Love at second sight

The lost puppy just needed a shoulder to cry on. His tears and sadness are to be washed by the rain too. He sits there not waiting for anybody; he just needs to sort his feelings and pick the broken pieces of himself together.

“Was he that great? … How great was he that you gave up the man you liked?”
“That person … whenever he’s holding the guitar, he became a transparent person. Clothes, hair, shoes, I saw nothing. He just became music himself. Just like Shin, the you now.”
“Why? You don’t like him anymore?”
“Don’t I have you now?”

“Thank you. For letting us meet.”

Rainstorm is over; here comes the sun.

“Why don’t you give this to her yourself?”
“Professor Jung. Please take care of her.”
As he passes the umbrella, he passes his love.

It’s too soon for him to turn over a new leaf. When Kyuwon’s friends talk to him, he doesn’t even turn his face towards them.

But when he hears Kyuwon’s been looking for the necklace, he can’t help but think why she took what he said casually so seriously …

The Applied Music teacher asks him to take responsibility for the arrangement of the musical ending song.

It’s good to have something to work hard for. Wait a minute, yesterday, it was the end of the world? Thank God, I have gone through those days. What is a youth?

I wonder what mixed feelings he has when Kyuwon gives him the necklace.

But I surely thinks he finds himself strange feeling disappointment when she says she likes him no more.

And Kyuwon just points out that it’s the first time he calls her by her name. He’s surprised himself?

The end of the slavery contract. The end of their story?

But circumstances will give them a new start? The teacher asks them to work together for the musical ending piece arrangement.

I like that Shin is very frank to Kyuwon and Kyuwon is very honest about her having liked him before. Shin thinks he has the upper hand in the new start when he finds out Kyuwon is heading towards the wrong direction for the library …

But soon enough, he realizes it’s Kyuwon’s turn to fight back. “Isn’t this some kind of revenge?”

He doesn’t realize he’s giving the girl ‘that look’?

They have much in common … they have passion for music. And they’re both working hard for the musical.

Poor Lee Shin, his cold image is so ruined now. He said he’d go home but he doesn’t like Kyuwon isn’t going home and decides to tag along with the gang!

See the word ‘JEALOUS’ (in caps) on this face?

He just needs to feel that good feeling he had before. Bullying Kyuwon is fun!

He cares about Kyuwon so much that he goes to the lady’s room to check on her? Or the lavatory is unisex?

That’s a little arrogant for him to say, “You don’t have to try so hard to pretend that you don’t feel embarrassed seeing me.”

What exactly did he mean to do reaching out that hand in the very beginning. He changes his mind to play cool?

But the act of getting on the bus totally betrays him.

I have no doubt he’s looking at Kyuwon’s reflection staring at the window!

That concern look when he hears that Kyuwon is in trouble.

And he doesn’t care if Seokhyun questions his concern about the audition. He asks about the time.

Come on, Kyuwon isn’t that heavy. This face? But we know he’s just being serious. πŸ™‚

He doesn’t expect Kyuwon is so determined to forget him.

Kyuwon’s singing reaches out to his heart, even when he’s outside the hall.

I must say he doesn’t want to think Kyuwon means what she sings.

This longing look … he needs to see himself …


I wonder what you think about my ‘Heartstrings’ post titles. I actually gave much thought to each and every one. For this one, I thought of ‘I don’t want you to know I’m looking at you’, ‘I’m looking at you while you’re trying hard to look away’ … So clumsy and so not cool!!!

Then I remember the Jejudo lighthouse scene. They saw each others’ backs but not the faces and Shin even liked Kyuwon’s back (he took a photo). Now it’s Shin’s new chapter of his life. That little chat with his mom is enough for him to heal that sore spot of his heart. He knows why his mom loved his dad and she surely loves him, even though he’s ‘the same’ as his dad. So he’s finally ‘free’ to love music and be a guitar freak?

With the end of the slavery contract, Shin sees the other Kyuwon, the girl with her own passion to create unforgettable memory and so brave to reveal her feelings … I cried listening to her sing ‘I will … forget you…’

Will Kyuwon look at Shin again? Love at second sight too? When she gets to look at the ‘real’ Lee Shin?

You find the change in Shin’s attitude too drastic? I can make some sense out of it. It’s OK if you don’t agree with my thoughts. Thank God I don’t have to care what my readers feel … for I don’t write to get high hits. (Edit: I mean I don’t care if my readers like what I write. My bad. I have a problem telling my own thoughts; I keep thinking what Lee Shin thinks!) I just wish the PD and script writers have such freedom and make a drama they themselves like and think is good.

