I want to hold your hand; I want to be your man

We can only imagine what happened right after Shin’s confession. Aww …

Because we’re on the next day already. Shin is waiting for Kyuwon in front of her house again. He’s gonna do this each and every day?! Even his feet are ‘smiling’. And he whistles.

He asks if she feels alright … and then takes out his hand. Kyuwon thinks he wants to hold her hand. But as her hand almost touches his, he moves it away and says, “Your bag.” Bad Lee Shin!

Kyuwon asks for his bike and he says her condition isn’t fit for the bike. Kyuwon’s happy with the explanation. This nice/mean/nice thing that many boys do really works for Kyuwon.

Seriously, I think Shin planned for this.

“It hurts!”
“Our hands are bumping with each other. It hurts so much!”
“Ah … oh … ”
“If we don’t want this, there’s no other way. I just have to hold your hand.”

In the ice-cream shop. Those three senior girls who are there to add laughs to the drama,  Sarang and the sillies, happen to pass by and spot Shin and Kyuwon. (Thanks to CebuNuna @ twitter for telling me how to call them properly.)

Shin sees them spying on himself and Kyuwon and becomes totally uneasy and talks to Kyuwon unenthusiastically. “What’s the flavor of your ice-cream?” “Ice-cream flavor.” Kyuwon knows something is wrong. Shin stops her from looking around and asks her to pretend that ‘she doesn’t know him’.

The three girls leaves seeing ‘nothing special’ and persuade themselves that they’re just neighbors.

“Wooo … they’ve left.”
“Siliang and her gang.”
“So it’s because of those eonnis that you asked me to pretend not to know you?”
“If they spread the news, there’ll be much trouble.”

“What do you mean by trouble?”
“Both you and I will feel very tired. You think the girls will leave us alone? You’ll become the public enemy immediately.”
“I never had that experience before, so I don’t know. If you’re worried so much, we shouldn’t go out together anymore.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Don’t you hate that we’ll be seen together and talked about? Don’t want to be discovered that we’re together, how tiring it is!”
” … ” Shin should have explained and not let her storms off like that. ‘Annoying’ Bowon happens to appear at this particular moment!

“Ah … it’s not like that.”

Stalking them and ‘cursing’ Bowon is meaningless … but funny to us! “Cha Bowon! Cha Bown! Cha Bowon!”

At musical rehearsal. Shin can’t stand Kyuwon talking to Kiyoung and some girl happily and totally ignoring him, so he strums some chords on the guitar.

He’s got everybody’s attention, except Kyuwon’s. She doesn’t even turn her head. Ouch!

Heeju seizes every chance to upset Kyuwon. She pushes Kyuwon for no reason. When Shin sees this, he’s not mad with Kyuwon anymore, becomes worried instead.

Shin’s waiting for Kyuwon and Seokhyun’s assistant shows up and makes things so inconvenient.

Just as he’s to apologize, ANNOYING Bowon appears AGAIN.

“Why do I see you everywhere today?” I think Shin wants to ask the same. Anyway, he’s got an idea.

It’s to go to Kyuwon’s place, telling Grandpa that he wants to hear his gukak life story, thinking that Bowon won’t be following Kyuwon home likes he does. But he has no idea.

Love means sacrifice.

I almost wanted to fast-forward Grandpa’s story telling part myself. But there’s something interesting about his talk this time. “When the news that I’m gonna marry a girl spread, 115 girls vowed they’d starve themselves to death, 225 girls said they’d stay single forever … ” (So Grandpa and Lee Shin have something in common, not sure about the looks however. Grandpa keeps stressing the latter.)

Shin’s so relieved that Kyuwon’s finally home, but seeing Bowon too, he thinks his plan’s totally ruined.

This look of Lee Shin is complicated. Curious. Suspicious. Happy. He hears that Kyuwon bought couple tees for Grandpa and herself.

Grandpa asks them to leave the room for he’ll try on the tee and show them. Poor Shin, Kyuwon’s gotta help him stand up.

Shin’s revenge time. This time on Bowon. He talks her over to stay behind listening to Grandpa’s gukak life story. Kyuwon’s such a good friend! She doesn’t stop Bowon.

“Che Bowon, you’re so lucky today!”

Finally, just the two of them.

“Do I have to use my mouth all the time, saying things out? Since I met you, I’ve been talking much. It’s so unlike me.”
“I think what you said is right. This shouldn’t be spread like news. I don’t want somebody pull my hair.”

