Sing … kiss …

Two things that Yonghwa Shin is good at?

I stopped writing separate blog posts for each new batch of Heartstrings pics release since episode one aired. But I gotta do this again today!

From imbc drama site: (thanks to blue_jus7 @ twitter for translation!)

Shin’s singing just for that one person
Tting tong! Kyuwon receives a message from Shin
“You have to come to Carthasis today!”

Shin’s singing Kyuwon’s song just for Kyuwon, to kyuwon~
What will happen at Carthasis tonight…

The following comes with the BTS pics (English translation by me, based on Chinese translation by cnpink @ weibo)

Finally it’s the day filming our dooly couple’s kiss!! The two have been too close and that’s why since rehearsal, they couldn’t stop laughing. They used to be good actors who never NG. But Kyuwon laughed too much and so they ‘bobo-ed’ many times~ ^^ Please stay tuned for this week’s ‘Heartstrings’, for the dooly couple’s kiss scene!

Friends on my timeline are too busy fainting … and not talking to me. So I ended up commenting on my own twitpics, ‘recording’ what I said earlier too. 😉

A peck needs no NGs … a lingering kiss needs to be shot PERFECTLY.

Why is Yongyong SMILING? Because he’s kissed and kissed? LOL

His lips so red … Shinhye’s lipstick? Or kissed too many times??? LOLOL

These pics are from some news articles.


Edit: one more pic!

“I have to say I love you in a song” … but that song too ancient. Most properly no. Something that Shinhye Kyuwon likes?

19 thoughts on “Sing … kiss …

  1. STOP n STARE!
    omg! i just LOVEEE all the pics!
    I NEED NGs n BTS of this!!
    n please i want more n more KISS scenes! weheee
    *throws confetttiii*
    thanks Klaritia!!!

    • love it very muuuuuuccchhhh tooooooo…!! weehoooo….!! love their STOP n STARE…..!!! \^o^/ (jumping, rolling, giggling all over again) hehehehe

  2. waaaaa… the moment that we have been waiting for. Yonghwa & Shinhye, wae so many NGs? Enjoying it much ahahaha. Indeed that is a fast progress of Lee Shin and Kyu Won relationship development. Starting to date, hold hands, and kiss all in one day. Bravo Lee Shin.

    Thanks for the recap as always, klari.
    -Your loyal reader and fan-

  3. omoo..the mischievious smile,the bursting cheeks!
    and in most of the pictures, seems like his eyes are fixed on Kyu Won lips.
    can’t wait for tonight!!!!!
    they should release a BTS just like they did for coffee scene parody in YAB. Shin Hye giggles a lot in that one too.

  4. I didn’t know the word ‘giddy’ can be applied to me but it happened today 🙂
    Beautiful pics. Thanks Klaritia.

  5. When I learned of the KISS in twitter my smile became this wide.
    I can’t wait to watch this episode if for nothing else but to watch that scene. If they kiss from episode 10 -15 I won’t mind if they forgo episode 16. kekekeke (Okay not really I want episode 16 but if Yong can get more rest for their concert I’m fine with 15 episode too.)

  6. lot of NGs & YongHwa seems to enjoy them all, lol, NG on purpose huh? keke

    love your post & all the new/BTS pics
    btw, im your new reader, thanks for the hard work <3333

  7. OMG hahahaha I love your comments on these pics.. hahahahaha
    I hope they did enjoying filming this kinda awkward (not for us though) scene. hahahahah

  8. For some reasons, my hunch is telling me tonight’s so-called kiss is just gonna be a peck on the lips, probably longer than the usual K-drama one, but that’s it. No movements of the lips. No open mouths. Heck, even no right and left head titlings. Urgh!

    I mean, look at the setting for the kiss, millions eyes are watching (well, maybe a couple hundreds), plus the nice shinning lights and the nature of the this drama (it’s for young adults for goodness’s sake), I highly doubt if tonight’s kiss could fulfill MY desire for a proper kiss from Yonghwa. Meh, who I am kidding, he’s not that experienced in real life anyway. Sometimes I tend to forget he’s only 22. lmao.

    Perhaps we should give him a couple of years more? lol.

    Until tonight, my dear.


  9. Just finished ep 10 and discovered your blog. Very nice place. I’m a big fan of CN BLUE as well. I wasn’t into Korean drama or music until I watched ‘Goguma couple’ accidentally. It was an accident cuz i wasn’t going to watch the ‘childish’ imaginary marriage drama until this one accident click….I was then totally in love with them all… Then of course, CN BLUE…

    Because of them, i will be visiting Korea in less than two weeks…unfortunately, CN BLUE is going to air their biggest event of the year (BLUE STORM) concert just right after I leave Korea… 😦 but i’m sure i will see them some day…

    Keep it up…with CN BLUE spirit 🙂

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