Feeling love’s keen sting

“Now, you’re in big trouble.”

Then Shin goes grab his guitar and sings ‘You’ve Fallen For me’, gazing at Kyuwon. I have no idea how she can be so calm! Just smiling at the lyrics. This boy sings her two songs and kisses her in front of everybody! Who has fallen for who now? And everybody just sway, clap, and enjoy The Stupid’s performance. I guess it means the couple have everybody’s ‘approval’ after all the drama.

They go home, hand in hand.

They have a little chat outside Kyuwon’s house. Shin asks if she’s afraid of her hair being pulled. She says she feels like wearing a swimming cap to school. He promises that nothing will happen and she believes him.

“It’s late. Go inside now.”
“No, I want to see you go inside first.”
“You first. It’s too dangerous.”
“How dangerous can that be? I just need to turn around and open the door.”
“You may get tripped by the door step. Never mind. Just go inside now.”

She turns around but then he calls her name …

He’s trying to see if she blushes?

That’s the face of a boy so in love!

The mom can surely tells his boy’s happy; he’s whistling and all. She actually asks why but he says nothing. A friend gave her two museum tickets and she asks if Shin will like to go with a friend.

He’s decided to date her officially. But not that official when I know what he tells her on the phone. “My mom gave me these museum tickets and I just can’t throw them away … do you have time … ” The prince in school has never asked a girl out before? Why this shy tone and face?

Of course she pretends she isn’t that excited but says yes anyway. And he’s totally happy.

We see this shocking face because her little sister just storms in and asks about the kiss, blaming him for the end of her ‘business’.

20,000 won to compensate for her loss, and her mouth zipped about this to their mom.

Shin waiting at the museum entrance. Freezing the screen to capture his handsome and happy face is harmful good to my heart.

They actually agreed to meet in the school but Kyuwon texted him later saying she needs to run an errand for Grandpa and will meet him in the museum instead. Shin now knows the real reason: she bought a brand new outfit for their very first date! The brand tag is hanging at the back of her dress and she doesn’t know.

He makes fun of her, asking for details about the errand. Then he tells her about the tag.

Of course he smiles because of her embarrassed looks but more about her buying a new dress for him!

He’s too happy and kind of at loss of the whereabout of the tickets.

I swear I have never watched a dating scene as happy as this one.

Time for some lunch. When Shin gets the chopsticks and spoon ready for Kyuwon , she says her father always do that too.

He asks why she doesn’t live with her father. She tells him the story. Shin doesn’t wait for her to ask, and tells his kinda complicated family background too. Then he comes to the point having to give 20,000 won to her sister last night and then they realize they both have fallen victim to the girl’s ‘back mail’. Kyuwon teases Shin that he’s not as strong and powerful as she expected.

They have to walk around like that killing all the girls around?

The dream boyfriend. What else to say?

And he really needs to check if she trips?!

I want to see only smiles on his face. But life just isn’t fair. Seokhyun’s enemies have spread the rumor that he deliberately made Kyuwon instead of Heeju perform in front of the sponsors. Seokhyun’s assistant tells Shin about that and asks him to look after Kyuwon on that matter.

At the musical rehearsal, Sarang and the sillies are gossiping on that.

He surely hates the gossip girls, and maybe Seokhyun too?

Pardon me if I sound mean to anybody who causes Shin any hard times or hurt. Seokhyun really doesn’t care about rumors? He stops Kyuwon and talks to her! Our hero just won’t let people have one more chance to talk bad about his girl; he grabs her hand and ‘takes’ her away, not even looking at him. The gesture reads: she’s my girl. And Seokhyun doesn’t like that at all.

He has something important to say. He wants her to quit, for her own good.

“If I quit now, what will people say about Director?”
“Why do you have to care about Director? Just take it as I want you to quit.”
“You’ve been thinking about everything like everything is about you. You think I’m a doll? A doll who only listens to you? Doing or quitting, it’s my call.”
“Lee Kyuwon … ”
Everything’s about Director?! He calls.
Director calls for ‘business’ but he has to comment on Shin’s pulling Kyuwon away like that earlier can be seen as kidnapping in people’s eyes. Seriously!
Shin is surely confident when it comes to music. And of course he won’t let himself look weak in front of his forever rival.
We think Shin’s work is perfect but Director thinks the guitar and gayageum together in the climax sound too loud, blah blah blah …
Shin asks if Director knows the guitar and Director says he plays the piano. Shin smirks on that and says Professor Hung approved of his work already. Director argues he’s the composer and he’s the director, just to make Shin knows he needs to listen to him. I think Shin knows he just wants to be mean. Me too. So he says he’ll make changes.