Then Shin asks if the couple tees are actually for him and her. Kyuwon lies. “Lucky me. That tee isn’t my style.”

This is like a long commercial for iPad and Samsung Galazy S. They sit under the trees, playing a duet of the music piece that Shin’s finished arranging with the gadgets.

No more bickering but happy talk about music. Shin brags about his being clever while Kyuwon says he just has a good tutor.

He asks if Heeju bothers her too much treating her like that at the rehearsal. He also brings up the fact that she may not have the chance to go on stage at all, and asks if she minds that.

She says she didn’t expect to be the lead from the beginning. “Though it’s all because of you that I started, now I feels singing and dancing like that, learning everything new is so exciting and such happy things too … Thank you.” Music brings them together; music makes them even closer. But still not close enough.

“Don’t just look at my face. Listen to the music.” But he’s gazing at her too.

Here comes the gadget CF …

The next day. Shin’s put a cushion on his bike’s back seat. The nice/mean/nice thing has become the nice/nice/nice thing. Even himself feels embarassed. *sigh*

This is actually dangerous. Their going to school like that.

This is even more dangerous. Their holding hands and walking around being seen by tons of JEALOUS eyes.

Shin’s actually proud and happy. I guess Kyuwon’s too afraid to enjoy the moment. But I’m enjoying each and every second of this, even the responses of the boys and girls around.

Shin teaches Kyuwon to play the guitar. He’s curious why she ties hair all up.

Kyuwon explains her worries … many girls got drunk hearing the news and she’s afraid that the drunken girls will come pull her hair …

“Don’t you have me? I’ll be at your side. So you don’t have to tied up your hair.”

Just when he’s almost to do THAT to her … ANNOYING Bowon enters the room.

“Che Bowon, I actually thought why I didn’t see you.”

This time Bowon has a reason. Kyuwon needs to be on some performance. Heeju’s mother has found some sponsors for the musical. These rich guys have nothing to do and want to see some performance right away. But Heeju’s no where to be seen. She’s with lovely Junhee who makes her lunch and sings her a lullaby …

Kiyoung’s so nervous. Kyuwon’s such a good girl to encourage him while she’s so afraid herself. Though Shin sees them talking, he isn’t a bit jealous.

And Ki-young leaves to give them some space and time.

Kyuwon tells how afraid she is and Shin tells her his secret.

“Look at the audience like this and utter the spell … You’ve fallen for me … ”

I think it’s not his secret that works, but his saying those words to her … like that … and pinch her cheek!

Kyuwon is awesome. Shin watches with admiring smiles.

But he doesn’t like Seokhyun’s looking at Kyuwon that way. Me neither.

When it’s over. Seokhyun praises Kiyoung and Kyuwon. He’s doing that messing-with-Kyuwon’s-hair-like-she’s-his-puppy thing again. Shin hates it and stops him, saying, “Lee Kyuwon isn’t a kid.”

He’s proclaiming his territory. I always think Shin is a good observer; he reads people.

The Windflower girls tell them bad news: Sarang and the sillies have a station asking students to vote for or against Shin and Kyuwon being a couple. Shin just smiles on it. Kyuwon doesn’t understand.

“Why do you smile?”
“Isn’t that funny?”
“I don’t think it’s funny.”
“No matter what people say, don’t care.”
“I don’t know if you care or not care, but I do care. I feel uneasy and angry too.”
“Such things will happen a lot in the coming days. You have to be angry like that every time?”
“Should I smile like a fool instead? Can’t I be angry …. I didn’t know to be with someone popular as you is like that … I should have thought more on that … ”

Shin can’t understand why she’s mad at him. She’s mad at herself, not being popular like him.

The Windflower girls make him understand.

“What did I do wrong?”
“It’s your fault being too popular … You don’t know Kyuwon’s so worried? … Why can’t you understand a girl’s heart.”

Now he understands and put that in action. He goes to the girls and ends everything with a sentence: “I’ll say this once only: pack up.” The girls’ responses let us realize ‘the power of Lee Shin in the school’.

I don’t like Seokhyun bumping into the frustrated Kyuwon telling her that she’s this charming effect on people that only a few in the world sees it, he one of them.

Shin goes to check if Kyuwon’s gone home, only to find Grandpa complaining that school’s over and she’s not back yet.

Shin’s in his room thinking hard what words to text Kyuwon. Apology. His sister worriedly comes in and asks if it’s true that he and Kyuwon are dating.

