HS ep 12 cut – He sings to heal her soul

This just can’t wait! (I sound as if anybody is waiting for me … )

On twitvid: http://www.twitvid.com/QSPG4

[720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

Smile, don’t be sad
It’s alright, don’t shed tears
Now I’m singing this song
Hope it can become your little comfort
Smile, don’t let yourself be hurt
It’s alright, even if the whole world makes you feel bad
As time passes, you’ll understand this everything
Smile, don’t you have me at your side?
I love you, do you hear my heart speak?
Don’t care what people say
And you have me who believes in you
Smile, look at my eyes
I love you
My heart that loves you will never change
Please lean on my shoulder, take a little rest
You still have me who believes in you at your side

English lyrics by klaritia, based on Chinese translation by cnpink @ weibo

PS I haven’t made music cuts of ep 10 and 11. I must say I’m not that impressed with those. Later.

18 thoughts on “HS ep 12 cut – He sings to heal her soul

  1. Good morning, and thanks… going straight into my iPhone.

    In love with this song (or rather yong yong singing this song)… am waiting for more info on the song – official name, composer, will it be in the OST???

  2. It is not featured in the new OST album. Instead, M Singal version of the same song is included. I guess (or I hope) it is because Yonghwa has no time to record for the OST album.

  3. wohoo. another energy to be fed to my iphone.
    n yeah. you’re right. i was waiting for ur cut.
    thank you.
    i think it will be included into the Part 3 of the OST.

    • Yes, part 3 please! This sounds so different (and better IMHO) than the one on the ost. I can’t wait to see Yong Yong sing this live with his guitar in their upcoming concerts (fingers crossed!)

      • exactly. Part 3 would be much better since they havent include the songs that are gonna play during the musical rite? lets just hope so. maybe the cover will be the scene during the musical. who knows.

      • OST part 3, means more money OTL OTL. I thought M signal is kinda a duo or something. A bit disappointed actually. I’m expecting Mr.Han is promoting Sehyun for the next band member from FnC. But he doesn’t stand out in the drama, I dun even know his character name!

        I really want Yongyong to sing some Heartstrings OST in next Blue Storm concert! Especially the song I miss you. I love that song very much, been looping it foreva in my playlist. But hmm.. only 3 weeks for practice.. hope they can harmonize really well. Aaaa.. so excited they’re gonna be back on Asia Tour. Woohooo…!

  4. In love with this song, been listening to this all night and i wish there’s some way to remove all the conversations :D.. well, I think we just have to wait for the next OST… And how sweet our Shin is.. singing this song on the school broadcast radio… he’s just too perfect.

  5. Tks for the cuts again. But I have to admit, I’m not gonna put the cuts from ep 10-12 on my iphone. I appreciated Yonghwa’s voice, but not the songs. Not very impressed.

    There’s this thing I’m itching to point out, not sure if I’m allowed though. lol.

    Things I dislike about Yonghwa in HT:

    1 – Skinny jeans – plz excuse my language, but wtf. I don’t know if it’s Yonghwa’s idea or his stylist or if he has to endorse sponsored clothes, but wtf is up with those colorful, skinny jeans? Guys ain’t supposed to wear them. Ew. just plain ew. EW!

    2 – Yonghwa’s hairstyle. It’s too short in some episodes. It’s too flat in some others. Argh. I’m not happy with his stylist for HT, at all. (who am I kidding though?) Well, I did like his smexy wet hair in episode 6 under that cinematographic shelter. But other than that one time, a huge ugh from me!

    That’s about it. lmao.

    Anyone with me?


    • I totally hate his jeans!!! And his bangs …
      I heard FnC hire a new team doing the HS styling. I think either the noonas have no taste or they don’t like Yonghwa enough to make him look good. Or like him too much and don’t want him to look too good?
      And I heard gossips that FnC fired a cody noona after they found out she’s big fan of Yonghwa.

      • can you feel my virtual hug klaritia?

        I hope to see his old stylists back, or FnC to get new ones asap please. I’m on the verge of going bonkers with LS’s current style very soon.

        Those gossips you heard, were they true? XD

  6. Hi, Kllaritia, i really love this “consoling song” so much. Is there a way that i can download in my mp3? And also it would be super perfect if all the conversation in the background can be deleted.

  7. Will there really have a part 3 OST? If so , hope that all the songs which yong sang will be included in the album, especially this (consoling song) and the first song he sang in ep 1 (don’t know the name of the song).

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