16 thoughts on “Love at second sight

  1. Thanks for the recap πŸ™‚
    I like all Lee Shin and KyuWon moments in this ep. They are so adorable!
    I’m glad that Lee Shin recovered from his depression and get back to usual state. First, I did feel his attitude towards Kyu Won a little bit drastic, but with the overall look, I have no problems with that. In my opinion, Lee Shin is not a bad boy, he’s just cold towards what he doesn’t care. Kyu Won has slowly got into his world and become a part of this,Shin just didn’t realize that because he was overshadowed by his depression before. Now, it’s his turn to gradually realize and pay more attention to.
    However, I have to admit that the plot has built up some worry for me. I fell in love with this drama from ep 3 with all the youthful feeling and energy. I feel like it has been missing in this ep and it makes me a little disappointed! I’m afraid that it will fall to the same old range with the realization of love from Lee Shin, then sweet moments of those love birds and last with the prevent from the family.
    Another however, I hope that even if it is what is really going to happen in the drama, there would be something new and fresh. Yeap, you may go the same way but you can have your own way to enjoy this!
    Thanks again, I’m looking forward to your next recaps

      • Do you know what? Many fans hate episode 3. I wrote a long paragraph explaining why I still found it a nice episode even ‘the world doesn’t revolve around Lee Shin’. But somebody said it’s my blind love; I like Yonghwa too much that I like everything about the drama too …
        As the production team try to please the mass, the original feel is lost?
        I don’t care about anything now. I just want all cast and crew to be safe and sound … poor Shinhye … hope she’s really alright. And Yongyong definitely needs some rest. I love his hair all wet too! SMEXY to the fullest. πŸ˜‰

  2. your writing is really beautiful and capture all the important things in the movie. I always feeling so much happier after reading your blog. Keep up the good work, please πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Though I said I don’t care what my readers think, I do like compliments comments. I love chit-chatting with fellow fans about the characters and scenes. Thanks. You guys keep up too?

  4. wow, thankyou so much for the recap.. This episode is my favorite so far. The chemistry is daebak. Yonghwa is really an eye candy..Heartstring fighting!!! thankyou

  5. May I leave my 2 cents here even though you clearly stated that you wouldn’t care? (ok, that’s a little too much, j/k)

    Before I begin my ranting, at this coffee shop I’m sitting and typing this reply, this live band is playing Wherever you go by The Calling. That kinda reminds me of certain someone. Hm, I wonder who? *rolling eyes*

    Ok, with such awesome BG music, let my 2 cents begins.

    I haven’t watched this episode with English sub, so basically I might be wrong in letting myself thinking that Shin’s sudden change of attitude towards Gyuwon was because the influence of the public’s opinion. Well, it’s true that the drama is on its halfway to the end, and such change is necessary, but to me, maybe, it was a bit unjustified in this episode. Maybe it’s just me.

    It’s not like I have any problem with this episode, on the other hand, I’m glad that everyone is happy and not complaining about Shin’s puppy crush for the prof (well, because it basically ended, didn’t it?). TBH, I’m even happier that people started to recognize/praise Yonghwa’s acting, even though they are just happy because the plot changed. Hm, so much for Yonghwa’s effort.

    Seeing positive comments floating around here and there makes me wonder if people are watching the show for what they expect to happen or watching the show for what it has to offer. Well, again, maybe it’s just me.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy LeeShin is moving on. I hate to see his depression dragging on and ruining his youth, (ok, gotta admit, I love seeing Yonghwa acting depressed cuz I know how opposite he really is in real life. It’s extremely hard to see him in such state in real life. Hm!), while he could enjoy his uni days with friends around, which is what he’s essentially doing from this episode onwards.

    I might get rotten eggs for saying this, but anyone out there thinks Shinhye’s voice is not made for “I will forget you” song? I know, I know, she’s got a very cute and innocent(??) voice, which is pleasant to listen to in some songs, but I think this particular song requires a little more matured and tender voice such as Yonghwa’s or Jonghyun’s to fully deliver its longing vibe and meaningful lyrics. But she did a fine work in this episode. Ok, there, I’ve said it. Come and bash me now Shinhye’s fans. *hide self*

    Last but not least, thank you for your recaps, with them I’m more able to understand the flow of the episode since I don’t understand Korean. And it’s always a pleasure to share opinions with Yonghwa biased fans. They say great men think alike. Well, you said it in previous post to be precise. Lol.

    ’till next time.


    • I mean I don’t care if my readers like what I write. My bad! I have a problem telling my own thoughts; I keep thinking what Lee Shin thinks!

      When I watched the raw version, I did think Shin’s change seems too drastic. I changed my mind watching the Chin-subbed version. Let me know what you think after watching the Eng-subbed one. πŸ™‚

      I think the lyrics just suit Kyuwon’s state of mind perfectly. A crazy CNBLUE fan like me will never think somebody can sing any CNBLUE songs well. So my mouth zipped on that.

