Rejected. Still so in love. Starts all over?

Shin’s confession is so sincere to us fans but not to Kyuwon. “Do you like me?” She doesn’t expect Shin to answer anyway. “You don’t like me but still want me to like you? I think there should be a limit being narcissistic.” I’m sure Shin didn’t expect her reaction and is thus totally lost for words.

Kyuwon is so angry that she calls Bowon to ask her to bring her back to the hospital right away.

Shin is so confused and frustrated riding on his bike heading home.

His little sister needs his autographs (you still remember Shin is totally a celebrity to many?) for she’s used up her allowance.

Shin can’t help asking: “If a girl hears a boy say ‘don’t stop liking me’ to her, what will be her reaction?”
“She’ll surely say ‘Who likes you?’ … Oppa, that’s not the way to win a girl’s heart.”
“I didn’t say it’s me.”

I just love this brother and sister pair. They know each other so well and help each other out.

He can’t sleep at all. For he keeps thinking about what Kyuwon said … he’s asking her to like him even though he doesn’t like her. He’s puzzled about: does he like her? or why does she think he doesn’t like her?

Musical rehearsal. Seokhyun shows them how to sing like you’re deeply in love, rather than to sing to please the audience. Everybody’s touched, including Shin, who can’t help thinking about the moments he has Kyuwon around him. “… I want to go back to the past … now I know … this is love …”

Shin overhears Bowon tell the other girls that Kyuwon was mad at him.

So Shin realizes Kyuwon was really mad but he just can’t stop himself from wanting to see Kyuwon. He goes to the hospital for more ‘tuition’.

Kyuwon’s pride was too hurt, so she sounds all mean saying Shin has a bad brain and so on. Shin has his pride too, he’s the narcissistic prince after all. He says he needs her help no more and left.
He’s so mad that he tells the other boys that he’ll work on the musical thing himself. End of their collaboration with the gukak girls.

Junhee is very disappointed and somehow brings up Kyuwon’s summarizing gukak in a few cool words. Then Shin remembers how cool Kyuwon was explaining gayageum things to him the other day.

Kyuwon’s dad and grandpa are bringing Kyuwon home. Shin runs into them outside her house. Kyuwon’s dad is happy that he finally sees her daughter’s (narcissistic) prince.

Grandpa asks Shin to go inside, for he thinks Shin needs help understanding gukak. Kyuwon tells Shin that it’s okay that he doesn’t want to; she can make some excuse for him. Shin says he doesn’t want to upset Kyuwon’s grandpa and thinks he can help him more than Kyuwon can. Why does he keep being mean? Maybe he doesn’t know himself.

Poor Shin, Grandpa tells his proud history starting when he’s 14. His legs are all painful already and it seems Grandpa’s talk isn’t interesting at all.

Kyuwon wants Grandpa to talk till when he’s 30 but she doesn’t hate Shin that much. She goes for Shin’s rescue when he’s just up to 20-year-old things.

When leaving, Shin asks if Kyuwon will go to the MT trip. Kyuwon lies.

Kyuwon just won’t leave Shin’s head now. Even looking at her notes reminds him of her face and voice.

Shin is all surprised when he sees Kyuwon coming out of her house. He doesn’t like her lying to him at all. So more bickering.

When waiting for everybody else, Shin stares at Kyuwon, who’s a little uneasy but angry at the same time.

Shin actually asks to sit next to the boys. But they don’t let him (saving the seat for Yoonsu). So he has ‘no choice’ but sit next to Kyuwon. And he has to tell her that he has no choice!

Shin sees Yoonsu at the camp site and wants to just walk away. But Yoonsu stops him, talks about the weather, asks about the music arrangement thing, most importantly, tells hims that she’s glad that he looks so bright lately. Shin apologizes for his causing her much trouble in the past. So both are cool about what has passed.

Seriously, Shin likes to be around Kyuwon but he can’t control himself or what? I really don’t know how to describe this nonsense bickering.

But Seokhyun’s assistant (sorry that I forgot his name) finds them and makes them buy watermelons in the market. I think Shin is happy. He stands up right away.

