Heartstrings ep 07 preview with English subs

Many thanks to saturnkr @ twitter for translation!!!

I always think they deliberately mismatch the dialogues with the scenes to confuse us most of the time. Say last time, I thought Shin said, “I don’t care whomever you like or not like” to Yoonsu but it was actually Kyuwon he’s talking to. But this time the preview is too obvious that Kyuwon is fighting back? And Shin will be stalking her?

The sleeping prince will go read in the library instead? Or he’s doing slave work? That snobby and indifferent image so ‘runied’ by this!

And the news says Kyuwon’s absent for class the first time due to a bad cold. Shin hears about that and thinks of what happened earlier, puzzling over his own feelings. (via Chin translation by cnpink @ weibo)

As much as I like to see Shin falling for Kyuwon asap, I need to understand his change of feelings … Dear script writers and directors, I don’t want to feel like I’m watching a different drama.

4 thoughts on “Heartstrings ep 07 preview with English subs

  1. Hi dear,

    tbh, I didn’t expect this sudden twist by at leas episode 9 or 10, but what do I ever know about scriptwriting or plot planning huh? *exaggerating sigh*

    I really hope for a clear and at least, acceptable, for the sudden change in his behavior towards Gyuwon, not just because of the vast comments out there demanding for such change. Or else, I don’t know, but I might be a tad disappointed with Pyo, given my enormous liking for his works, in Worlds within and Coffee house.

    Shall we patiently wait one more day to see if everything is justifiable? *cross fingers*


  2. I kind of feel that the writers and pd are under the pressure to give rush into a love line between the leads and leave the musical performance behind.

  3. Yeah, as much as I want Shin and Kyuwon to fall in love, I hope they won’t change Shin’s character too much. I kind of like Shin as he is now 😛 I think it is because being a fan of Yonghwa’s we know how mischievious and friendly he can be in real life. It’s fun to see him portray this arrogant, cold character and I like that he’s challenging his acting skills. And, he’s doing so well as Shin.
    Well, like bluecatcher says, let’s wait for Ep7 and see. Maybe the PD will make Shin show his caring and playful side only to Kyuwon and retains his arrogance for everybody else? What do you think? Will that work? 🙂

  4. i agree that i can’t really link the sudden change of heart…maybe he did slowly change but it’s not noticeable enough … till today i still cant .. havent watch epi 7.. so maybe i change my comment after watching that?

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