He’s about to leave, but can’t help asking …
“Can Lee Kyuwon not do the musical?”
“Lee Kyuwon herself doesn’t want to do it?”
“No. It’s me who doesn’t want her to.”
“Don’t make it such a big deal. You two have just begun. You’re not in the position to let Lee Kyuwon do or not do anything. Understand this and leave.”
Kyuwon’s dad has come to see Kyuwon and they have lunch together at home. Kyuwon gets Director’s message to go see him (which is a trap). Kyuwon and her dad are leaving for their separate dates and bump into Shin outside their house.

Kyuwon’s dad senses they need sometime together and leaves first. Shin apologizes for what he said and say she should continue with the musical if she really wants to.
Kyuwon asks for his birth date.
“November 17.”
“I’m 3 months older than you. When you’re just born, I’ve learned to turn on my side already.”
This means she’s actually the noona and she can take care of herself and he needs not worry about her.
He asks about where she’s going but she lied that she’s to see a friend (not Bowon, she doesn’t only have Bowon as her friend). But she doesn’t mean to lie, she’s asked not to tell ‘anybody’ about the date.
He thinks everything will be alright.

Shin wonders if Kyuwon’s date is over and calls her.

We know the date is very WRONG and she’s in Director’s car heading home. She still chooses to lie to Shin about whom she’s seen. This time due to the fact that she senses something is wrong (though Director doesn’t tell her everything) and she thinks Shin doesn’t like Director lately. For her own good or for Shin’s good?

This is a bad idea. For Shin wants to see her so badly that he waits outside her house.

What’s he thinking when he hears Director say “Don’t worry about anything. You have me by your side” to Kyuwon?

When Kyuwon’s in her room, she texts Shin, telling she’s home already. No answer. “You slept?” “Hmm … ” She complains why he goes to bed early like he’s a kid. But she has no idea he’s still standing there in the corner. Very hurt.

We can’t expect Shin to wait for Kyuwon in front of her house anymore the next day. But Kyuwon wonders why Shin left first. In the school, everybody’s talking about the pictures of Kyuwon and Director coming out of a hotel. Sarang and the sillies use this to attack Shin (maybe more for their hate on Kyuwon than Shin).

He actually thought they’re just upset about his dating Kyuwon but when he finds out the story behind. He’s gone all mad running around looking for Director, asking everybody if they see him.

He finds him and talks to him in this urgent but bold tone.
“Didn’t I ask you to get Kyuwon out of the musical? What’s gonna happen next?”
“I’ll take care of things. That’s why I came.”
“What exactly can you do to take care of things? After the musical, you’ll just leave. What will happen to Kyuwon? She needs to come to school.”
“I said I’ll take care of things.”
“Give me your car keys. Kyuwon’s not here yet. I’ll keep her away from school today. In the mean time, please do take care of everything.”
“Please take care of Lee Kyuwon.”
“Director only cares about Lee Kyuwon now. Have you considered how Professor Jung will think about all this?”
He calls Kyuwon in the car. The whole world’s worries on his face go away when he spots her on the way.
He makes up a story about Director asking him to take her for some happy time to make up for her loss not able to enjoy the MT strip fully with her injuries. And Director needs to talk to Heeju, clearing things up about the rumor (not this big rumor now) and it’s not convenient that she’s around.
Shin’s persuasive or Kyuwon likes that it’s the Director’s idea? She kind of believes this very lame story. Of course Shin likes to make her do things; he pushes her into the car anyway.
And he has to confiscate her phone to cut her off any news. Excuse: Bowon always spoils their time together. I love this excuse, but he says that with cuteness and sadness at the same time.

Another date. One happy heart. One worried soul. Bitter sweet.

The talk about their respective families continues.

“You don’t look like your dad.”
“I’m like my mom more. Do you look like your dad?”
“I’ve never seen my dad till I’m this all grown. But I could tell it’s him when I first saw his face. My dad was a guitarist too. I have his albums at home. I’ll show you next time.”
“Can’t wait. So when you come to my house next time, I’ll show you my mom’s picture.”
“Ask me to go when your grandpa’s not home.”
“Uh … then just the two of us?”
“Don’t think wrong things. It’s just that I don’t want to hear his life story no more.”
“I know … ”
“Better not. I should go only when your grandpa is home.”
“Didn’t you say you don’t want to hear grandpa’s story?”
“I’m worried that I’ll suddenly do things that I shouldn’t do.”

