A nobody speaks.

~ Especially for catcher and Yuki ~

I always know this: I’m a magnet for YongSeo fans, for obvious or not-so-obvious reasons. I won’t use the term ‘shipper’, for I’m not so sure about how most people see the term. A fan is a person who enjoys watching and talking about a certain thing a lot. Can we agree on this?

I really mean I’m nobody, but why do I think there may be people reading this or I think I need to speak to people who ‘recently knows me’? This blog suddenly becomes popular (popular compared to pre-Heartstrings era, I mean … not really popular); I’m a little afraid actually. And suddenly I have 1100+ followers on twitter. Last time I checked, it’s about 600.

I have fun talking to catcher here lately. My gut feeling told me she’s a YongSeo fan. Her commenting on my ‘dislike of the other camp’ makes me realize maybe I should clarify something. I never hate the YongSeo couple; I just don’t want the show to last too long. I stated my point of view on this matter in February, 2011. It’s a reply to a friend’s blog post. My position hasn’t changed and I really meant what I said. I’m sorry if I offend Seo Hyun’s fans using ‘the girl’ instead of her name. I don’t mean I dislike her; like what I said, I don’t know her at all. Maybe somebody who talks about Yonghwa saying ‘the boy’ will offend me? I don’t know.

And I talked with a couple of regulars here in a Shinwoo post about this matter. Read the post as well as the comments if you care to know what exactly I think.

Honestly, I feel very uncomfortable to be seen as an enemy to certain YongSeo fans as a result of my comments about WGM. Please understand I don’t mean all YongSeo fans. What I thought about a show offended certain fans to the extent that I received twitter mentions with rude words? I feel particularly frustrated when it comes to posting on the soompi CNBLUE thread, somebody (I don’t know if there’s just one person with multiple accounts) gives me minuses whenever and whatever I post, up till yesterday. You’ll say I don’t have better things to do than checking the pluses and minuses. But it’s just too obvious sometimes, taking into consideration that I usually visit the thread at least 3 times a day.

I actually posted (in mid March) on the soompi CNBLUE thread welcoming YongSeo fans, inviting them to know Yonghwa more as a part of CNBLUE and gave them links to benchmark pages of the thread. Some soompier was actually shocked to know that I actually watched WGM. Can I take it that some people don’t know enough about things?

PS Maybe this post should be titled: Why am I afraid to talk about WGM?

PPS You’re free to comment, but not so free as to start a war, between you and me or among each other. I hope I won’t regret making this post.

Edit: Closed for comments. I’ve moved on. Hope you have too.

13 thoughts on “A nobody speaks.

  1. Agree with u. Most of yongseo fans just cannot let go their fairytale like daydream. I understand that, by using wild imagination maybe they (or me also) can have some time-out from this stressful n tired life… I feel sorry with Yong Hwa n Seohyun. can u imagine their life after mess they made with their own act on WGM? btw as celebrities, thats what they have to pay for their fame, rite? But their private life is still belong to them, not every inch, every word, even couple is belong to their fans..

    p/s; well Khuntoria fans n other couple on WGM also have to deal with this matter sooner. Just face the reality, they r just Acting 4 ur own satisfactions, and more important they do it just for their income n fame. Just Wake Up. Fullstop!

  2. Fans.
    I am a fan. No, i’m just another fan.of Yonghwa.
    A nobody, just like you.
    But you are more than just ‘nobody’ for me.
    You are
    a ‘nobody’ who watch every single shows that is featuring him.
    a ‘nobody’ who’s been diggin updates about him every single day.
    a ‘nobody’ who shares everything about him with others
    a ‘nobody’ who still support him no matter what

    just because this ‘nobody’ suddenly have the courage to post her slightly different opinions from others ,now this ‘nobody’ slowly become somebody to others who cant accept the difference that ‘nobody’ tried to convey.

    however, i’m glad i made friend with this ‘nobody’. love her thoughts and fangirling moments.
    well ‘nobody’, you’re not alone!! ^^.
    love ya lots.

    • I’m on your side. ^^ You give me the feeling of true fan&supporters and everything of yonghwa!

  3. Please don’t regret what you post. Your thoughts are always insightful even though some may disagree with the content. But hey, it’s your thoughts and it’s your blog. As one Yonghwa fan to another, here’s a virtual hug. 🙂

  4. I actually have guessed that as a avid fan of Yonghwa, you must have watched WGM, like it or not. Just like me, I have watched every single show/performances featuring Yonghwa and CNBLUE boys that I can get my hands on.

