[Fan MV] Lee Shin’s sad love story

No episode to cap and write on … so I made an MV. I jokingly told chiara last week that I thought of making a Shin MV about his crush but dropped the idea cause I don’t want thumb-downs … no thumb-down button on dailymotion … and no dislike button on WP. So why not?

Background music: ‘Best of Me’ by Daniel Powter (2008 ablum: Under the Radar)

I think I talked much about Shin’s crush in my posts already. Sad but beautiful. And he’s officially passed his love after the rain. Looking forward to happy love story soon. 🙂

8 thoughts on “[Fan MV] Lee Shin’s sad love story

  1. Hi, klaritia, thank you! It is such a beautiful but sad MV of Lee Shin…still i am enjoying watching so much. I am just like u, a fan who likes Jung Yong Hwa so much. Just wanted to give him my full support in everything he is doing and hoping that he is eating well, resting well and sleeping well and be as happy as a lark everyday!

      • @ Klaritia, Is this your version of a “Like” button? If yes, add my vote too!

        “as happy as a lark everyday” +1

        @Weng, love your post. As a Yonghwa fan, I too hope that he’s eating well, resting well and sleeping well. Most importantly, may he be as happy as a lark! 🙂

  2. Hey,

    I feel ashamed for barging in here without watching you fan mv first. I promise I’ll watch it right after this post, promise!

    The reason I’m here now is because I’ve just foolishly browsed around the net and read a few comments here and there about HT. And man, it hurt my eyes and heart so much. Damn people. Damn you (not you, klaritia).

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find it funny when there are some people thanking the director/scriptwriter for acknowledging their negative criticisms and for turning the drama around by having LeeShin chase after Gyuwon. Oh my. I know it’s about time already, but… (@$#@%1!!!!#%#$^$#@). There are also some who claimed that they had almost given up on the show until episode 7. Alright, episode 7 is a good episode, a turning point in LeeShin and Gyuwon’s story, but by no mean the best episode so far, right? RIGHT? They said it like LeeShin’s painful love was simply a joke just because people disliked it. They said it like the emotional episode when LeeShin’s dad passed away and the poor guy cried his heart out was discarded like a pile of trash under that rainy day. All meant nothing, just because all had nothing to do with LeeShin and Gyuwon’s love line. How fair, people! How fair!

    Please excuse my sudden rage and offended words, but really, I didn’t know sometimes we could get to be that shallow. Maybe we should have suggested the director to have LeeShin jump on Gyuwon already, make them fall madly in love and expose them to tons of kinships for the sake of pleasuring superficial minds. Forget about depth, meaning, or melodrama. Gone with the concept slice of life. Off with emotional acting or beautiful cinematography. Just LS and LGW display their love. Oh, maybe a few extra characters like KY or SH to spice things up, and definitely not YS. YS is a NO-NO. End of the drama. Everyone would be extremely happy. Yay!

    So much for a drama wasted.

    Franly speaking, I never had any problem with a happy love line between LS and GW to begin with. But when reading comments/thoughts about the couple, somehow I fear I might end up hating them because there are only a few who appreciate Yonghwa’s acting and too many appreciate the idea of Yonghwa and Shinhye together, which is not fair, not in this drama, not with Yonghwa’s character this time, and not in a million years.

    At times like this, I often wonder if I am a misanthrope at heart or if people just love to disparage LeeShin/Yonghwa’s emotion whenever he isn’t related with Gyuwon/Shinhye in any way?

    Damn, I’d really like to stand aloof from all of this. But I just can’t. Damn self.

    My apology for having such a random rant.

    *off to watch your mv now*

    Will be back later. *waves*


    • back! lol.

      Please excuse my typo. Perhaps I need a pair of glasses, or even better, a calmer mind and a peaceful heart when it comes to Yonghwa.

      “You know I’m hoping you’ll sing along, though it’s not your favorite song.”

      Somehow it reminds me of the scene when Shin cried on his riding back home after witnessing YS and SH. I didn’t know how much he loved YS until that moment. Me weird huh?

      Thanks for the lovely MV and the well suited BM. I just love Daniel.


    • Episode 6 is still the BEST episode to me so far … and I don’t think an episode flooded with Shin-and-Kyuwon-lovey-dovey moments will be able to take its place in my heart. I have said I want to see those honey sweet scenes, but I think it’s not that challenging for Yonghwa to act those out. He’s born for that kind of thing! I’ve been wondering if those fans will actually love Yonghwa and Shinhye to be in certain variety show instead (don’t want to be too explicit, so afraid to offend certain fans of a particular camp).
      I’m not proud of my video editing skill but I do think the MV isn’t bad … not many views compared to preview of episode 7 however. You and a few of us here are really the minority!

      And please keep posting! Whenever I check emails on my phone and read comments from you and others, I want to reply right away but I hate typing on the phone and wait until now. I’ll reply to the other comments later.

      Cheers 🙂

      • Episode 6 is also my fav. I have watched many more times than others. Enjoy Yong’s acting so much. 😀 I guess I really prefer him to grow than anything.

    • Lol Catcher. I’m with you though I don’t write it down. I actually hate reading comments from other drama blogs criticizing Yonghwa’s acting, complaining about lack of screen time for Ki-young, lack of OTP screentime etc. I don’t bother to take those comments seriously anymore. For me, I believe what I see. And what I do see (bias fan aside) is that Yonghwa’s acting has improved so much. He’s no longer awkward like he was during YAB. His acting is natural, as befitting Shin’s character. Yonghwa’s acting is so good considering his real character is so playful. I appreciate Yonghwa all the more now because I can see the amount of effort he put into acting. Not to mention all the effort he put into singing, composing, making his band known to the public and giving up sleep to get all that done.
      I’m also a little sad for the fact that the PDs and screenwriters took the negative comments to heart and changed the script. Now we won’t know what might have been. Who knows, the original script will have made this drama all the more touching. So, no….you’re not alone in this. For me, Ep7 is fun because of all the cute but Ep6 still remains the most beautiful and touching. But being a Yonghwa fan, I’ll still support him in whatever 🙂

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