      I heard rumors that the coming episodes will be sad … rumors are rumors …

      • well klaritia,

        I do think Shin is changing too much, but it’s good for his youthful life.
        Well, for me I do hope that they go just like Episode 1 when music was so much fun πŸ™‚

      • I agree with you, I also don’t think shin’s attitude is too drastic.. it’s not like Shin has never cared for Kyuwon in the past (previous episodes), he bought her coffee as his way to say sorry, he offered her a ride on his bike (which he never did to any other girls, except his sister), he even carried her instrument when she was following him around in the rain. So, in his own way.. he did care.. he just didn’t realized it before, i think.. i might be wrong :D. And now, he just confused about his own feeling toward her and i think he doesn’t like the thought that Kyuwon no longer like him. That’s what i got from watching episode 7 with english sub.
        Anyway, i really like the scene when they kept on glancing to each other during their performances.. your words are so true.. “He doesn’t realize he’s giving the girl β€˜that look’?” πŸ˜€ , I am not sure what “that look” means, bcoz like i said before, I think Shin still trying to figure out his feeling and at the same time without he even realize it trying to get Kyuwon attention back.
        Aaah.. this is becoming too long… πŸ˜€ I’ll be waiting for your update, in case you still don’t know, I really like your blog πŸ˜€

  6. As many people here who truly love and care for Yonghwa (That’s why I visit this blog often!!), I am a bit torn here. I know many (including Korean Ajummas who dictate the ratings) just want to see the romance between the two, I actually want Yonghwa to act in a drama with depth, grow on his acting skills and showcase his musical talents. I liked previous episodes, especially ep 6, they give blood and flesh to the characters. And it feels good to see more and more Shin rather than our Choding leader there. (To be honest, as much as love him, I kept thinking of Yonghwa and worrying about his acting skills while watching ep1. In later episodes, I was able to be absorbed in and see only Shin and his love and pain.) But I will be happy too, if a light-hearted change can bring in more viewership and positive comments. Our dear blood type A Yong cannot get enough of compliments and encouragement :)) And he deserves them.

    I watched ep7 in Chinese subs, I don’t have a problem with Shin’s attitude change. It’s about time as we are almost half way through the drama now. It doesn’t feel so forced as I feared, because it’s not like that Shin has never cared for Kyuwon before. He was just so blinded by his one sided love. It’s cute to see Shin trying to hang on to the upper hand of a relationship by bullying Kyuwon, but I can see he is totally losing the ground.

    As for Shinhye’s rendering of ‘teardrops in the rain’, I have to side with catcher that her sweet and cute voice doesn’t suite this particular song well. Though I am glad a CNBlue song is featured as OST, I feel Mr. Han Seungho is being lazy here, though I have to agree that the lyrics match Kyuwon’s state of mind well. He should have composed a better song for her. Also, can I hope Yonghwa sing more OSTs?

    Klaritia and all other fellow commenter’s, thank you! I feel so warm reading the re-caps and comments here. BTW, I have to totally agree with you that Yong’s wet hair look is just as smexy and addicting as his voice >_< And who can get enough of his signature stares?

    • Hi Yuki,
      I agree with you! I felt a little torn about this episode too. I liked how Yonghwa portrayed Shin in the past episodes. He became Shin. I don’t see traces of Yonghwa at all. I was worried that the PD and writers will turn Shin into someone else but so far, he still seems fine. He’s nicer to Kyuwon but he still retains the Shin character. Let’s hope it stays that way πŸ™‚

  7. I like how Shin dealt with his feelings regarding his dad. He didnt rage at the world or his mom but instead he was thankful he at least got to meet his dad, however briefly. He got closure and he moved on. Same goes for his love for Yoonsu. He knew when to let go and you explained it so well Klaritia, when you said his passing the umbrella to Suk Hyun means he’s passing his love over to him.
    I love what happens next – all those cute (and hot) interactions between Shin and Kyuwon. We see Shin starting to fall in love with Kyuwon. It is a little fast and drastic for me but I’m not really complaining. Why would I complain when I can see Yonghwa in practically every scene in Ep7 right? This boy is serious eye candy πŸ™‚
    Also, without a doubt, his on-screen chemistry with Shinhye is hot. When Shin and Kyuwon are staring at each other while playing their instruments…..honestly, I don’t know how Shinhye felt but I think I blushed. Lol!
    I don’t have much else to say that you haven’t already pointed out Klaritia. I’m looking forward to your recap of Ep8. Coming here and commenting seems to have become a habit for me πŸ™‚
    On a side note, someone here mentioned about reading comments that Shinhye’s rendition of I Will Forget You is better than CNBLUE… much as I like Shinhye and thinks she did a good job, I still think CNB’s version is better. Jonghyun sang it with more depth πŸ™‚

    • Looby, you are too cute πŸ™‚ I am so glad that Klarita made those nice gifs from that you-look-I-stare-back scenes. I blush every time I look at them.

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