The boy who winks, fakes dimples, and more

A fan’s little brother was at Heartstrings filming location. He managed to go near to Yonghwa and shake hands with him. The boy said, “Hyung, you’re so handsome!” Yonghwa ‘replied’ with a wink. 😉 I wish I witnessed that but I can totally imagine the scene. Just in case you have never seen Yonghwa wink, I dug up a gif that I made so long ago …

At the Hongkong showcase interview, while Jonghyun was showing everybody the part of his body that he thinks look most attractive (dimples), Yonghwa had this face!

(Photo by j-essieip @

Don’t you love playful Yonghwa?!

I think the Heartstrings drama team love playful Yonghwa too. They released these pics of him behind the scene … the mischievous face!!! I want a video of that.

A Heartstrings spokesperson: “Even with the gloomy weather and tight schedule, Jung Yonghwa is always smiling, cheering up fellow actors with his warm heart.”

This is a must-read for anybody who ‘loves Yonghwa as who he is and wants him to be as happy as a lark every day’. ‘I am happy to hear Yonghwa was happy today.‘ (posted by saturn on the Yonghwa soompi thread).

Another Heartstrings filming fan account. The fruit market scene. Kyuwon bought a watermelon. Yonghwa (as Shin of course) was supposed to grab the watermelon from her hands and carry for her instead (Shin-style chivalry). Yonghwa was careless and dropped the watermelon which smashed into pieces. A fan watching at the side shouted, “Oppa, that’s okay. I’ll pay for the watermelon.” He’s someone who makes fans say those kind of things.

(Zillion thanks to littlemo莫 and cnpink @ weibo for Chinese translation of tidbits)

You have any thoughts reading this post?

6 thoughts on “The boy who winks, fakes dimples, and more

  1. wahh..i envy that boy!
    he was really lucky! those fake dimples is so cute!
    im happy to hear that he’s happy while filming..
    well, whenever he’s happy i’m definitely happy!

    gotta say, i’m absolutely fine that he’s not the most handsome in the group but there’s something that he got that draws us,fans attracted to him. he has that factor that eventhough we know that he aint perfect we still love him no matter what. and i’m loving the pics where he some sorta stalk or playing hide n seek with someone. havent seen that side of him for a while.

  2. Yonghwa is the ultimate package: playful, funny, charismatic, responsible, manly and sexy!! He is cute as a pie. And I really want to pinch his face! Just as Jill said, he might not be the most handsome among all but his personality pulls us in.

    He can never hide his emotions. His face tells all. It’s really been a long time since I see his playful and mischievous side after WGM ended. That’s definitely not because he ever changed but he appears as a CNBlue leader and Lee Shin to us. Sigh, I am so far away across the globe from him. I really wish I can go to the blue storm concert to be mesmerize by him and our follow CNBlue boys >_<

  3. The same as you guys! I missed him being like that since WGM days! We miss you a lot YONG! There’s something w/yong that make you stared him, like he is the only one on the stage..

    Can anyone give me link to any live performance of CNBLUE?

    I wish to come in Korea as early as September but its impossible – i just hope my plan on December will push through.. 😀 Fighting CNBLUE for your coming CONCERT!

  4. I know I haven’t contributed (with my comments) much except for those which are HT related. So here I am, better late than never. XD

    I just watched this so-called news: that claims our YongYong ranks first as the top brainy idol by Arirang. Hm, I wonder what criteria they used to put him on that spot, not that I’m complaining. The one thing they fail to explain why Jung Yonghwa was ranked first is the reason. I think it’s not explicit enough to persuade others, who aren’t Yonghwa’s fan, that he is indeed a smart individual.

    Anyway, may I add to your title a few more words?

    The boy who winks, fakes dimples, and ranks first in Top 5 Brainy Idol Stars.

    Sounds super cool eh?


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