Seokhyun and Yoonsu see them go for the car. Seokhyun tells Shin to carry all the heavy stuff for Kyuwon.

Yoonsu says to Seokhyun later that she thinks Shin likes Kyuwon. But Seokhyun seems not very keen about the idea.

In the market. They walk at least 10 steps apart most of the time and that’s how Shin ‘loses’ Kyuwon.

He’s so anxious looking around for her, only to find her being so happy getting a good bargain for a watermelon.

“You don’t know I had a hard time looking around for you?” He doesn’t care about her explanation, grabs the watermelon and walks away.

In the car. “Weren’t you hurt? I’m so worried that you’ll get hurt again.” “I’m not the kind that gets hurt every day.”

He then orders her to lie down, because that way she won’t feel the pain so much. Is yelling to a girl a way to win her heart? I bet he doesn’t care now. He just wants her to be safe and sound.

Yoonsu and Seokhyun are worried about our couple. When they finally show up, Shin put the watermelon in the kitchen and leaves without words. Seokhyun asks why they look like they had a fight or something. Kyuwon briefly explains and left. Seokhyun blames Shin for being angry at Kyuwon for such a small thing. Yoonsu points out Shin isn’t angry, but worried.

At the eating place, Kyuwon wants to be nice to Shin but he is still very angry.

Kyuwon is to dance together with the Windflower girls but Shin stops her grabbing her hand.

So they go to the back of the audience to watch instead. When everybody is so crazy singing and dancing on stage, Shin says, “Don’t get hurt. I’ll be worried.”

I just love how everything suddenly becomes quiet in the background, like these words are the only sound out there at this moment.

Somebody gives Shin a guitar and asks him to sing. Shin sings, turning his face towards Kyuwon from time to time, “Lucky that I’m in love with my best friend … lucky to have been where I have been …” Confession, Lee Shin style. Aww …

Kyuwon gets that or not? But she chooses to run away, volunteering to get the watermelon for everybody. Shin follows, finds her twisting an ankle.

He almost does says something important … but Bowon finds them. Damn! Bowon usually knows what to do in such situations. But she’s just not herself today (because of the makeup and everything?), she asks Shin to get the watermelon and she accompanies Kyuwon away.

Of course both Shin and Kyuwon can’t sleep. We can guess what’s bothering them. Shin gets up and before he leaves the room, he looks at himself in the mirror. He needs to take a good look of himself … like he doesn’t know his own self very well.

Finally, just the two of them, in a quiet place. Night time has its own magic. Shin is doing this nice/mean/nice thing to Kyuwon again. But not that much and his face is different compared to that in the daytime.

A little chat about making wishes.
“What’s your wish?”
“A secret. I’m saving it for the time I see meteor rain.”
“Maybe I should make a wish too.”
“What do you wish for?”
“My secret.”
“You’re just copying me.”
So out of the blue, Shin asks for Kyuwon’s hand … and holds her hand!!!

“Do you want to know my wish?”
She nods.
“My wish is … that you’ll like me all over again.”

Thump. Thump. Thump. Whose heart is that?


Do you love how this episode has somehow gone back to the original track? Though we still see a lot of our lovely couple, it’s balanced with lots of little stories in the background. I just love this particular scene when Seokhyun asks the actors to shout their dreams out loud on stage. “Make your dream as big as possible. Even if it shatters, the broken pieces are bigger.”

PS Kinda busy today and did this in a rush. So, no cool title and I think the writing is particularly lousy (all my writing quite lousy anyway). Please bear with me.

21 thoughts on “Rejected. Still so in love. Starts all over?

  1. Thump. Thump. Thump. Whose heart is that? …. ==> mine.. and 1000 others girls.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ … Shin ah… so in love with him and the drama right now…
    I agree with you, Shin facial expression that night (the 2nd confession night) was kind of different..more playful..kinda reminds me to the real yonghwa.. hehehe.. :D.