Our Shin is doing such a good job, protecting his girl and loving his girl. Still, she finds out and shouts that she needs to go back.
“I ask you not to go! Don’t go … If you leave now, it means the end of our relationship.”
But she doesn’t care???!!!
Shin cares!!!

Two sad eyes. One shattered heart.

I stole Dumbledore’s line: Oh, to be young and to feel love’s keen sting.

But I don’t agree only the young can feel love’s keen sting. For those who’ve been there, the feelings once felt stay.

And in this particular story, the grown-ups seem so at lost when it comes to love too. What exactly is Director thinking? When Yoonsu actually asks him to marry her, saying that’s the best way to end this mess, he says, “sorry”.

Lovely Junhee has to be used like that, by the Natasha he loves.

Shin. People say he deserves that, because Kyuwon was hurt by him before. I don’t think one can do math about love, putting the pluses and minuses together.

24 thoughts on “Feeling love’s keen sting

  1. agree with u, no math for love..

    i really love kyuwon, i hate when leeshin made her cry at start..but i cant stand seeing her boyfren in that suffer now…

    love ur recap anyway ^.^d

  2. You’ve captured everything that I felt for this episode. I’ve become so emotionally invested in this drama that I feel so bad for Shin. He’s trying so hard to protect Kyuwon but she doesn’t realise it. So frustrating. It may be wrong for me to say this but I’ve always hated it when my drama OTPs create angst in the name of righteousness. During those times, I want to scream at the TV….”Trust the person you love!! Who says you have to do this alone?”. I know a lot of people didn’t like it that Shin gave Kyuwon the ultimatum. That he’s too controlling. Can’t they see the hidden meaning behind it? He’s in love and desperately trying to protect her. The guy is practically begging, not demanding.

    I also think Shin and Yoonsu acted with far more maturity than Seokhyun and Kyuwon regarding the scandal. Kyuwon is understandable but Seokhyun….it’s like he’s out to prove something and his ego and pride did not allow him to see anything beyond himself. While Shin, nicknamed the “Narcissistic Prince” was not self centered at all. Am I being objective or am I too biased towards Shin? 🙂

    I think I can see why this drama is getting such low ratings. Most of us who love it are either CNBLUE, Yonghwa or Shinhye fans. For a neutral person, if they were to tune in – unless they see our OTP being cute together, which is mostly in the last 3 episodes – they would probably think this drama is ridiculous. What’s Taejoon’s motive? Why are the characters hatching such an elaborate plot just so a director gets kicked out of a university drama production and a bulimic girl gets to be the center of attention?? (don’t forget, she is already the lead, irregardless). Was there money involved? Lives at stake? Big corporation takeover? I’m begining to get irritated myself inspite of loving the drama right from the begining for it’s simple story (young love), promise of great music (not enough of, in my opinion) and beautiful cinematography. I think it’s veering too far away from it’s original intention.
    I’m still going to stick to this till the bitter end – just because I love the OTP and Yonghwa. The plot and everyone else (except Minhyuk and Kiyoung…oh and grandpa and Buwon) can go fly kite for all I care.
    Sorry….this came out sounding angry. But I am. I can’t believe this plot. Seriously.

  3. Am i the only one who teared up during the last scene?? I think , Shin didn’t mean to use that ultimatum line.. he just thought that was the most effective way to kept her from going, he just didn’t want her to get hurt..but, the fact that Kyuwon didn’t care and still tried to go….definitely broke his heart, a little bit (OR much.. like mine, feeling extremely sad 😦 ) .

    Sigh, I was smiling so much during the first half of the episode, and then soo frustrated during the last half of the episode… Shin ah, i feel your sadness, Lee Kyuwon (or the PD / writer- nim) better give us / Lee Shin words of consolation on the next episodes).

    Oh, and i really like how Shin said “I’m worried that I’ll suddenly do things that I shouldn’t do.” when Kyuwon mentioned that if he come to her house when grandpa is not home, then they will be home alone….
    Ah, Shin… you don’t need to be so thoughtful all the time.. hehehe 😀
    Anyway… that just my thought of this episode… Thanks as always, Klaritia for your beautiful recap.

