Oh my, (my) kissing boy!

Forget about the back hug, I mean the second pic. Who has butterflies in the stomach seeing it? *raise my hand*

I was so late seeing this … my twitter TL stopped talking about that already and so I can’t help writing some words on this. Just to earn a few more clicks! (Sorry for enjoying my 15 minutes fame.)

I can’t remember seeing a scene of a boy kissing a girl on the ear … I have a failed memory or what? Who has seen something like this?

After last week’s episode, there’s a news article with title calling Yonghwa the ‘kiss guy’. My weibo friends said the reporter sounds kind of negative. I wonder what the news will say this week.

It’s sing… kiss… part 2 in episode 12! Shin will sing Kyuwon the ‘Comforting Song’.

Will you trade a lingering deep kiss for a totally innovative/creative kiss each and every episode? So 4 for 1.

Sorry for talking about kiss too often. This crazy woman!

16 thoughts on “Oh my, (my) kissing boy!

  1. I knew you’re gonna blog about this kekeke.

    I don’t mind 1 kiss per episode until E15 but a pervert question will pop up in my head: “Lips, forehead, cheek/ear are all done… where in the world he’s gonna kiss her this time?”

    Hahaha. Please forgive this B noona.

    Btw, there are two different pics for the backhug scene, hope you already got it.^^

    • I was totally fishing for your comment … you B noona!!!
      2 backhug pics? Gotta look for them. My eyes got stuck on the kiss one!!!
      You know, the pinching cheek thing was Yongyong’s idea. I wonder if this kiss on the ear thing is his too. Maybe the script just say kiss on the cheek. 🙂

  2. az a Shinhye hardcore fan I know it ! Shinhye’s left ear is sensetive .. * I know it from YAB BTS*…Smart and noughty Yonghwa.

    Thank you for wonderful bloG.

  3. what the fudge? o_O

    butterflies? p-lease… *me raise hand *, oh wait, *me raise leg too*

    I mean, what the fudge Yonghwa?

    @klaritia: by any chance anyone waiting for me? *sheepish smiles*


      • I’m content already. ^_________________________^ [widest smile ever]

        By the way, I hope Gyuwon could at least return Shin’s feelings. I mean, guys are supposed to initiate skinship like holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc. but I mean, we girls ain’t that innocent to be the receiving end all the freaking time right? RIGHT?

        I don’t want to see Shin’s one sided love anymore. Neh Gyuwon?

      • lol. I guess I wasn’t the ONLY one who was disappointed with the kiss in episode 12?

        It was even worse than the one shown in the preview. Too shy to linger on her cheek even a little bit longer Yonghwa? Or was it the editor who chose the wrong angle? Meh.

        why am I grumpy about LeeShin/Yonghwa’s kiss all the time?

  4. Yonghwa-yah.
    how can u resist those beautiful lips which is just inches away from the cheek/ear.
    LOL~why do i see it as him kissing ShinHye’s hair instead?
    Lee shin,master of skinship=)

    and oh,wat do u mean by the reporter sounds negative?

  5. hii…last time i post here, i didnt introduce myself..sorry
    maybe the news sound negative because too many sweet moment between the leads.. hoho.. who knows.. ngee

  6. I won’t get so hyped next time. If there’s still a chance of another kiss.
    The teasing pics are ALWAYS more exciting than the real scene. Talk about disappointment.

    If you look close at the hugs like me too, you’ll know I find them weird like I do? He’s too conscious that he shouldn’t get too close, too close that he touches somewhere or she touches somewhere. o_O

    • I agree with you that Shin/Yong is too conscious when hugging Gyuwon/Shinhye. Friendship in the way perhaps? Pffff.

      The cheek kissing scene, I don’t remember Gyuwon’s hand on her chest as shown in the episode. Snobby editing skills or intended teasing? Pffff.

      I want to see Yonghwa in another drama. A real one. With a real character. And a real female partner who isn’t his friend at all.

      Greedy much?


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