2011.08.04 Heartstrings NGs

[720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Dear saturn has been telling us that Yonghwa is HAPPY doing the drama. I mean I believe what the drama staff reported and what the stalking fans said (which are faithfully recapped everywhere, I read from other sources too), but the NGs just show it all.

The charming musician and budding actor is a happy kid inside. πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “2011.08.04 Heartstrings NGs

  1. Looking at his gummy smiles/laughs makes me forget everything I want to say in your previous blog about a vulnerable LeeShin trying to stop Gyuwon. Wonder if I’ll have the nerve to actually post on soompi on the same matter later on. Perhaps I should rewatch HT’s NGs for goodness’s sake. lol.

    To re-quote our famous saying, I’m happy if Yonghwa’s happy.


    • I’ve been wondering why you haven’t said anything about ep 11 yet!!! Say whatever you like about ‘our’ Shin here. Be biased! That’s why I’m here and that’s why I like ‘talking’ to you.

      • oh dear, oh dear.

        for your encouraging words, I’ve spent 2 hours ranting and the semi product came out on soompi and the final one here. am I making sense? lol.

        please come and bash my words freely.

        *runs and hides self*


  2. hi, i’m a newbie..
    juz want to thank you for this awesome blog..
    i enjoy reading all your comments regarding our handsome, cute and bubbly Yong Hwa..
    and i treasure all the gif s you made <3<3<3
    thanks for your effort klaritia..

  3. I know I’ve been leaving my opinions on almost everyone of your posts recently. I can’t seem to shut up when it comes to Yonghwa. *shy*

    I’m glad to see he’s still his normal happy self in the BTS. I’m happy he’s happy too.

    I was so angry with Ep11. I’m just hoping Shin won’t get hurt any further in Ep12. I mean…if we look back, he’s had to deal with Yoonsu rejecting him (heartbreak), his Dad’s passing (another heartbreak) and now Kyuwon lies and seems to want to protect Seokhyun more than his feelings. Poor Shin.

    • If you feel shy, that makes me shameless! Making tons of gifs and caps, even quoting Shakespearse commenting on his pics … So don’t say you’re shy and just say what you feel like saying. πŸ˜‰

      Is it possible that Yonghwa has been quite good playing Shin that some of us are liking/loving him like a real person? I can’t stand him being heartbroken neither. But they say Shin needs to be heartbroken for the sake of the drama plot… I can’t watch him in a particular episode thinking about drama plot or stuff like that. I just feel his feelings: smiile when he smiles, am sad when he’s sad. If you see what I mean … Too emotionally invested? I can’t help it.

  4. i havent seen mch of WGM BTS if there is..is Yonghwa like dz too? ive just seen YAB BTS & now HS..anyway im glad dey having a gud tym inspite of d pressures around dem.tnx klaritia:)

  5. Yes, he looks really happy and playful doing the filming. I’m happy πŸ™‚
    He has worked really hard all the way. At first, I’m afraid that because of his busy filming schedule, maybe he will get sick or look tired. But, knowing him doing just fine, it makes me happy ^^

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