“Why impossible? What’s not good about Lee Kyuwon?”
“It’s because Oppa is too good for her.”
“Don’t let me hear you say such things again. I’ll be angry. Go.”
“I can accept you two dating. But absolutely no kisses. If such scandal comes out, all your fans will abandon you. Your autographs won’t sell. That’s the end of everything.”

So his little sister gives him the idea to end this everything. I love the little girl.

Two alpha males at Carthasis.

“Lee Shin, don’t make Lee Kyuwon cry.”
“I don’t understand why Director needs to worry about this. I actually wanted to ask you not to make Professor Jung cry.”
“You rascal, each and every word of yours bothers me.” (We viewers know why!)

Kyuwon just can’t give up this new found love. She keeps checking her phone for messages.

“You have to come to Carthasis tonight.”

A follow-up one.
“Don’t bring Bowon.”

‘Because I miss you … ‘ isn’t the best choice for this scene! Just to boost OST sales? Or they can’t find another song with lyrics like these? “Sorry, I’m sorry, can you hear my words? …. This late confession … I love you.”

Kyuwon really doesn’t know what he’s gonna do? Or because Shin’s casted the spell (whispering the words in his heart)?

She isn’t afraid of the eyes watching. Kyuwon goes towards the stage …


In case you haven’t guessed already, my post title was inspired by Beatles’s ‘I want to hold your hand’. Lee Shin wants Kyuwon AND the world to know he wants to be Kyuwon’s man!

PS Too busy to check grammar, spellings and all. Sorry!

22 thoughts on “I want to hold your hand; I want to be your man

  1. woahhh last night was such a great episode!
    i cant wait for sub so i did watch raw 1st, but thanks to u, i understand this ep better ^^
    love the way Shin’s very bold & straight-forward in showing his affections towards the girl he loves, i mean, when he realizes that he loves her, he just goes for it, no more hesitance ❤

    i was kinda confused of director's attitude too 😦
    hope it wont be a love triangle bw him, GW and Shin coz that's quite ridiculous to me *sigh*
    gotta rewatch this ep several times, thank you for the recap <3333

  2. i’m quite dissapointed with the song too! i was hoping for him to sing other song instead.
    “Because i miss you” is a great song but it has this connection with the unrequited love to her professor and his alcoholic dad. (maybe its just me)
    but,overall, this episode is just too perfect.
    i don’t get it why the rating could not increase into double digit.urggh!

  3. Thanks a lot for this klar, I’m sorry if I can’t leave a comment at most..
    But I really appreciate your posts. You have what we can call creative writing. ^^

  4. thanks for your recaps/insights..
    i was hoping that LS will have a special song for her, sort of a serenade (maybe due to time constraints, they were unable to find one suited) or for him to sing the complete version of Lucky..i always feel that lucky is perfect for him as i think KW is his best friend, she is the only one who saw/accompany him in his worst times..as for the kiss, its not to my liking, it was just a peck, i would have preferred a hug and a kiss on the lips , deeper than the peck and both with closed eyes..they are both in college and in their 20’s already so its but natural..anyway, i expect more kisses, this time deeper in the next episodes…

  5. Thanks! You’ve captured all my favorite scenes! I thought last episode was my favorite…but this one beat it! I looked like a fool screaming softly with those cute scenes with S and K.
    I was expecting a new song too but I wasn’t disappointed. I liked that song but I can’t bring myself to love it and to replay it so many times because it was associated/dedicated to his crush and his dad…but since he sang it for K this time,,,the song brought out a new meaning. This song is dear to Shin and it’s only meant for someone so dear to him.
    Heartstrings make me think of my first crush…my first love…I just love this show!

  6. Hm, hey there! *sheepish smile* surprise it’s me!!! *throw confetti*

    I think this episode is the first one that makes me want to congratulate LeeShin for being Yonghwa. lol. We all know this is Yonghwa’s true colors, all those naughty and charming smiles of his. XD

    When he cursed poor Bowon for being the third wheel, I couldn’t help but laugh till my jaw hurt. Oh Yonghwa Yonghwa, why are your expressions so cute?

    Other than that, I don’t have anything smart to say. Your screencaps and comments say it all. Thumps up for your diligent works weeks after weeks. I wouldn’t be as devoted as you are to our blue boys. XD

    So now we’re on the same page about SH eh? I found the particular scene between LS and SH at the Carthasis. I wonder if SH’s still in love with YS as he once claims. He might be confused but please don’t let him have a change of heart. That’d too cruel to YS. She technically has no one to lean on.