  4. You are right about you cant do math in love, especially in real life.
    However, this is a Kdrama after all. They need to balance this out, and that’s what I meant by being fair
    It”s understandable since you are Yong bias, you can be ( more than) a bit protective of Shin character. However, I don’t see why you would hate GW if she leaves lolz
    Because everyone knows she will leave, speaking of her personality so far. If she decided to stay with Shin and abandon her “mentor’ who is also a friend, that’d make her the same with any other Shin fan girls.
    I think one of the reasons Shin fallen ( hard) for her because even though she is naive, honest, clumsy but she is also independent and strong ,who can stand by her (tough) decisions- . GW admitted she fallen for him after getting hurt by seeing him with another girl. And she found a solution for it’ I dont like you anymore” and stood by it even it wasnt easy at all ( with Shin being her shadow all the time).
    So this time, even she loves Shin, she will stick to her principle and do her best to protect her “friend”. And it’s not her completely her fault if they broke up. Shin shouldnt have said that, no matter what his reasons are. They are only 3 days in the relationship and he already threaten to break up with her?!?! What???
    Just like Shin, GW has pride. You can see it through ep 10 and 11. It’d hurt her pride when Shin gave the ultimatum. I mean any girl would, especially when you are new in a relationship and your super popular bf do this to you… Right?
    Anyway, I mean she HAS TO leave for many reasons as well:
    -They need to bring everything down before the happy ending
    -Shin needs to work hard win her back and confessed with her ( She won him over since the beginning to ep 9. And he really didnt have to work HARD for it ( Yeah I know he has been a great bf and did everything the could for her but to be in this relationship, he just asked and got his wish) I mean he has never confessed he love or like her. “I wish you’d love me again” is not really a confession) since this is a bad move of his ( even though his motivation might for her well being… I mean I’d be mad and hurt too if my bf did it to me. I’d be like “fine, good bye”. For real~)
    -I think it’s also an excuse for is to have another song by JYH. He didnt write any song her her… at all yet. So he’d prob do it when they break up and he know how much he need her in his life.
    -This also help to balance out the drama as well. He broke her hurt when she fall for him in the beginning . At he seems to be the one who have fallen a bit deeper for her now, so he will get hurt before they can get back together
    -We also need a little heartbreak so they they can be so emotional and will prob give us a better and more passionate kiss when they make up…
    Oh well, this is what I think, at least- as a drama fan ( and I am not bias in this hehe)
    I hope it makes sense to you….
    Thanks for the recap^^
    I enjoy it

    • I’m actually a Shin Hye’s fan rather than yong hwa’s but I still can totally understand LS’s reason for doing what he’s doing. I don’t see it as threat but I think he knows what GW would do, so he said what he had to say hoping that she would not go and hurt herself in the process. He’s not possessive, I think, but protective. He showed great concern when HJ pushed GW during the rehearsal and immediately advised GW to quit the muscial because he doesn’t want to see her hurt and disappointed. He beamed when he saw GW did very well during the sponsor show. He took her away when he heard the rumors circulated by T and asked SH to set things right. He didn’t confront GW immediately when he realised she had lied to him about going out with a ‘friend’. I want a ‘conflict’ but not between them two but rather between them and the rest of the world – show how they go through it all together, rather than separately.

      And yes, I can see the similarity in the hug with the one in YAB. In YAB GMN left SW immediately after the hug – hopefully GW does the opposite here 🙂

      • Excuse for my grammar in the post below ^^;;

        … Hmmm. I quote this from another recap blog:
        “I guess the million dollar question is on whether Kyu-won will have stayed at the end. And I think the answer is a resounding no. It’s just not in Kyu-won’s personality to sit back as Suk-hyun (or anyone for that matter) suffers alone for something they did not do. It was foolish of Shin to have given her that ultimatum, and if the title of this episode is any indication, Shin will regret for a long time thereafter for not having “held those words back” at the tree-lined path that day.
        **The title for episode 11 is “그자리에 그시간에” (“At That Place, At That Time”). It’s a 2006 song by the popular ballad singer, Sung Shi Kyung. The lyrics is one of regret, as a man laments on whether he could have done anything different “at that place, at that time” to have avoided breaking up with his lover, or whether their parting was simply their unavoidable fate”

        Shin is very protective, a bit over-controlling and obsessive of her , in my opinion. ( Remember they are just 3 days in the relationship, he already order her to quit musical. And women hate to be ordered around) It’s cute in drama but to deal with it in real life will be… a little annoying, for a person like GW( and myself) at least. But this is what make him real for me. He is close to perfect but loving her too much that make him imperfect ^^. If it makes sense?

