Heartstrings 08 & 09 music cuts and a rip

I’m not sorry for repeating myself: love how the drama incorporates music to tell the stories.

Not sure about the song title. What about? “I love … crybaby” (the episode title actually) [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Your two beautiful eyes are full of tears
What sadness you have that you’re crying?
I hate the tears that I see falling in front of me
Seeing you like this, my heart aches so much
I’ll surround your pain with my love
Wiping your tears with both my hands
I love you as always
Your sadness is my sadness too
Let us share it together

Now smile a smile

Haebanara remix 2 [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Seokhyun sings ‘Love’ playing the piano [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

It’s from the musical Love Rides Rain.

It’s deep in the night
Today time passes as usual
In my empty heart
There starts a lonely fire
That me in the past
How I used to be hesitant
Someday it will become mine
So unexpectedly
Today time passes as usual
The me that used to be unpredictable
My past position, the days when I know nothing about life
I want to go back
Now I finally understand
That’s love
Rainbow after the rain
Is right in front of me

“Song Chang Eui is popular musical actor. His fans say it’s his favorite song, he used to sing this song playing the piano at his fan meetings.” (saturn. @ soompi)

Shin sings ‘Lucky’ [720p avi | mp4 for iPhone | 320Kbps mp3]

CNBLUE sang this in a Japan concert (2010.06.26). Maybe Yonghwa just picked something he likes. I think I tend to analyze the drama too much. It’s probable that Shin actually treated Kyuwon as his best friend. She’s seen the worst of him (a total loser crying in the rain). He likes her company in his own way. I actually like the idea that they become friends first before falling in love. Due to some reasons, the story is fast-forwarding to the falling-in-love part …

Edit: In case you haven’t listened to the JongHwa duet version, click.

5 thoughts on “Heartstrings 08 & 09 music cuts and a rip

  1. you could be right then Klaritia. maybe he already seen her as his bestfriend.
    or he just love Lucky so much…
    Jonghyun must feel betrayed then for Yonghwa sings this song to other girl too not just himself..LOL..just kidding.
    anyway,thank you for all this d/load link=)

  2. i kept saying the plot is too much for just 16 epi … fast forward cos it only has 16 epi and stil they need to have the big plot / scandal for the 100th anniv performance.. sigh

  3. Tks for the cuts klaritia. I esp. adore those mp4 cuts because I don’t have to manually convert them into my phone XD yay!

    On a small note, I’ve heard director Pyo isn’t coming back to resume his directing position for HT. Imagine how much it could hurt a director when your job is narrowly judged and criticized by unappreciative viewers. I guess we are really a minority in this world huh!


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