    I’m not really waiting for tonight’s episode, as I think it’s gonna leave us hanging and wondering what will happen between LS and GW after her excuse/lie to cover up her meeting with SH. Instead, I want next week to come bali. I wanna know how GW “proves” her love for LS. The guy has done more than enough showing his “love” for her. It should be her turn soon, and I mean, SOON.

    Till tonight.


    • Oh, how did my sentence go missing words huh?

      Typo again, my apology.

      This paragraph should be like this:

      “So now we’re on the same page about SH eh? I found the particular scene between LS and SH at the Carthasis charming. I mean, to butt in students’ love affair like SH does is a bit too war don’t you think? Telling somebody’s bf to be good with the gf when you aren’t half as good to your own gf? Really SH? REALLY?”

      • I forgot to mention how dissapointed I was when LS re-used Because I miss you in this episode. Of all the songs he could have chosen *sigh*…

        Why don’t they ask Yonghwa to compose another piece for the scene? He’s too busy? I don’t freaking think so…

        I’m hoping, though honestly not expecting, to see one more Yonghwa’s self composed song in the final episode, at least. Please, HT!

    • *shake hands* with catcher
      And I have this feeling that Shin loves Kyuwon more than Kyuwon loves Shin now. See how much he’s willing to do for her!!! If she’s gonna hurt my Shin tonight, I swear I’ll hate her. (I feels like protecting Shin almost as much as I feel like protecting the CN boys.)

      • lol. i’m calm now *scratch head* How do I delete my post here? Oh wait, I can’t. YOU can.

        So, hm… *doved eyes* please delete my previous comment? I take it back. Meh, too emotional when it comes to *cough*my*cough* Yonghwa. lol.


  7. I’ve been crazy over them after reading your post!! somehow I know you are really the truly fan of them! (him) And I’ve found I’ve attached to the post more than the drama! LOL! You know how to express well his feeling!!!!! and gonna marathon episodes 7,8,and 9 tonight!!!!

  8. Gosh, watching Shin and Kyuwon had me grinning from ear to ear like a silly woman. I love all the scenes with the two of them together. They are just too cute. I do have have one small gripe though (don’t hate me for this!). I missed seeing the old Shin. The one with the cold stare but sensitive heart. That Shin was so compelling. In Ep10, I felt like I’m watching parts of Yonghwa and Shin mixed up. It’s not a bad thing though. I enjoyed all the cute Yonghwa/Shin expressions and smiles like everyone else. Just missing the old Shin a little. 🙂
    Anyone got a little annoyed with the way Seokhyun always messes with Kyuwon’s hair? I mean, seeing it one time is kinda cute but this guy is doing it all the time. It irritated the heck out of me that he’s always messing with her hair rather ‘forcefully’ like that. It felt to me like he’s using that as an excuse to have some kind of physical contact with Kyuwon. And we know how initiating physical contact is an indication of affection/love. I loved it that Shin saw through that and put a stop to it, irregardless whether that’s a director or not.
    Regarding that CF bit on the iPad and Galaxy….I LOVED it. lol. Love the Shin/Kyuwon stares and smiles, their little conversation; it’s all so real. Just like what a couple will do. And I especially love the music that they were playing. If that’s any indication of what that ending song is going to be like, I know i’m going to love it to bits. I’m always fascinated with the modern/traditional mix kind of music.
    Again, I may get shot for this, for I actually wanted a Shin-Kyuwon duet rather than a Kiyoung-Kyuwon duet. Keeping my fingers crossed that there’ll be one real soon. More music interaction between our two leads please. They are after all music majors!! 🙂
    And yes, l’m disappointed Shin didn’t sing her a new song in Catharsis. But in spite of all this, this episode is still a pure win – just cos I love seeing cute Yonghwa/Shinhye or Shin/Kyuwon together (I’m confused already :))

    • Wow…I didn’t realise it’s such a long post. Sorry :O but…I have something to add. I’m not looking forward to Ep11. I’m very afraid Shin will get hurt.

  9. I was kinda hoping for Shin to sing “ see my eyes/you’ve fallen for me (from the Ost.)” instead of “because i miss you”.. the song lyrics are perfect for that moment ..