        No mater his reason was, protect her and what not, throwing out the ultimatum at the very early stage or any stage of a relationship is the last thing a guy could do ( that’s why he will regret and hopefully write her ( and us) another song). Just put yourself in her shoes, and think of how she’d feel. The early stage just makes it worse, especially GW is still insecure ab their relationship

        And I have nothing against Shin. He has become the sweetest bf ever that any girl just wish to be in GW position.Its just Klaritia said ( via twitter) that she’d hate on GW if she left, which obviously will happen in the next ep ( I can bet you anything for that, plus the lyrics of the song proves it too) So I just want to share my thoughts with her ( in general of an k drama) why GW will leave. She need to leave so they can break up, then learn that they cant live without each others… so we can have a happy ending. Shin made her suffering in the beginning n now GW is going to break his heart ( and hers) but she will do what she think it right ( that’s why Shin fallen for her in the first place anyway)

        Again, they need to break up so Shin can write more songs. WE WANT THAT, right?

  5. My heart was twisted for the last scene where Shin grabbed and embraced Kyuwon to prevent her from leaving. Yes, that’s begging not demanding! Shin was doing whatever he can to protect his girl, even with that ‘ If you leave now, it means the end of our relationship’ line. True, a matured lover might think carefully before toss out a line like this. But keep in sight that Shin is a 20-ish boy new to such relationships. And he is too desperate to protect his girl. What else can he say?

    Yes, this embracing scene reminded me of the one in ‘You’re beautiful’. And I cannot help but immediately did a screenshot comparison afterwards. (But I don’t know how to post pics in comments. So no screenshots here. ) Shin’s eyes are much softer and you can read sadness from his face. This makes me (and hopefully Kyuwon) heartbroken!

    Shin always has this protective side. We have seen way too much in the beginning episodes with Yoonsu. He is being such a man compared with Seokhyun when he reminded him Yoonsu’s situation when Seokhyun only panicked for Kyuwon.

    Unlike others, however, I think it is wise not to take the marriage offer from Yoonsu. Maybe Seokhyun declined because of his proud. But I believe no one should rush into a marriage because of any reason other than love (even if you two are in love).

    Poor Junhee should see through this pretty-outside-ugly-inside Natasha and stand up for his Hyung and Unni.

  6. klaritia, your recaps are just getting better and better. I really love your style – you already know how much I admire your eye for capturing the BEST Shin screen shots and gifs ever, but what really grabbed my heart was your choice of words. I love how you keep your words to a minimum, but your choice of words nails the essence of the scene. Reading your recaps enhances the mood of the episode. Thank you!

  7. Honestly, I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the upcoming episodes, Guywon might leave Shin alone after his pleading and be a heroine that she is for Seokhyun/the world. Or, she might take Shin with her after explaining everything to him about her so called lie the other night. They could fight against the school with the help of Junhee and Yoonsu. Heejoo could face her karma by experiencing vocal difficulty by the time of the musical. All of the above possibilities won’t trouble me because I understand the writer has to create some twisted conflicts and angst in order to create a concrete plot, even if people considered them as cliché.

    As for the drama, I’m happy with its direction, cliché or not. I guess next episodes will make up for LeeShin’s damaged ego (as the recent filming photos indicate, the ones that show happy Yonghwa/Shinhye in a candy shop), but I was angered by Gyuwon’s decision in episode 11, to be honest. She walked away from LeeShin at that moment, and so my heart, no matter how sweet or in love LeeShin/Gyuwon will be later on.

    Not that anyone cares about my heart. Lmao.

    Alright, I shall go straight to the point now. Disregard of how much Yonghwa/LeeShin biased I really am, I have to agree with the major opinion here. LeeShin’s so called ultimatum was uncalled for. As a man, he shouldn’t have done that. But meh, he did, and the consequence of that simple sentence was crystal clear, wasn’t it?. Gyuwon still walked away. So much for a slap in our narcissistic prince’s face.

    What disturbed me was the fact that Gyuwon didn’t stop to ask if Shin wanted to go back to school with her. She assumed by going back she could resolve everything. She ran on her instinct, Shin be damn. I can totally see why Gyuwon had to leave to save Seokhyun, but why did she have to do so by herself? As a friend said before, that’s one particular aspect in K-dramas that I find annoying. Why be self-righteous? Why be self-sacrifice?

    I know there are a number of optimistic souls would argue that after the tight hug at the end of episode 11, Gyuwon might stay with Shin and face everything together from that moment on. But to me, she is no longer the one that holds LeeShin as dearly as the girl did from earlier episodes. She’s grown stronger, heck, even ourgrown LeeShin for goodness’s sake. No matter what they say, Gyuwon chose to walk away even after Shin’s ultimatum. Selfish or not, to me, Shin was a victim there. At least he tried given the circumstances. For that, I applaud him.

