. What more can you ask from an actor?

    Btw, can you please let me know where can I find the news article praising Yonghwa’s acting? I much need that to console my broken heart.

  5. Am so proud of our boy too. This was really a breakthrough episode for him in tems of acting. He completely embodied his character with all his hurts and pain. I think Yong Hwa’s acting will always be more subtle, which may not be appreciated by all, but for me, the restraint only magnifies the emotions he’s portraying. I found myself totally feeling his anguish! Even if Heartstrings is not the runaway hit that everyone seems to expect it to be, this is still an invaluable experience for him. And if he gets recognition for his acting, that will be icing on the cake.
    Klaritia, if it is not too much trouble, could you translate the excerpts of some of the news articles you mentioned and perhaps link to his soompi thread? Would love to document this and spread the love. Thanks always for your thoughtful articles and gorgeous screen caps.

    • Why do I have to agree with everything you say? <– Sounds familiar? LOL

      Always love reading your thoughts. Posted the news links and stuff here and the soompi Yonghwa thread too.

  6. I totally agreed with you that yong’s acting especially his eyes and faces does tell the stories and touching!! The story is gradually showing the complicatd life and feeling among 4 main actors and actresses. We don’t have to mind about the TV rating if we still enjoy the drama. Also, give much support to both Yong and Shinhye. Hwaiting!!

  7. So,it’s me again..seems like watching Heartsrings is not completed without reading ur thought on each episodes=)
    and yes, i love the rain scene,how he held up his hand,catching the rainfall..and somehow reminds me of Jonghyun’s Tearsdrop in the rain.LOL

  8. I love your title for this post! For me, Ep6 was defined by that quiet moment shared by Lee Shin and Kyuwon under the awning, taking shelter from the rain. No words were spoken but it was oh-so-beautiful. If that scene were to be translated into words, it would be a poem.

    Thank you for letting us fans know that the Korean media responded positively towards Yonghwa’s acting. You can’t imagine how much that comforted me (actually, I think you can…lol). I’ve decided that I’m not going to read anymore comments from other blog reviews of Heartstrings. While the reviewers were mostly positive about the drama, most of the commentors were mean to Yonghwa. It has gotten to a point where I think they are blind….and deaf. And that they watch this drama with their hearts kept in the refrigerator. πŸ™‚ Because, how else can you explain a comment that says that Ki-young SINGS better than Yonghwa? Our Yonghwa poured his heart and soul into his singing. I can accept comments about Yonghwa being a lesser actor than Ki-young (I don’t know his real name) but a lesser singer????? No. Freaking. Way.
    But enough about ranting. My thoughts on this episode? Love, love, love the shelter-from-the rain moment. Love Shin carrying Kyuwon’s gukak. Love Shin trying valiantly to overcome his grief over his dad’s death. Love the guitar rendition of Because I Miss You. Love Kyuwon’s overall cuteness. Love Shin’s expression when he held Yoonsu’s hand, imploring for comfort. Hate Yoonsu. Hate that hug.

    • Hi Looby, I was so hurt reading the comments about Yonghwa’s singing, too! Maybe I am biased, but Yonghwa touches the softest spot of my heart every time he sings. Just as you said, he pours his heart out in singing, in writing his lyrics. Maybe he doesn’t have the best voice out there. But he always emotes his feeling and has that power to touch you, to move you. To me, that’s the best quality I can ask from a singer.

  9. I feel that many people cannot appreciate Director Pyo’s style and Yonghwa’s subtle acting. Their portrait of Shin is so real that it brings back my high school memories. Maybe every school has one Shin. Just like Kyuwon, I’ve fallen for one. He is the superstar on campus, with Shin’s delicate features and charisma. But it is difficult to see vulnerability through his cold and distancing outside.

    I can totally relate to Shin’s glee after sneaking a kiss from his love, his roar after rejection, his quest for why he is not the one. At that age, love is our world, our everything. We cannot see beyond this love. Zipping through the street in tears and rains, shouting out the frustration. We want to forget this love but we couldn’t. That’s youth. I can see and feel myself from Shin, from Yonghwa’s portraits. What more can you ask an actor for?

    For Shin’s father’s passing away, I am very glad to see that Shin didn’t break down in tears in the funeral. He is the introverted illegitimate son. Earlier, he didn’t even say a word about the father and son relationship even he knows it. His has swollen eyes when caressing his late father’s LP, reading the music notes. He has tears in his eyes but they did not run down, not until he sings the song that he collaborated with his father. This song is their last and only song. It’s his only father and son memory. When Shin’s tears streak down in the dim light of the club when he sings, I can echo with him. This is Shin’s unique way of sending his father off. How can anyone not seeing how brillant Yonghwa’s acting is? Are you without a heart?

    I don’t particularly like the fact the dance ballerina reaches out to Shin in the rain. I am afraid that this is going to confuse him or give Shin an excuse to cling to her again. But I can feel Shin’s sadness and vulnerability in his eyes and hands when he reaches out for her. I can feel Shin suffers and need a shoulder to cry on. We don’t like the ballerina. But just like his guitar, from Shin’s perspective, she is the other only thing that can bring warmth to his heart. And my heart was broken in seeing this scene. Yonghwa’s acting make me sympathize with Shin.

    I feel Director Pyo and Yonghwa give Shin the dimensions. He is not the usual cartoonized character in typical K-drama. He is everyone of us.

  10. That’s exactly what I have wanted all this time, talking about our boy with fans who love him lots! Especially he as Lee Shin. Thanks everybody for the input. Every word means so much to me!

  11. I Love Lee Shin.,Yonghwa Really did a Great Job. I cried when his father died.Thankyou for your beautiful review. I hope on next episode he will see kyuwon and realize that he likes her too.Yonghwa Fighting.. Heartstring Fighting!!!

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