CNBLUE Special DVD First Press Limited Package Edition – unpacked

Sorry for the long title; feel like making things explicit.

Bought this from HMV Japan. Product page. I pre-ordered it and with membership discount and so on, I paid 5760 yen for it. As shipping cost varies from country, you figure out if you feel like buying it. It’s costly compared to the concert DVDs. With their Japan agency announcing their having nothing to do with the production, everybody’s been suspicious of its content. I’m letting you know. Took photos of it and scanned the 10 postcards too.

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Disk 1 is all episodes of CNBLUETORY. Disk 2 contains MVs of ‘Loner’ and ‘Love’, plus various versions of ‘Loner’ and ‘Love’ as seen on Mnet Countdown, as well as some special stage clips, all from Mnet. As one of the fans who’ve been diligently collecting their performance videos since their debut, the DVDs got nothing new/exclusive. But I love to have good quality DVDs with a nice package documenting their debut story and refreshing stage performances. They were rookies who didn’t look like rookies at all. Owning those images in this form feels good. The postcards are nice.

The DVDs are Region 2. All the performances have 5.1 AC3 audio and they sound nice on my AV system. I just wish I read Japanese … too bad only Japanese subtitles available.

10 postcard scans zipped. 🙂

8 thoughts on “CNBLUE Special DVD First Press Limited Package Edition – unpacked

  1. OMG! this is heaven! when i saw the price like 7000 yen i hesitate to buy it! now after im seeing this….i could change my thought! eventhough its nothing new but its really nice!!

  2. It’s because of the price tag and the agency announcement that I decided not to jump in! Thanks for sharing!

    I am debating now….hoped that they have at least English sub for CNbluetory. Would be even better if they collect Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo performances in HD in addition to MCD.

  3. didn’t even heard about this package from my side of the globe. lol. the price is indeed a question, plus the extra charges, hm. indeed, indeed.

    i guess i’ll have to say no to this nice release since i don’t read Japanese either. and all thanks to klaritia for those nicely scanned postcard. yongyong is too cute from bluetory days. (probbly because he weighed more back then than he does now?)


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