Hearts do that sometimes, all on their own …

Shin just doesn’t care what Seokhyun and Kyuwon think, he’s in Seokhyun’s car on the way home. Seokhyun asks if they had a fight, for the vibe seems so odd.

Shin is so worried that Kyuwon’s grandpa will beat her up or something. He even asks if he should rush in if Kyuwon screams.

And he keeps reminding Seokhyun that he’ll be late for the show that he’s supposed to go watch with Yoonsu. Obviously he wants to keep Kyuwon to himself!

Shin’s little sister is curious if ‘pumpkin’ was doing good at the audition. Shin says she’s good but asks his little sister not to call her ‘pumpkin’ anymore. He even asks her to imagine how she’d feel if someone called her that. Ouch!

She doesn’t know her brother’s heart has been stolen … for she doesn’t get to see this smile.

How convenient it is that he lives next door to her!

Kyuwon is totally surprised when her stalker Shin calls her.

He shows his concern asking if her grandpa was too angry last night.

When she shows the face which means: “Why are you following me?” He pretends to be angry, asking: “Whose fault is it that I left my bike in the school last night?”

Dear Shin, who asked you to get on Seokhyun’s car? The lamest excuse ever to follow a girl!

The waiting at the bus stop reminds them anything?

Shin’s instinct is to neglect everybody else other than his loved ones? So this means Kyuwon’s status has changed!

Stalking Kyuwon is so much fun that Shin even whistles as he walks into the class room.

I wonder if he usually greets others or even bother to look at his classmates, for his classmates seem so surprised … or because he walks like he’s got wings?

The funniest thing is when his bandmate asks: “Why do you come? You haven’t classes today.” Shin replies with the lamest excuse: “I just want to listen to the teacher today.”

Though Shin is in a good mood, he doesn’t know Kyuwon has had bad times being humiliated by Heeju and scolded by Seokhyun for being arrogant and not serious about the musical.

Does he know that he actually smiles whenever Kyuwon appears in front of him now? But he just can’t stand Kyuwon not seeing him at all. He stops her, saying, “At least pretend that you know me.” Kyuwon tells him that she’s in a bad mood. She even says she isn’t going to the joint practice in the afternoon. Shin is disappointed about that or can’t stand her being so indifferent to him. They have a fight and end up with the ‘consensus’ that they’d better not see each other for the whole day. Shin storms off angrily.

I need to crown Professor Hung the official Cupid for this drama. Just as they think they won’t see each other, the professor called them to their office for a little chat about the progress of the rock crosses gukak music piece they are working on. Shin tells the professor that they’ve tried playing together and the music sounds great.

Professor says if Shin says it’s good, it must be good and wants to listen to them play ASAP. Kyuwon explains that she and the Windflower girls have taken their seniors’ place to some performance and can’t go for the planned practice. Professor asks Shin to go watch them (to have more exposure to gukak and help carry the instruments).

We’re so used to seeing Shin’s longing gazes when he watched Yoonsu some time before. But am I imagining things? These eyes have more stars …

He should have joined Kyuwon dancing instead of sitting there watching. The old ladies have sharp eyes or maybe he’s the only handsome guy at the venue … they literally jump to him, fighting with each other to hold his hands for the so-called dancing! πŸ™‚

Everybody just likes humiliating Yonghwa, about his not able to dance?! Even the PD of this drama. Who dances better? You be the judge.

I can see Yonghwa Shin is totally embarrassed.

The old and the young go have some good food and nice wine. That’s Shin’s look watching Kyuwon eating and drinking. He’s worried that she’ll throw up again or get drunk?The old man asks him to have some wine but he explains he doesn’t drink. The old man says he should try and insists that he have some. Kyuwon says she’s the ‘Black Rose’ (some legendary heroine?) and will drink on behalf of the ‘Black Knight’. Shin’s embarrassed and worried at the same time.

Back to school, Shin finds Kyuwon sitting on the stairs, looking strange.

