Heartstrings ep 10 preview with English subs

Thanks to kiwiwitch @ twitter for English translation! (Have also referred to baidu Hearstrings bar Chin translation, coz there’s a short line by Kyuwon not translated.)

If you don’t see the subs, hover mouse to top right, click ‘cc’ and click ‘EN’ in middle of video. Hard-subbed it. Why not? Too crazy anyway.

This excuse to hold a girl’s hand quite innovative. No?

17 thoughts on “Heartstrings ep 10 preview with English subs

  1. i feel all better after watching this preview! this is my perfect remedy for my fever!
    and the english sub makes everything better!
    thanks Klaritia!
    i suddenly went REALLY HYPER after watching this!

  2. So happy I found you….I’ve been looking for a site that will quench my thirst and satisfy my hunger for this drama. I’ve never fallen so in-love with a drama like what I’m feeling for Heartstrings! Thanks and keep posting……

  3. ahh..finally i found blogsite about yonghwa.what a fool.i’m your twitter follower but i dont know anything about your blog. i just found it now.aigoo~
    klaritia, we have the same bias πŸ™‚ i love ur blog. thanks for sharing. thanks for your hardwork. I LOVE CNBLUE. I LOVE YONGHWA!! πŸ™‚

  4. I feel like joining in the fun of spazzing but I don’t have anything intelligent to say. I’m just too busy grinning πŸ™‚ Thanks Klaritia.

    • Another episode with hearts and smiles all around. Thanks for hard subbing the preview klaritia. I guess you’re still on the moon waiting for episode 10? XD

      I second what Looby said. II don’t really have anything interesting that you guys didn’t know already to add, so I guess I’ll just sit in the dark and silently wait till Wednesday.

      I’m craving for more Yonghwa/LeeShin’s live singing scenes. What a waste of talent to have Yonghwa on the show and not showing the boy’s vocal, not to mention his composing ability too. *sigh*. We’ve only seen 1 freaking song of his so far. Arg, it’s irritating.


      • Yonghwa really needs to sing more in the drama! The production team really don’t know he used to sing so much in all those variety shows? Since Hunters/Eco House! He’s asked to play the guitar in ep 9 only and he chose to play n sing Lucky himself… Hope the team make use of what he’s GOOD at in coming episodes.

      • I’m hoping that the ending song for the 100th celebration that Shin is supposed to arrange will be awesome – something that can showcase Yonghwa’s singing and his musical talent. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be composed by Yonghwa.

  5. As usual I stumbled into blogs when googling stuff. Obviously I googled heartstrings ep 10 πŸ™‚
    Anyway, that reason to hold someone’s hand is quite innovative indeed… but yonghwa/lee shin doesn’t have to make up excuses to hold MY hand. LOL. I love him, I just ‘found’ him from You’re beautiful and how I rooted for him instead! And yes, love his voice, he should sing moreeee!

  6. Omg xD I can’t wait for ep 10 I’m sooo excited I can’t even sleep it’s like twelve am in here hehe xD

  7. And omg after this drama I hope she does a drama with lee hon gi becuz in your beautiful she did one with the mean dude and now hyung I hope Jeremy is next aiigoo I’m so excited hehe:)

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