    I know I’m probably boring the sh*t out of many people here, but I can’t help being delusional about seeing LeeShin as a real person, and therefore, empathizing with him. That is my best explaination for why I’m writing this imaginary letter, out of my sincere sympathy for a guy who always tries his best. And of course, it’s because I don’t have any intelligent thing to say further. Everyone else has done a good job discussing the drama.

    Here it goes.

    To LeeShin,

    Why are you so hardheaded, and dare I say pathetic, to even come up with that childish ultimatum, let alone use it as a threat to stop the girl you love from leaving? You know she might leave, which she did nonetheless in merely a couple of seconds. Gyuwon is the kind of girl who can leave the person she loves because Seokhyun/the world needs her. Don’t you see the hurt in Gyuwon’s eyes when you try to stop her? To her, it’s all about trust. Unlike to you, it’s all about love, and love alone. Naïve Shin!

    Open your eyes and see for yourself, it doesn’t matter if you’re about to break up with her, because you aren’t her priority in the moment, and I doubt if in any moment at all. She thinks people need her presence, thus her help, more than you do. It doesn’t bug her for a second that you’re trying to protect her from whatever evil doings out there, because your way of loving is considered selfish and controlling under people’s judgment. You take away her prerogative by telling her to quit the musical, by disrespectfully dragging her away from Seokhyun, and by shielding her from the school’s chaos, or in short, by loving her, in your egotistical way.

    And clearly, it doesn’t even occur to her at all that you might be hurting with your insecurity and susceptibility.

    So LeeShin,

    If you’re a man and loves Gyuwon truly, let her go. But quietly go with her. Be a shadow for her. Help her with her problems. Back her up when she struggles, heck, even support Seokhyun/the world if that’s what Gyuwon needs.

    But, back off. You’ve done your part showing your loving for her. Mighty Lee Gyuwon doesn’t need your protection. It’s your own self that does. Your heart was broken twice, why can’t you protect it from breaking again this time around?

    We all say stupidity hurts, big time. So taste it, and learn a lesson, LeeShin.


    The above lengthy comment is what I’ve posted on soompi few seconds ago. But I do have something else to add here, because you guys can understand my frustration. Please bear with me.

    • ~~ post continued

      I don’t know if you guys are on the same page with me, maybe I’m too extreme to say this, I don’t think whatever decision Gyuwon makes in the next episode can make up for the empty feeling I have for her. And I can’t look at her the same way ever again. (how bias when it comes to Yonghwa XD)

      I know this might come out sounding presumptuous, but to me, by walking away the first time Shin begs her not to, Gyuwon shows how important Shin is in her heart. What about Seokhyun? What about his endangered career? What about Shin’s heart? What about Shin’s defenseless self?

      And when Shin hugs her the moment she walks away, I am angered. I mean, how much more vulnerable people want Shin be? What’s wrong with him showing his jealousy and selfishness? What’s up with all the accusations out there for Shin not being a man about it? WTF.

      Ok, take a deep breathe. Here I am, all calm again XD.

      I have to admit, even it’s unwise for Shin to resort to that ultimatum to threaten Gyuwon, Seokhyun’s a friend and Shin’s a lover after all. But, she has to be a heroine and chooses one over the other without considering Shin’s heart. That simple action speaks for itself.

      And that is why I won’t forgive Gyuwon. Shin can. But I can’t.

      I am silly, I know.



      • Waaaahh.. just finished reading all your comments.. and I totally agreed to all of the above words.. especially –> “And that is why I won’t forgive Gyuwon. Shin can. But I can’t” … But, what i want to add is.. I really want to forgive Gyuwon, (even though right now i still can not).. why.. because i simply love happy ending (sigh, i know, silly me 🙂 ) .. that’s why, on my previous comment i said, that Gyuwon better give Lee Shin some really major words of consolation…..then, maybe it would un-break Lee Shin’s heart (or mine.. but like you said, who cares about my heart.. :D)

      • I LOVE IT! I love every single word you wrote, right down to that hilarious letter. Sorry, but I lol-ed throughout while reading your post but that does not mean I find it ridiculous. On the contrary. I find it so honest and refreshing. Thank you for writing the sentiments of an ultra bias Yonghwa fan (that’s me) that I could not express properly myself.