Do all drunken people say funny things or things they dare not say when they’re sober? “Here comes Lee Shin. Someone I like.” Kyuwon even does this as she says, “Lee Shin, the fool.”

(Moving) picture speaks louder than words. These will show Lee Shin’s heart!

I think a K drama love story needs at least one piggyback ride scene.

“This Lee Shin … I’ve said I’ll forget him … why does he keep walking around in front of me?” This smile means he’s decided to walk around in front of her even more!

Oh, my. Shin even puts her on her bed! Only if grandpa isn’t home … I can totally imagine him stealing a kiss … something he’s good at!

Too many Shin smiling caps already? One more isn’t too many. He left Kyuwon’s house with a smile.

Mother is mother. She sees something different on his face.

“I wonder who’s the lucky girl.” … “You look so bright lately. I’m so glad.”

He has his bike with him. What’s the excuse waiting for her this time?

To remind her that she’s so drunk last night, saying crazy things and being so heavy on his back. His back hurt so much that he needed three pain relief patches to ease the pain. I’ve asked this question before: Is taxi so difficult to find in Seoul? Or too expensive for students?

As he plays cool walking away after throwing those comments, the smile on his face totally betrayed him.

He needs another excuse to appear in front of her. “I read these but don’t understand. Please summarize the main points for me.” He spits a chain of sentences explaining why she must do that (within today before the joint practice). They make no sense to me but they make sense to Kyuwon. πŸ˜‰

Making her angry is still something funny for him!
Just the two of them in the practice place. I think Shin’s really become interested about gukak. He asks Kyuwon about the gayageum. Maybe Kyuwon looks even more charming when enthusiastically talking about music. Shin listens attentively and Kyuwon feels so good too … but their companions arrive ‘too early’ … they share these embarrassed looks.

The boys and girls have planned a surprised birthday party for Kyuwon. While they’re having fun, Shin feels so uneasy or jealous that the others can be so close to Kyuwon.

Kyuwon really knows how to break the ice. It’s her revenge time anyway! She chases after Shin, trying to smear cake cream on his face. If we can know what actually happens!

The others just know how to leave space and time for the two together. Shin gets to say ‘Happy birthday’ to Kyuwon as they’re leaving. Only the birthday wish results in an accident. And Kyuwon ended up in the hospital. Shin feels so sorry and guilty for all this. He even tells Kyuwon’s grandpa that it’s all his fault. That’s ironic: he says something nice to Kyuwon to cause her the accident.

But Kyuwon makes use of this to take revenge. She asks Shin to tell her jokes.

The jokes are actually funny but of course she won’t admit that and uses Shin’s own words to humiliate him in return (the jokes are lame, he’s got no sense of humor, blah blah blah). Karma.

Even I have become suspicious of Seokhyun’s concern for Kyuwon. Shin wants to stay looking after Kyuwon but Seokhyun says one is enough and he will be the one. But the nurse says neither can stay for they aren’t next of kin and they are male.

Seokhyun and Shin have a coffee chat. About Shin’s progress on the arrangement of the musical ending piece. Seokhyun tells Shin that the composer is very picky and arrogant and he’s the composer himself. And he somehow talks about Kyuwon’s having the power to make people around her ‘put their weapons down’. I can see Shin totally agrees with that. He acts like he’s thinking this: “This guy knows her and likes her. He wants to check on her before leaving. I need to do the same.”

Shin goes to see Kyuwon the next morning. Only to see her bed empty.

He looks for her and finds her.

Kyuwon says she’s fine and he doesn’t have to come visit her. Bad Shin has to win whenever possible and tells her that he comes for extra lesson!

Shin just enjoys looking at Kyuwon’s face listening to her explain the gukak stuff. He makes her do that three times!

But gukak stuff is still boring to him? He dozes off!

The band boys and gukak girls ask for an explanation. He has his prop handy.

It’s Junhee’s idea. The firework party. Heeju is a fool to not like Junhee who loves her so much.

