Thomas Cook (Jung Soon Young) praises CNBLUE in a radio show

I’m always hyped whenever some Korean musicians praise CNBLUE. This time Thomas Cook of My Aunt Mary.

Jung Soon Young was on MBC’s Starry Night radio show on Jul 25. This part of the show when he talks about CNBLUE is shared by a DC fan. Hope the fan won’t mind my posting the DC post link. I really need more people to know not only us fans think they’re good. It’s not blind love!

And many thanks to littlemo莫 @ weibo for Chinese translation. My rough and indirect translation below.

JSY: Some bands with the same concept as CNBLUE appear in the Korean music scene lately. But I think CNBLUE is the best and most handsome among all. I’ve seen the TV programs and they’ve done many lives. In the past, groups like them don’t do lives much. Though I’m a guy, when I see them on TV, I’m like, “Wow, so handsome, how can they be so handsome?” If I were a fan, how could I not like them? I finally understand why CNBLUE is so popular. They sing well, look handsome and always make one feel they’re working very hard. I really like them myself. As for me, I’ll aim at being just half as popular as Jung Yonghwa.

Host: Jung Yonghwa is working hard as an actor too.

JSY: Oh, really? I haven’t seen him acting. I just always see his being cool on stage. So I like him. Maybe if you’ll see him later, don’t let him know that I’m treating him as my rival. I really need to work harder to show the best of me.

10 thoughts on “Thomas Cook (Jung Soon Young) praises CNBLUE in a radio show

  1. I saw a Korean news report about band music and shows cnblue, ftisland, led apple and a female band. But cnblue has the most screen time and singled out for dissuasion. Do you know what is that about?

    • I actually tweeted about that this morning:
      [MBC news] 4-member band CNBLUE is as popular as many flower boy idol groups, but one thing very different is that they write their own music. Plus, their vocal is very powerful, guitar and drums performance very outstanding too. [via cnpink @ weibo for Chin trans]
      And it’s in the main news, not entertainment news. Our boys are AWESOME!!!

  2. Thanks for this. Love CNBLUE and happy that they’re being recognised. Would love to attend their concert in Sep and am sitting here asking myself why am I not getting off my butt and booking my ticket to Seoul? **still thinking…!**

  3. Don’t bash me for pointing this out. Even though I’m grateful and happy that CNBlue is being appreciated and praised amongst stars/idols, somehow I feel bad for FTIsland for being compared to CNBlue and sometimes gets ditched just because they had debuted loooooong time ago and CNBlue just did recently. *sigh*. Because someday it’s gonna be our boys’ turn to be forgotten and “lost” to some other new band groups in the next few years, I can’t begin to imagine how they would feel at that point and how WE would feel when that happens.

    It’s not like we can do anything to prevent that from happening because new groups being rapidly formed in Korean entertainment world waves after waves. I don’t even know if there is a day when my interest for CNBlue dies down or is shifted towards another group. Now that, is what scares me the most, because I know human heart is the most changeable and erratic thing of all.

    I am diverged from the topic again, ain’t I?

    Anyhow, I’m proud for CNBlue’s widely recognition. They deserve it.

    PS. No wonder why HT’s rating is low. Even Yonghwa’s fan (Jung Soon Young) doesn’t watch the drama. Wth!


    • Hi Catcher, I totally understand your sentiment. I cannot help but wonder the same sometimes. But I don’t know if FTisland is being compared to CNBlue in this particular piece of news. I love CNBlue, but I also like FTisland. I think CNBlue would not be so awesome if it were not FTisland who break the ice for them in this industry. I also think FnC learned from mistakes and improved on CNBlue (I know many Primadonna, even FTisland’s own Hongki once expressed dissatisfaction with FnC for letting them be the lab rats of CNBlue.) They are good competition. FTisland topped Oricon daily chart, which CNBlue is yet to achieve (correct me if I am wrong). I don’t mind seeing more new bands to create a better band atmosphere for them, enabling them to perform live more rather than being forced to hand syncing. Also, I think bands are different from traditional dance and sing idol groups and would have a much longer life span. Let’s be together and support CNblue to be a grandpa band.

      p.s. I don’t want to see more of a mixture of dance and instrument playing(?) band. That tastes really odd and bad.

      • Speaking of which, did you by any chance mean the new girls band that have 2 versions for their debut song, one with instruments and one with all the weird dance moves? (can’t remember the name of the band, even if I did, I wouldn’t dare to say it out loud. lol.)

        Correct me if I’m wrong, I think CNBlue did top the orican daily chart once, but then my mind seems to make up things that my fangirl heart wants to sometimes, so, I don’t really know. Maybe our dear klaritia could help us out.

        Ah, and thanks for being on the same page as I am. It means a lot. Not sure if you’ve noticed there are either you, me, looby or klaritia talking/typing to each other around here. Hm, consider the hits of this blog, this is one scary place with all the lurkers. lmao.


  4. The highest Oricon daily chart position is #2, reached by their third single, RE-MAINTENANCE. It’s #1 on the weekly indie singles chart.
    I actually don’t know if the hits are high just looking at the numbers. I just know the hits go up quite obviously since you guys come talking to me this often. People come to read your comments, not my posts! LOL
    Or the readers don’t speak English? I just asked for Spanish translation of a certain comment. And all the comments on my dailymotion channel are Spanish!
    Enjoy chit-chatting to new friends but I do miss my old friends (you know I mean you if you read this!)

    • Oh, my apology for coming to your blog THIS often. It’s hard to find kind souls that simply look at Yonghwa for who he is, not who they want him to be. Not sure if that makes sense to you.
      I’ve started to hate coming to drama blogs that praise HT for its currently revived script. They totally ignored “our” Yonghwa and bluntly stated he sucked (or his acting skills to be precise), but at least they kinda stopped bringing Kiyong into the picture, clearly because the drama isn’t heading to KY-GW-LS direction for now.

      On a side note, I’m happy that after the drama we’ll get to see more of CNBlue through their concert, at the same time worried for their health, especially Yonghwa’s and Minhyuk’s. I wouldn’t mind rewatching their Listen the blue and Zepp tour DVDs for the umpteenth time and let the boys rest more. *sigh*

      Speaking of your blog hits, I don’t know if it’s considered high or not. I simply look at the comments floating around and boy, I have to say, you have some serious lurkers. lmao.

      And, English or Spanish or whatnots, a simple “thank you” would be nice eh? *wink*


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