The date in the rain – look inside Shin’s heart

Raindrops fall.

Just like I can’t keep her heart
I can’t keep the raindrops.

But do you know?
Lee Kyuwon.

My not being alone all by myself now
Is the greatest comfort to me.

In the rain with you side by side
When I’m so hurt, the one standing by me
Is the greatest comfort to me.

Thank you.
For being by my side.

Thank you.
For walking with me in the rain.

Behind the sad raindrops
I’m not alone …

Carrying the heavy gayageum
Following me and looking at me
I find I feel so safe because of this
At the same time I realize a fact, being alone is a scary thing.

I just don’t know why I would be like that.
My reason for wanting to carry the gayageum for you …

The gayageum you treasure so much is all wet in the rain
You worrying about me and keep calling my name
Thank you for being there …

Source: imbc drama site photo essay
English translation by klaritia, based on Chinese translation by doolyn @ Parkshinhye&Jungyonghwa baidu tiebar

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PS This is official writing, not fan-submitted.

9 thoughts on “The date in the rain – look inside Shin’s heart

  1. Well, I believe that is more or less how he felt. After watching Ep6, I too find it weird why he would suddenly carry her gayageum. It seemed so out of the blue and so unlikely in that situation. The only thing I can think of is, after shouting at her, telling her that he is going to stop loving Yoonsu, he turned back and saw her still standing there. And he saw concern and hurt on her face. I think it made him realise that Kyuwon cares for him and his feelings and not his looks. And he is thankful she cares and sorry that he shouted at her. Without words, his carrying her gayageum is his way of saying sorry and thank you.
    Gosh, this whole scene still manage to tug at my heart no matter how many times I’ve watched it. It remains one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve witnessed in Kdrama. I’m hopeful and excited that there’ll be more to come as we continue to watch Heartstrings.

    • You explain everything so well! That’s what we should do more, talking about the beautiful scenes and characters.
      And that’s why Shin went to that spot again when he’s so overwhelmed grieving over his father’s death. He wanted to find comfort … just too bad Kyuwon (and she actually knew he would go there!) was a second late.

  2. Thank you for sharing such nice essay.

    My only question is, is this photo essay written by the scriptwriter/director/production crew, since it’s posted on imbc website? Or is it just another nice comment HT’s fan wrote for us?

    I think this is exactly what Shin was feeling standing under that rainy day.


    • I’ve asked a native Korean fan, it’s from someone associated with imbc/production team. It’s official writing, not fan-submitted. And the Chinese fans posting the translation say so too.

  3. So touching. now i know what’s on his mind that time.!! Im so happy!!!
    Heartstring FIGHTING> Thankyou klarita so much!

  4. Thanks a lot for translating dear… its full of emotions.. gah.. it made me teary-eyed.. thank God, no one is in the room. LOL.. am at the computer laboratory of our school.. hahah

    hope you won’t mind me sharing this.. its so lovely.

  5. This has got to be one of my favourite scenes in the drama so far, the beautiful dripping sounds of the rain and how they hold out their hands to catch/keep the raindrops. The one scene where he’s nice to her properly ^^ and the photo essay explains Shin’s feelings so perfectly~~ I’m pretty new to CNBlue and Yong Hwa, his acting is amazing in the past episodes and so is your blog ^o^

  6. I love that scene so much! For me, it’s one of the most beautiful scenes in Kdrama so far. There is no word needed but people can feel the connection between those two.

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