According to the news, the actors were having a great time shooting the scene. So happy for them.

But nobody actually plays fireworks in school! Time to run …

I’m sure Shin’s heart is too full of emotions up to this point. He really needs to be honest with his feelings at this moment.

He said this two times! “About your liking me … don’t stop.” Confession, Lee Shin style.

Sparks in his eyes and fireworks in the background. That not enough to melt her heart? According to the preview, Shin’s rejected? Reason: we’re only on episode 8.


I’m explaining Shin’s change in attitude towards Kyuwon with my post title. If I really need to give further explanation, I’d say since he met with his father, he’s been changing gradually, towards everybody around him. Maybe his father’s death has really inspired him on a lot of things. Real people do change. Explanations not possible sometimes.

18 thoughts on “Hearts do that sometimes, all on their own …

  1. Thanks for your screencaps and explanation for Shin’s sudden changed attitude towards Gyuwon. I’d say your post would persuade a lot of people that such changes were inevitably the results of Gyuwon’s suppressed love for Shin. Not that I’m 100% convinced though. Lol. But hey, who am I to argue with a 16-episode drama? It’s not like the drama could afford any more delay in LS-GW love story now given its ratings and viewers’ complains?

    The only thing that bugs me big time in this episode is the director’s unnecessary concern for Gyuwon. It feels a bit forced from my view. Maybe his role is to stir some jealousy from Shin, but if not executed carefully, hm…

    I really don’t wish to watch another side story like the one in Coffee Prince where the second actor (the one with the huge white dog) develops feelings for the lead (Eunhye). That typical scenario shouldn’t reoccur in this drama because it doesn’t seem fit. But well, it’s up to the director.

    I hope the weather in Korean is getting better.


  2. I am really looking forward for your post! And you are better in understanding both and make this drama really sweet to death! And I’m going crazeyyyy over your caption gif! And i am really wanna learn how to do this so that in future I can show you mine!. By the way, you are daebak!! and the most great fans of Yonghwa so far! Thanks for your post and I’m looking for the next!

    • Thank you. I just happen to be a very noisy fan, while most Yonghwa fans are quiet.
      Believe me, gif making is easy. Check out the tutorial/tip category for my tutorials. You’ll be an expert in no time.

  3. Hey…thanks for the recaps πŸ™‚ Yeah, I do feel – like Catcher says – a little stalkerish on this blog too and am trying my hardest to stay away but I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut when it comes to Yonghwa so………. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, here’s my two cents. I don’t think Shin changed. It’s more like he is now warmer to Kyuwon like how he is to his mother and sister and to Yoonsu previously. I think he’s always has this tender and caring side to him – only he chooses, in his own time, to show it to those dear to him. My issue in Ep7 was how come this ‘warmth’ came out all of a sudden after he had coldly ignored her for the past 6 episodes. But, I’m okay with it now because I’m still seeing this gradual affection and love coming from him. Gosh, I don’t even know if i’m making sense.

    As for love triangle, please, no more of that. Not LS-KW-KY, LS-KW-SH or KW-LS-YS. It’s taken Shin and Kyuwon so long to get to this almost falling-in-love stage, I’ll really tear my hair out if I have to endure another 3rd party between them. Instead, I hope the PD will focus on their bond and how they overcome issues with their families or with their music.

    Love all your screencaps. I’m amazed how you always managed to capture the right expression everytime?