        My first comment on Klaritia’s post was written after I watched Ep11 one time. I spent today watching and re-watching Ep10 and 11 and I’ve come to this conclusion. Shin is a gem of a bf; ultimatums, jealousy, vulnerability be damned. If Kyuwon needs to go save the world, please go and try not to hurt our dear Shin anymore. You’re right Catcher. The minute Shin issued the ultimatum (yes, very, very wrong), she did not even hesitate to think about Shin’s feelings or his heart. In fact, she even gave him a I-don’t-even-want-to-waste-time-explaining-to-you glare and tried to go on her way. Oh, and since I’m nit-picking, I might as well point out that when KW first got the msg that the director quit, she got up to leave immediately, leaving Shin’s bag on the bench! All indications point that she’ll be walking out of the park on her own and hailing a taxi in her haste to save Seokhyun. If only Shin didn’t come back so soon, Shin (and us) might be saved from this heartache 🙂 I’m not pleased with KW right now. But I may forgive her. For Shin’s sake.

        Oh, on a side note. Shin and Yoonsu may be a perfect match afterall. Both are level-headed and does not jump to conclusions. Kyuwon and Seokhyun are of the defender of little kittens and the universe type of personality. LOL.

      • I rechecked my post on soompi and corrected a few things here and there. Feel free to take a second look if you’re not already bored with my emotional outburst, eps. not with my clumsy letter to Shin. XD (btw, I wish I could edit my comment here. Oh, wordpress!!!)

        I’m not watching episode 11 til next week. Unlike Shin, I don’t want to risk breaking my heart again. Once is more than enough (hinted: once was when I streamed the freaking episode for the first time).

        Oh, and please laugh all you can. Your laughter makes me smile (how corny ~~). It’s infectious.


      • Read your post on Soompi and gave you a plus. Well said but I don’t think many ppl see it as we do. Sigh. I don’t usually comment there because I find myself not being able to be objective enough. I’m heavily skewed on one side toward Shin/Yonghwa and don’t really want to have to explain myself there 🙂

        Btw slight correction: I’ll only forgive Kyuwon if she pleads and begs Shin like Shin did her. I like to give ppl 2nd chances. 😛

        Ish…..I’m probably going to get bashed by Kyuwon fans. How dare I suggest mighty Kyuwon to beg? I’m going off to hide now. *grins*

      • I gave catcher’s post a plus too, but it’s only 8 till now!!!

        I don’t understand soompiers nowadays … some 2nd hand info easily earns a star, but some well-written and thoughtful writing gets little attention.

  8. To catcher:

    Thank you!
    Can you hear me clapping my hands? Can you feel my hug?
    I just need to type a few words before I go out. Sorry that I was sleeping when you wrote these precious words and I couldn’t respond SOON enough! I promise I’ll read again (and again) telling you how I agree with you. Saying “I agree with you 100%” isn’t the right thing to do! Quoting Shin: Since I met you (Yonghwa), I’ve talked so much; it’s so unlike me.
    Let me know if you want me to edit your post here, and how you like it done. Not read your soompi post yet, has it gained tons of pluses already?

    Cheers ^ _*

  9. I write in response to catcher’s comments and for those who are on the same page with us.

    I shouted on twitter that I’d hate Kyuwon if she dares leave in the next episode. I wasn’t exactly being honest. I hated her already. When she got the call from Bowon, it totally looked like she’d leave without thinking she’s with Shin. If Shin hadn’t come to her at that moment, she’d left on her own already. And when Shin tried to persuade her not to go, saying she couldn’t possibly help saving Director/anybody/anything, she didn’t care to argue with Shin; she just walked away. I don’t think she’s being heroic, it’s just that Director’s more important than Shin in her heart. Please understand that I just don’t like Kyuwon, the character in the story, not Shinhye, the actress. Why did Shin think he needs to protect Kyuwon? She’s the kind of girl who’s afraid of her hair being pulled dating the hottest boy in school; she feels angry when some sillies make all students vote, for or against her love life. She didn’t stand up and speak for herself before. Why did she suddenly become so brave, so ready to face the whole world condemning her? I just think it’s more on her feelings towards the director, rather than anything else.
    Shin is just being himself. Why do people suddenly say he’s selfish? Hasn’t he been the narcissistic prince in the very beginning till now? Though he can be very caring/nice towards the people he loves, say his family and bandmates, he doesn’t give a damn about others. In this case, he can’t possibly care about Director. But he commented about Director’s not caring about Yoonsu’s feelings. I respect him a lot on this. People dare to judge Shin! Who’s being selfish here?

    Maybe the lead in K dramas have always been so perfect, people can’t accept somebody like Shin. He doesn’t care about justice; he doesn’t care about saving the world. But he’s willing to sacrifice a lot for his loved ones. Remember how he carried the burden missing his birth father all alone, not wanting to bother her mom a bit? His world is very small. But I find him very real. BTW, a twenty year old college boy should be perfect?

    catcher, thank you again for sharing your thoughts. And I just LOVE that imaginary letter LOTS. I wish I could be as eloquent as you!

