Heartstrings ep 05 & 06 – music cuts

The Stupid @ musical rehearsal [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Shin guitar solo @ musical rehearsal [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Shin guitar solo in band room [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Heeju, Shin & Kyuwon @ musical rehearsal [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

I have no idea what the song title is … what about ‘Song for tomorrow’?

Translated the lyrics from the TSKS Chin subs:

So afraid, I’ve been lost
Can’t see the road ahead clearly
Don’t know what will be there tomorrow, waiting for me

I so want to hide, want to hide myself up
But the me today, isn’t the same

Now standing up, I’ll sing all over again
Forgetting yesterday, I sing for tomorrow
Just like saying goodbye to my yesterdays so at lost
I have this jumping heart, giving me energy
For tomorrow
For my dream
I’m sprinting

Heart-broken Shin – ‘Because I miss you … ‘ [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

4 thoughts on “Heartstrings ep 05 & 06 – music cuts

  1. klaritia, nice to meet you. thanks for HS music cut. i don’t watch this drama yet. but i have listened music cut. this music in this drama is awesome…i will watch this drama if this drama completed…because i am very impatient in watching drama

    • Nice to meet you too.
      I also love that music is everywhere in this drama. I’m impatient too, but about Wednesday and Thursday always so far away from the present day …

  2. can’t thank you enough for all the music cuts. do u know if there is a full version of the song that is played when Lee Shin rides his bike,shouting his lungs out after he saw the Professor was with Seokhyun?
    am i asking too much?sorry=p

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