    To be honest, I got to know Yonghwa in his YAB days. But he did not give me lasting impressions until I accidentally picked up WGM. I was blasted by the commitment and affection shown by this 22 year old boy. And I am delighted to find the CNBLUE gem through this.

    I have seriously thought about what kind of fan I am? A Yonghwa fan or a YongSeo fan? I started to order CNBLUE CDs and DVDs. My hard drive is filled with CNBLUE performances, photos of Yonghwa and the boys. I have the best translated copy of all 51 episodes of YongSeo couple. I would say both. But probably Yonghwa > YongSeo.

    I am not so much emotionally invested in YongSeo that I want them to marry for real tomorrow so that my ‘fairytale fantasy’ would be satisfied. There is a long way to go in their career and lives. And this is possibly just one stop in their lives. For me, YongSeo’s story remind me of those pure feelings of first love. I was touched by the sincerity shown by both, which is so different from the other WGM couples I have watched because of YongSeo. I MY eyes, Yong and Hyun did develop affections towards each other through the experience even though they might have considered this to be a show in the very beginning. They are both of the types who take things seriously. I feel this is a great experience for Yonghwa since idol life is too cruel. And I am glad that this love can be an inspiration for Yonghwa’s singing and composing.

    However, I am not a teenager fan girl. I think everyone is entitled to his/her own perspectives. And I might differ but I RESPECT other’s opinions. Because you love something does not give you the ticket to hate others. Klaritia is not a YongSeo fan. It’s ok because I know you are a Yonghwa fan. And we are on this same ground. We both care and cheer for Yonghwa. That’s the reason I visit this blog often. I guess Klaritia have guessed long time ago that I am also a YongSeo fan at the same time but she still welcomed me with open arms. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your understanding. I guess two persons don’t have to agree on everything to be able to talk to each other. Nice ‘meeting you’ too.

  5. hii.. i watch WGM too and i admit i know more about yong hwa after i watched the show but i already became his fan before his appearance in WGM. i saw him on stage and immediately starstruck by his stage charisma.. i like him even more after WGM because it show how he really is.. a funny guy with a lot of manners and senses. i never see him as choding or whatever they call because i think his attitude is normal as human being. i really wanna smack down those people who always bashing him and over analysed for what he did in WGM.

    Although i watch wgm and heartstrings, i didn’t become any couple shipper. i think yong hwa is professional enough in his work. when people tends to over analysed his acting in HS with shin hye, i really hate this. come on people, to be LEE SHIN, he need to love GW. yong hwa is a good actor so if people can see LEE shin love GW that means he already play the role successfully. PLs DO NOT OVER ANALYSED anything.

    dont worry klaritia, i understand you completely. its okay yo say something like that because i find that your post is not too much at all. =)

  6. You’re not nobody. You’re a fan. Who likes Yonghwa of CNBLUE a lot. The very first own reason we “met” in 2009 and become friends until now. Though later I cheat for Jonghyun lolol. We share and love them together. It’s enough for me.

    I don’t have any comment on WGM though. The show is over and I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. Just wanna say… sometime people tend to forget that uri Yongyong is just 22 years old….

    – a noona fan-
    “I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody – Bill Cosby”

  7. First of all, I’d like to dedicate this thread for myself, oh that’s totally I, Me, Mine, Myself from 2NE1. Lmao. j/k.

    klaritia, forgive my lateness in replying/commenting on this topic. I was waiting till my joy (in knowing you actually gathered the courage to re-open a rather rusty topic for me, yes!) and emotions (about how CNBlue/Yonghwa’s fans think about his stint in WGM) to die down before writing anything. Also, I needed some time to rethink about my hasty assumption about your disliking WGM or a particular girl.

    We’ve only known about each other recently and I’ve already assumed things about you that I shouldn’t have. That says something about what kind of person I really am, doesn’t it? It’s sad when you know you’re no different to the rest, when truth is you could be. It even hurts a little deep down, tbh. However, I can’t undo what’s already done, so I’m not going down on the sorry road to you, klaritia. Instead, I’m gonna take the careful road so as not to make the same mistake to you, or any other kind souls here in this blog. So please bear with me when I’m trying, yeah?

    Talk about definition, shipper or fan to me makes no difference, because I’m neither one of them. When you explained those terms, I had some kind of epiphany about myself [again!] I didn’t know I tended to use words that do not accurately describe my liking for Yonghwa or YongSeo at all. Yes, I do watch WGM shows and monitor Yonghwa’s activities more than I usually do other artistes/bands, but a fan, a “fan” fan? No, I don’t think so. Because when I compare my time devoted to Yonghwa to your time devoted to posting gifs, videos, cuts or news about the boys or lunatic shippers’ time devoted to analyzing/overanalyzing little things related to YongSeo, I feel as if I’m the real “nobody” here. Other than leaving a few words here and there, I haven’t done anything that could be worth calling a fan.