    Thanks for your post, as always πŸ˜€

  2. Hi, It’s me again. Thanks for your review because it has cleared up many things in this ep for me.
    This ep is sweet and nice, It has become such a sweet drama since ep 8. I’m glad that viewers seemed to enjoy the drama more and more.
    For me, I was little confused by Shin’s action in this ep (when I watched the raw one) He seemed to change his mood rather quickly and I had no ideas what was really going on. I saw his worry towards her, the way he looked at her so tenderly, the longing look when he sang the song. However, I didn’t know what he said to her, and it messed me up, because it seemed that he was not able to express his feelings through his words perfectly. Somehow, I like the way he expressed his feelings,
    “Don’t stop liking me”; β€œMy wish is … that you’ll like me all over again.”
    It’s how Shin really is, he is the narcissistic prince after all.
    (And it did remind me of Jang Guen Suk’s character in YAB with his confess : “I allowed you to like me”; people used to go crazy for this! :D)
    I adore JunHee and Heejoo couple as well, they are just too cute together (MinHyuk :X)
    Thanks again!
    P.s: There’s something that really distracted me in that ep. It’s JongHyun: his cameo in BGM “I will forget you” and especially when YongHwa sang “Lucky”.
    1 more thing: it made me feel a little awkward when I saw LeeShin and KyuWon sweet scenes.. (don’t know why!)

    • I immediately recognized Jonghun’s voice when it started to play in the background and wasn’t able to concentrate on the plot for a whole minute! >_< Guess I know those boys too well to be immersed.

      Though Yonghwa played quite well in those sweet scenes, I also feels a bit 'funny' when I was watching it. Damn, that's the drawback when you know too much of who he is!

  3. Thanks for this Klaritia… my hunger for Episode 9 is soo much that I can hardly take it. T__T
    We need subs.. Chi-subs are fast.. now, I regret for not continuing my studies at Chinese school when am half Chinese, can’t blame anyway.. the Chinese community in our place disbanded. I’m only up to Grade 3 in Chinese school. I moved at RVM school afterwards.. T___T

    Anyway, Shin is soooo mean but sweet. OMG! Is there a man like him nowadays??? Can anybody introduce him to me? LOL..

    The tactics are so sweet though confusing.. that’s why the story is getting more interesting… OMG.

    How can Lee Shin waste a wish? LOL.

  4. I swear, if I had been within Yonghwa’s age group, I would have flown to Seoul and make him marry me. LOL! Unfortunately, I’m not. Everything he did in Ep9 is so swoon-worthy. Those lingering gazes, those sparkling eyes, that smile and that voice! When he sang Lucky in that voice of his, I melted (there were some pronunciation issues but only very, very minimal and in only one line. The rest was pure magic). Okay, that was for Yonghwa. Now for Shin….
    I like this guy and his character. He goes after what he wants and he doesn’t beat around the bush. He may have problems articulating what he really means but his intention is always clear. Love the senseless bickering, the care and concern and finally the ‘almost confession’. The scenes were so well done and well acted that when I was watching (even without subs), I could feel the tension in the air. During the part where Kyuwon sprained her ankle and Shin was helping her with their faces almost touching, I actually felt like I should close my eyes just so I could give them some privacy πŸ™‚ The same can be said for the part where Shin sang Lucky and the ending where they were talking in the moonlight. I felt like an intruder. And seriously, since when has hand-holding become so sweet? In these modern times where some people regard holding hands between a boy and a girl as ‘nothing’, Shin and Kyuwon brought back all the romance attached to it. I have to admit, I come from the generation where if a guy holds your hand for the first time, it means he likes you and your heart will go thump, thump, thump. Thanks to Heartstrings, I’m able to relive that moment again vicariously through Shin and Kyuwon.
    I’m sure all the females who watched Heartstrings last night wish they have a Shin in their lives. I know I do πŸ™‚

    • I guess we are not only on the same page for Yonghwa but also maybe at the same age group! When I first held hands with a boy, the whole world disappeared in front of me and all I could hear were my heartbeats. And when he tried to kiss me, I asked the stupidest question ever — “what are you trying to do?” I swear I didn’t know what kiss is at the time. πŸ˜›

      On Shin, I was attracted to those ‘narcissistic prince’ who cannot seem to express love directly. Now, ok, thank you, he is made for Kyuwon or girls at her age, I just want ones like Yonghwa who are so emotional and direct. XD

      • I don’t want to be an impolite intruder, but here I am anyways XD. I just can’t help staying away from this blog and your comments. LOL big time at myself.