    • I tell you what, I’m stalking my own blog for you guys’ comments! Please keep coming … I’ve been lonely for long enough.
      Capture the right expression? Just pause the vid and strike couple of keys. πŸ™‚

  4. Love your blog post title, it say everything that need to be said… the heart wants what the heart wants, right? sometimes you just don’t try to make any sense of it…but just follow it.
    And when Lee Shin said ” about you liking me.. don’t stop” (*sigh*, this guy really know how to make girl’s heart flutter and confused at the same time) , he just following his heart… like you had beautifully written == “I’m sure Shin’s heart is too full of emotions up to this point. He really needs to be honest with his feelings at this moment” ==.
    My heart is also full of emotions right know, bcoz of this drama… πŸ˜€

  5. OMG!!! I love episode 8….. Mah favorite one! Esp the confession scene :”> Hope to see more Kyu Won-Lee Shin sweet moment in next episode πŸ™‚ Love the couple ❀

  6. kkk,

    I love SHINNNNN…………….. eeeeeeeeeee he is mine! Definitely.

    I know that this is such a bashing comment, but this is how I hope they develop the characters, just like an old time ~~~~
    Thanks anway

  7. I love your writing (strikes a cord with me), I love your screencaps (so preeeety), I love your gifs (captures the essence of the moment) and I love your post titles (so thoughtful… almost profound!). Opps… I meant to fangirl about the show, but I ended up fangirling over your posts!

    Ehem.. *clears throat*… back to my original point, I absolutely love this drama. It (and Yong Hwa) has exceeded my expectations! (yet again!)

    • Sooo flattered.
      I just know I love doing all these. πŸ™‚ Absolutely love the drama and Lee Shin too. And Yonghwa-as-Lee-Shin has made me appreciate Yonghwa even more!

  8. I’m rather late to comment that entry πŸ™‚ First, thank you for your review!
    I like the ep, of course πŸ˜€ and I miss YongHwa so much. I almost saw him when Lee Shin was telling the jokes, but then Lee Shin quickly came back and kicked YH out! (I’m talking quite silly now!)

    In my opinion, it’s not difficult to understand why there is such a change in Lee Shin’s attitude towards KyuWon.
    For my explanation, Lee Shin is not a bad guy who is coldly treats all the girls around him. He was annoyed by his fangirls, who just notice his look not his music, so he put up a wall to protect himself from them. KyuWon is someone different. She annoyed him in the entertaining way… it’s like sometimes you want to tease s.o because their reactions are very fun to watch, very cute. I think Shin found it’s really fun to “bully” KyuWon. Like that, somehow KyuWon has become a part of his life, she attached to his daily routine: the coffee, the practice… At that time, Shin might have developed some feelings for KyuWon already…. yeap, I strongly think he did. (PROOF: He cared for her >> he remembered her coffee, bought her coffee to say sorry, explained reasons for his actions…) However, Lee Shin didn’t realized that because he was out-shadowed by his love to Ms. Professor.
    I think one of the most important incidents that made Shin fall for her is when he was in break down with his first love’s rejection, KyuWon was there for him. She awkwardly witnessed his failed confession, but luckily it somehow made him more comfortable with her. (nothing else to hide :D) She showed her care for him which he quietly appreciated. (I always love that rain scene)
    I don’t know much about love, but I think when someone being there for you just to make sure you are ok; I can’t help but fall for this person.

    Therefore, I don’t think the warm looks Shin gave KyuWon lately are impossible to understand. It’s kind of subtle development of feelings, which now has its turn to show.
    However, it’s only us -viewers to witness those looks, Shin was still hiding it away from KyuWon. I think it explained why she was so confused about his “kind of confession” to her ;;)

    Again, thanks for review! Hope you don’t mind my long comment and my lame explanation. (I just can’t help it )

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts too. πŸ™‚
      Yonghwa is so good being Lee Shin; we fans are missing Yonghwa even we see him twice on TV every week. The feeling of ‘I miss you’ when seeing the person is the worst version of ‘I miss you’!

  9. aw thanks for the write up.. i have this as my “preview” cos the streaming site is kind of “harsh” on me T-T … i kinda agree with the plot (reason) of shin changing after he met his father .. but i just hope that it is more obviously shown in the drama ..lol.. is it bad script writer or just cos i m a bad viewer who cant see it … please continue to write ..
    PS: please also continue to update on your HS DL page … will stalk it during weekends … THANKS!!

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