  10. One thing that helps me realize people’s prejudice towards Shin is how much they’ve been pointing their fingers at Shin for wanting to protect Gyuwon. I might be too biased to talk about Shin’s good intention, therefore I shall not. Rather, I want to talk about Gyuwon, the girl who is supposed to “love” LeeShin.

    For me, the million dollar question here has nothing to do with anyone but Lee Gyuwon.

    Does she really love Shin?

    No, I don’t think she does, at least not as much as I’d like to.

    Why, some might ask. Here is why.

    When Shin was in a vulnerable state after his father’s death she wanted to be the first one to comfort him. And mind you, the first one, not the one. That’s why when she saw Yoonso there with Shin, she stormed off, all wet and soaked with tears, shouting to the rain that LeeShin was a pabo. A pabo for what Gyuwon? For crying on Yoonso’s shoulder not yours? Did it ever occur to you that the guy just freaking needed someone there?

    Talk about selfishness.

    If she was the same mighty Gyuwon we all know of, she could’ve waited until Shin turned his head around and saw here standing and waiting for him. She could’ve put her wounded pride aside for a moment and asked if Shin was alright. His freaking father just passed away for goodness’s sake.

    But no, Gyuwon went home, all determined to give up on her love for Shin. She decided to to stop loving Shin because her pride was hurt, and because she told Shin to quit on Yoonso but he refused to.

    Oh, talk about controlling.

    In real life, it would’ve taken a very long time to move on from a rejected love. It could’ve hurt Shin so much that he might have never ever see Gyuwon at all. But somehow LeeShin managed to do all of that, moving on and falling in love again. He realized his mistakes, and made up for his wrong doings right away.

    I know we all agree (don’t we?) that Shin has been an fast learner and an excellent adapter, so I need not to dwell on that topic. Rather, I’d like to nitpick on one thing that’s been bothering me a lot.

    What has Gyuwon done during the time Shin was learning?

    For the fun ot it perhaps, Gyuwon decided to stand aloof and enjoyed Shin’s struggling efforts. She might be too happy being the receiving end to remember that it takes two to tango. I understand her pride was hurt because she felt for him first, but I can’t understand why Shin needs to try to make their relationship work on his own.

    Oh, is it because Shin needs to make up for Gyuwon’s loss? Please excuse my ignorance, what exactly did she lose? I-accidentally-love-someone-who-doesn’t-love-me-back is a scenario that happens to everyone at least once in a lifetime. It should not be an earth shattering thing at all, should it? So, tell me, why Shin has to suffer before being loved by Gyuwon again?

    Oh, no, that’s a rhetorical question. My bad.

    I know this might, well, will definitely come out as a counter-argument, one that could irk a lots of viewers out there. However, please believe me again when I say I don’t mean war. I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and have no intention to convert anyone’s mind to be on the same page with me. It’s a free world, and will always be.

    @klaritia: I’m so grateful I can keep coming back here with you and everyone. I’m not happy either with all the minus/plus thing at soompi, lol, mainly because I know this time we’re really alone on this matter. *sigh* 8 pluses = 8 frantic Yonghwa’s fans. lol.

    Perhaps we’re too biased, and i mean, really really really biased! XD

    P.S. I wasn’t a fan of Shinhye before, but I have to admit she’s very talented. Been admire that talent since Tree of Heaven. I think she’s one actress that’s been underrated, and am sure she could do more.



    • I can imagine people accusing us for pointing fingers at Kyuwon to protect Shin.
      Just checked soompi thread and there’s 9 pluses now. So one more Shin fan? I won’t say only 9 Yonghwa fans, coz that’s gonna totally break my heart. People can dislike Shin but like Yonghwa? I know I’m totally childish checking on that. Silly too?
      So Shin’s second love story is kind of one-sided too? No wonder I don’t have the mood to make an MV … I totally planned for that before I watched ep 11. *sigh*

      • I could be sensitive, but people say they understand if there’s someone adding rose-colors to whatever Shin does because he’s such a gem.

        If my previous post is kinda too much, please feel free to delete it. It was a result of reading one or two comment talking about us. I wouldn’t mind at all.

        I’m not waiting or expecting anything this Wednesday. (That’s a first). Wondering if I’ve given up on waiting for miracles happen to LeeShin. Thought he deserved that.

        *hide self*

      • It’s PERFECTLY OK that you posted. Everybody needs to vent some air.

        I don’t want to spend too much time considering opinions I disagree with than opinions I accept …
        That makes me an even more biased fan? Just to keep myself sane.

        Cheers ^_*

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