[News] ‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yonghwa, really a singer-turned-actor?

Perfect acting draws attention from viewers.

Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE shows off his solid acting, drawing viewers’ attention.

In the episode of MBC Wed-Thur drama ‘Heartstrings’ aired on the 14th, there’s the scene of Lee Shin very hurt seeing Yoonsu (played by So Yihyun) in Seokhyun’s (played by Sung Changil) arms. Kyuwon (played by Park Shinhye) feels very sorry for him.

Heart-broken Lee Shin sees Yoonsu and asks, “What do you like about Seokhyun?” Yoonsu replies, “I like everything about him.”

Having realized Yoonsu’s heart, Lee Shin decides to give up but still feels very confused. Looking at Lee Shin so at loss, she shouts to him, “Yes, you’re dumped by a woman, but why do you give up your life too?” But Lee Shin is cold to her comforting.

As Shin and Kyuwon were absent for the musical rehearsal without a reason, Seokhyun warns them that they will be eliminated if that happens again.

It is most worth mentioning that in the episode, Jung Yonghwa is capturing the viewers’ attention with his powerful acting. He doesn’t seem like a rookie at all. When rejected by the woman he loves, he is so real as a man totally lost in love. His glares, stares and gazes touch the hearts of female fans.

On the other hand, in the scenes after his birth father died, the way he strums the guitar in sadness and hides his tears that fall quietly is impressive. His ability to show inward feelings is outstanding.

Meanwhile, in the last scene, Kyuwon sees Yoonsu hugging Lee Shin. Viewers are curious how the romance among them will develop in the coming episodes.

Via Korean nate news
English translation by klaritia, based on Chinese translation by littlemo小莫 @ weibo

There’s this newsen article praising Yonghwa’s acting too, ‘넌내반’ 정용화 눈물 연기에 시청자도 울었다 (‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yonghwa’s tears, making viewers cry). Thanks to cnpink @ weibo who tells me the tidbits. The news articles praising Yonghwa’s acting were no.1 on nate search chart the whole day.

12 thoughts on “[News] ‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yonghwa, really a singer-turned-actor?

  1. In the latest episode, I was most impressed with his acting too. It was just so moving. The way he cried and screamed while riding his bike after seeing YoonSu and SeokHyun hugging. The way he looked when he was sitting outside the music shop after his dad died. He looked so lost and so confused as to where and what he was suppose to do. It was just amazing. I’m so proud of him….I cried almost throughout the whole episode. YongHwa made me so proud.

  2. at last there is some good news for heartstrings lovers, despite the low rating of the drama.. i totally agree with this article, his acting is impressive..! chukae yong!

  3. I think you are great keep fighting. When you put genuine emotions into your acting you make me feel what you are feeling loss angusishetc that is the goal of an actor. To move peoples hearts and emotions comsamnida

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