Heartstrings ep 08 preview with English subs

Thanks to saturnkr @ twitter and littlemo莫 @ weibo for translation 🙂

Edit: something wrong with dailymotion or they don’t like me!!! I can view the video myself but you guys say you can’t???

This is total role reversal! I ain’t complaining, but please don’t say ep 1 to 6 are crap. Yonghwa (and others) put a lot of effort in them too.

A twitter friend (CebuNuna) told me a member of the drama crew posted on Yonghwa’s DC gallery that episode 8 will be very sweet and funny. And the news says Yonghwa and the crew presented a firework party to Shinhye cheering on her comeback to the filming set on July 23 (but of course it’s convenient that they had a scene to film too). I heard Shinhye’s condition isn’t that good and Kyuwon’s on a wheelchair thing is a way to let her rest too. My best wishes to Shinhye’s speedy recovery. Everybody please stay safe and sound!!!

8 thoughts on “Heartstrings ep 08 preview with English subs

  1. Please don’t regard me as a stalker since I’m the first one for this post. Lol.

    Somehow rumors turn out to be true when it comes to HT and its filming eh? If that’s the case, I suspect the episode after next will be sad and heart broken? Oh no, HT’s fans would scream their lungs out since they’re no fan of melodrama. Now I’m worried (but can’t deny that a tiny bit of me wants to see Yonghwa acts out his skills in angsty scenes)

    Thanks for the hardsubbing the preview. I’m still confused about the last line where Shin was kneeling down and supposed to “confess” to Gyuwon? I really hope he didn’t say he liked her. That would be… hm, premature, I guess? Mola!


    • You’re just Yonghwa’s stalker, not mine! 🙂

      My Chinese weibo friends are talking about the correct translation of the last line … “Don’t stop liking me”, “Continue to like me” … It’s more like an order rather than a request. So it’s Lee Shin’s style, even if it’s more or less close to a confession.

  2. Yeah, an order would be much much better and fitting Shin’s style, cuz some sources translated that line as “I like you, blah blah”. I don’t know. I just don’t like that phrase for now, maybe in episode 12 or something. Bleh!

    Still on the process of uploading? 😀 Good luck and have fun.

    • Something wrong with dailymotion or my account … I can view it when I’m logged in.
      BTW, that sentence when Shin says seeing Kyuwon pass by him, an alternative translation: As least pretend that you know me. 🙂

      • Something IS stil wrong with your dailymotion video, lol. I feel bad for you.

        “At least pretend that you know me” sounds more like Shin ^_^ . He’s so ignorant. Anybody could tell that Gyuwon is in a dazed state passing by him like that. Oh my Shin! (this reminds me Coffee Prince. not sure if you do. there’s a guy keeps calling Eunhye ~~ my Chan my Chan ~~ epic cute! )

  3. Who hasn’t watched Coffee Prince? But that cute guy passed away in a motorbike accident. 😦 Sorry, I mixed things up.
    Still more than a day away and we’re analyzing these couple of Shin lines too much … maybe we won’t care that much after being drown in honey after Wednesday’s broadcast? If not, let’s make up some theories! We just like this drama too much … or we like Yonghwa too much?

    • i’m up for the second answer=) too much in love with Yonghwa i guess.
      and regarding coffee prince, i thought its the other guy who passed away (the very tall guy who’s in love wit eun chan’s sister), not the cute one who called eun hye by My chan,or both of them dies?=0

      and oh,i try to google the song, but couldn’t find any. i guess they haven’t released the full song yet?is it?

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