        Ok, back to HT, somehow I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like this episode. Not that I hate it or anything. Never mind.

        I agreed with some of you here that in this episode, we could see a little bit of Yonghwa here and there whenever Shin was being playful/conceited towards Gyuwon. I guess we DO know a little too much of who he really is eh?

        And in some other scenes I just couldn’t help but shifting my eyes away from the scenes. The stares, the glances, the bickering are too much for my taste. They weren’t badly executed to be honest, but I don’t know, I guess I’m too old to enjoy those sweet moments in K-dramas. And frankly speaking, I don’t find the drama THAT exceptional anymore, but it doesn’t mean it’s not good. Maybe it’s me that changed, not the drama.

        I sincerely hope with the direction HT is going, more and more people would watch and feel its attraction. I know Yonghwa deserves his recognition, in his own way.

        Till next time everyone.


        PS. I’m still very much bothered with SH’s preposterous interest in GW, despite what everyone’s saying about SH-GW-LS love line. I feel bad for YS. I really do. It’d be wrong on so many levels if he liked GW romantically. Or maybe, it’s just me.

      • Oh, I’m sorry fot not commenting on how great Yonghwa’s acting is getting at. Can’t believe it’s the same guy from YAB days o_O

        Oh, to Looby and Yuki, I’m glad we’re on the same age group. When we first held hands I felt like the world was stopping and there were just us *sigh*. Gone, are those days!

  5. with so many other songs, i’m suprised that he choose Lucky to confess his feeling. they have yet to become bestfriend. i wonder what the director tried to convey here..
    (or is it the confession from the real Yonghwa..LOL)
    nevertheless, i’m sooooooooooo in love with his version of Lucky..full of emotion,and the humming at the end of the song, make me replay it for millions time..
    thanks klaritia for your post=)

    • Jonghyun and Yonghwa duet ‘Lucky’ once. And fans burst into laughter when they sang ‘I think I am in love with my best friend’ πŸ˜€

      Jonghwa couple, LOL

      • Oooh….you just reminded me about that. I saw it once too. Think I shall go look for it and watch it again just for laughs πŸ˜›

      • woah guyssss, hold your horses. May I have the link to this presumably awesome/awkward duet? I missed it, apparently big time !!!

  6. On a totally separate thought, I must applaud the writers and PDs for changing the script to accommodate Shinhye’s condition and Seoul’s flood without losing the characters. That’s not a easy thing to do given the time crunch. I can also see that in recent episodes, they tried to boost the ratings by including more lovey dovey moment of the two leads. And yet they managed to not forget about the music and heart. I really liked that they let Seokhyun tell them to sing like you’re deeply in love, rather than to sing to please the audience and Seokhyun and Heejoo’s conversation on a similar topic. That’s exactly the reason why I am attracted to Yonghwa’s songs and performances.

  7. Catcher…hmmm, for some reason, I can’t seem to reply to your post. Anyway…..

    Well, glad to read your two cents on this episode. I find that you always bring a different perspective to things instead of fangirling like I usually do πŸ™‚

  8. Thankyou so much klarita for your great recap,.i really love this drama and im inlove with yonghwa.heheh.i can see yonghwa’s acting is daebak, his eyes is very expressive,.
    so excited for the next episode. thanks

  9. Wow wow wow … very interesting discussion here. Thank you all. πŸ™‚

    I wonder if there are still people bashing Yonghwa’s acting up to this point. I couldn’t care less if there’s any. I even think the riding on the bike scene looking all confused and frustrated is something.

    I don’t like the idea of the Seokhyun-Kyuwon love line, but it seems inevitable. Grandpa sees him as ‘one of the two candidates’; he’s too MUCH skinship with Kyuwon; he doesn’t look happy seeing Shin and Kyuwon together; Seokhyun’s enemies are planning for some scandal about his affairs with actresses …

    • lol at the part “lucky I am in love with my best friend. Perhaps it never occurred to them that way you know? two choding guys!

      Tks klaritia.


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