    “you’ve fallen for me, fallen for me, you’ve fallen for the look in my eyes
    See my eyes, you’ve fallen for me”
    (afterall , it was started of him being the narcisstic prince, right :D)

    “I’ll also confess to you I love you, I love you, now I shall confess to you that I love you
    See your eyes, please only look at me, see your eyes I love you”
    (and end up of him being this hopelessly romantic prince… 🙂 )

    I am hoping, Shin will still has the opportunity to sing this song to Kyuwon, live performance will be perfect.. Maybe by the end of this drama….. 😀

  10. I guess I am too late to join the bandwagon, Looby and catcher has said all. And Klaritia has diligently captured every single interesting scene. Kudos to you. (very very minor thing: it’s CHA Bowon, not Che Bowon.)

    For the ipad CF, I grinned like crazy to see Shin plays with that guitar app. The first thing I installed on my ipad is an acoustic guitar app because I wanted to play Yonghwa’s song. And I really like the melody there.

    I am also not feeling Seokhyun is as cute as before when he messes with Kyuwon’s hair here. Is it because I can smell a scandal between the two from the plot and that would hurt my beloved Shin? Or he does it so often that I get really bored and annoyed?

    I also have complains for the writers to waste Yonghwa’s music talents. I thought they casted Yonghwa for his singing abilities, music talents ON TOP OF his popularity. And I am sure Yonghwa chooses this drama over others because of this as well. But it seems that with the changes in the writers, they forgot the most important things. I read news that last week, ‘Lucky’ was not in even script. And Yonghwa just pulled it off like magic. And it seems that we need to settle for a Kiyoung-Kyuwon duet rather than Shin-Kywon duet (no offense to Kiyoung fans). I remembered that Shin was practicing with Kyuwon and Heejoo for the same song a couple of episodes before. What happened here? Is my Shin only going to play guitar and arrange the music for the show? Come on, he can do much more and much better! Lastly, I resent the choice of ‘Because I miss you’ for Shin to sing to Kyuwon. Not that this song is related with his father or the professor, but the melody itself is sad no matter what the lyrics say (not that the lyrics fit any better here). To be honest, I am not moved by Shin’s singing here as I cannot comprehend sweet and budding love with a sad song with much longing for love. Even though I totally understand that they are crunching for time, ‘The days we fall in love’ originally by Kyuwon would be a better choice.

    Please, please, let Yonghwa shine through the best he does. If Yonghwa can sing one more self composed song in the last episodes, I will be in heavens.

  11. Personally I don’t see that “because I miss You” is a song for professor Yoon Su.. During ep 2 when Shin first sang the song, I’ve always felt that it was a Gyu Won ❤ Lee Shin moment. In case you guys forgot, that was the very time, Gyu Won saw Lee Shin's heart. I always associate that song with them.

    Really love episode 10. hahaha.. ep 11 was epic at the same time really sad, Shin finally sang You've Fallen for me, I've been waiting for that for a long time.

  12. As a drama fan, I actually waiting for Shin getting suffer and a bit and proving his love to her once again
    Just think about it, GW has suffered so much because she liked him first in the beginning. Even though he have showed that he love and care for her but it’s been a few days… He need to overcome this challegge to show how much he loves her
    And it’s also fair too. Shin left GW before. So I guess how it’s GW ‘s turn before the happy ending ( with a much more passionate KISSES)

  13. The entire episode was spazz-worthy… Shin was soooo sweet throughout, yet maintaining his sarcastic personality. 🙂 Perhaps I was over-anticipating the kiss scene because of the BTS releases, but i did feel a little unfulfilled… Like you, I was hoping he would sing another song, instead of Because I Miss You. Somehow, the song did not feel right for this scene. Any ol’ song would have been good since Yong Hwa’s voice in itself is to die for, and we know he has a large enough repertoire to be able to whip out another song if given the chance… I like your comment though, Leslee, that this was the song where Gyu Won fell for him, so it does have a special meaning for her… let’s see if I get around to actually feeling the same way too…

    The kiss itself was also a little disappointing. I wanted it to be HOTTER than the peck he had with the professor, but this was exactly the same! I guess it would have been over-the-top to have a full kiss in front of all the people as this was played out for the crowd mostly, but I wish PSH had not given the exact same wide-eyed shocked reaction as her GMN character in YAB… that just made it a little weird for me… ah well… my only hope is that this scene was done in this way on purpose. To leave us wanting MORE so that when they finally deliver a proper HOT kiss scene in the later episodes, we’d be so thankful.

    I type too much… klaritia, you are awesome as always! Thanks for your recaps!

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