    So don’t criticizing yourself, klaritia, it makes me feel small and insignificant. Agree?

    I have so much to talk about WGM/Yonghwa/Seohyun, but I don’t think it’s wise to re-talk about things that everyone else has eloquently done a good job with it. But please allow me to sum up my thoughts about this imaginary couple.

    As much as I want them to be real, my sane self tells me it’s impossible. Well, it doesn’t take much to see how different their personalities are and how their social life don’t run well with each other. Having said that, unlike some hardheaded Boices, I don’t want to deny the fact that Yonghwa surely felt the attraction towards Seohyun. Who wouldn’t tbh? Guys are all about appearance if you ask me. Even my bf admits that Seohyun’s stubborn and naivety isn’t really his thing, but if she was to appear in front of him, he’d be gladly to enjoy her presence. Lol. Yonghwa was still a rookie at the time, and still unfamiliar with famous celebrities like Seohyun. That explained the amusement I saw him display in the early WGM episodes. But as time went by, the attraction was seen to die down due to his heavy schedule and the very fact that her character wasn’t what Yonghwa looked at when it comes to girls. Seohyun is a kind girl who is rare to see in their entertainment world, but certainly isn’t the only one with a determined mind out there. She’s charming, but surely isn’t the only pretty one out there either. Yonghwa must have known that by now.

    But I guess what set YongSeo couple apart from other couples in WGM shows was their sincerity and honesty. I also enjoy Khuntoria or WooJung couples too, but for pure entertainment. At one time, having no life whatsoever, I pictured Yonghwa with Victoria/Eunjung and even Sully for goodness’s sake, but the picture I came up with was so much different than the picture of YongSeo. Yonghwa might have been more famous with his witty and humorous side if it had been Victoria. He could have portrayed a real husband image with any of the girl mentioned above, since they all know how to work the magic of skinship, not that it’s a bad thing about them. (my apology to the girls’ fans). Fans might have liked it more if Yonghwa wasn’t as timid as he was with Seohyun. Fans like you, klaritia, because you said you weren’t pleased with how he had to tone down his personality to accompany with her space. But that’s all my crazy mind’s work. Yonghwa did end up with Seohyun and came out with a soft side of his that we, or I, could have never known otherwise. For that, I’m thankful for the show’s setup.
    I’m no believer, thus, I find it very weird for people to shout out a particular slogan in a particular camp as if the more they shout the truer it is. For me, a person who liked Yonghwa’s and Seohyun’s self in WGM, until the day they publicly announce that they’re together (which I highly doubt if ever happens), I shall tell myself that it was an encounter that they were both grateful for and that they are only lasting in terms of memories, theirs and ours.

    However, being displeased with that knowledge, I tend to vent my wishy feeling on finding fans’ writings to read, those with heavy angst or reality’s touch in it, or even more pathetic, I write my own stories. Lol. Oh, by the way, I think I don’t have a life at all. Lmao. (please excuse this advertisement segment, I’m a lone soul without followers, unlike you klaritia, you have more than a thousand. Holy smoke!)

    Should I stop myself here before I ridicule myself with my 2 cents? I’m happy that nobody jumped into a war of arguments upon your kindness to have a place for me here. I didn’t realize you already had a post about WGM before. My apology.

    Well, to be utterly honest, even if I had known, I would have still asked you to do the same thing, cuz I sheepishly like it when people dedicate something for me. I like to test the water just like that. Kill me. XD

    *smack self*

    Alrighty, last but not least, tell me klaritia, did I make you regret making this post? ~_~


    • Reading this, I have no regrets. Thank you.
      I think I’ve said this already: I wish I could be as eloquent as you. If so, maybe I wouldn’t have been so misunderstood. Maybe not? Or I didn’t quite care to explain sometimes. Being a ‘fan’ fan is too busy already.
      *A virtual hug to a virtual friend*

  8. @Jill and @chiara
    Sorry for telling you girls late. But I’ve been waiting for my emotions to die down to say this: I totally felt your virtual pat-pats reading your words. Love you lots!

  9. To della:
    Thanks for ‘standing up for me’ but I’m afraid your comment is too harsh. As I don’t want to cause more misunderstanding between ‘the two sides’, I hide it.

    And I think I have enough discussion on this matter with anybody already. So comments are closed for this post.

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