Heartstrings ep 12 preview with English subs

The dailymotion one will take forever again?

So on twitvid too… http://www.twitvid.com/2LCGX

Everything will be alright???!!! But I only see Shin looking after Kyuwon … This boy deserves LOTS OF LOVE!

Don’t tell me it will not have a happy ending!!!

Back hug … good … but where’s the kiss? <— Sorry for asking too often!

Junhee is cute … even with this MESSY hair. I want to wash and comb his hair however. Somebody said she wants to take him home and ‘wash’ him from head to toe, inside and out too … (a little exaggeration by me, coz she said that in Chinese)

6 thoughts on “Heartstrings ep 12 preview with English subs

  1. i wanna second klaritia. Where’s the prolonged kiss? Hello?

    To be honest, I’m not YH/SH shipper at all, I’m on the opposite of the ship and belong to the other camp. lol, klarritia knows what other camp I’m talking about. XD

    By the way, if possible, I hope klaritia someday would be generous enough to pen a so called open thread so that I can talk about the other camp that she seems to dislike much. lol. frankly, I haven’t visisted a certain thread for a long time because there are too many delusions over there that I feel suffocated. I mean, liking/loving idols is one thing, but going overboard with an illusion about that love is another. XD

    Also, I’d like to see what sane minds think about that topic too.

    Oh, before I forget, my congrats to Shin for keeping Gyuwon stay put after that hug. Talk about desperation.


    • Don’t worry, I am sure a prolonged kiss wish will be granted someday…somewhere…:))

      catcher….i guess we are in the same league…LOL. I also need to vent to some sane minds. I wouldn’t force Klaritia to do things she doesn’t want to do since this is her blog. If she doesn’t feel like it, maybe you can open one for us?

    • catcher, I always know you’re from the other camp. Believe it or not, I actually talk to a few YongSeo shippers.
      I don’t mean to show I’m generous; I just don’t want to be afraid anymore. And in case somebody misunderstands me. Or I’ll be misunderstood even more? This is a dangerous idea!

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