[Fan MV] Shin to Kyuwon: I want to hold your hand

I’ve decided to create as many good memories as possible watching the drama that my favorite star is in. So I’m making another MV.

Edit: It looks nicer on twitvid. ^ ^ http://www.twitvid.com/JB7YB

Sorry that somehow the audio near the end clicks a little. I tried re-rendering and so on, it’s still there. A little imperfection; hope Yonghwa won’t mind.

Background music: ‘I want to hold your hand’ by Beatles (1963)

Some British boys singing ‘I want to hold your hand’ made girls of the whole world scream 50 years ago. Some of us commented here that Shin’s ‘holding hands’ with Kyuwon looks like it’s freaking something. Did your heart flutter? To me, the holding hands scenes seem more romantic than the kiss(es). Can we expect a REAL kiss later? I’m begging the PD and script writer!

Is it because our Yonghwa can act with his hands too? Admiring his ‘manly’ hands! But he’s to show us how manly he can kiss!

5 thoughts on “[Fan MV] Shin to Kyuwon: I want to hold your hand

  1. I love it! Was smiling uncontrollably when I was watching it… How can something as simple as holding hands bring so much spazzing? Love love love Yong Hwa’s cheeky look whenever he grabs her hand. Great mv, klaritia. I want a manly kiss scene too!

  2. Nice! I think I’m one of those rare few that actually likes hand-holding and hugging more that kisses. There’s just something about a guy holding a girl’s hand that tells me, “I like you and I’m here for you”. Gives me such a warm, fuzzy feeling all over. Gosh, i’m so old-fashioned 🙂

    Btw, love that first ‘official’ hand-holding between Shin and KW. The way he slides his hands down her wrist to capture her hands. Sexy!

  3. thanks for the mv..me, i am not requesting but demanding that a deeper kiss will happen..i’ve been shipping for this couple since YB and was so happy that they finally got paired here in HS..that’s why i hope to see a deep kiss, way deeper than what HTK gave to GMN in YB….by the way, i didn’t imagine that YH’s hands are so masculine and manly since i always see him strumming his guitar….i love how he holds the hands of GW (shinhye)…handholding gives a girl a different feeling, a feeling of security..reminiscing my college days, that’s why i love HS..

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