You can’t see love itself; you can only see love’s reflection

How long has he been holding her tight, till she finally replies to his begging?

“I’m not going … I said I’m not going … ”

So he can finally let her go … a few inches away from him.

Kyuwon asks Shin if the 100th anniversary musical is important to him. He says it’s important to him too. With her help, he’s been working hard on the ending song. He’ll regret it so much if his work will go in vain.

“But there’s something much more important than that.”
“What is it?”

“If you’ll get hurt by this, I have no problem quitting. It’s only meaningful to me if the performance is something that will make you happy.”

Then Shin asks why she didn’t tell him she’s seeing Director the other day. She explains that she wasn’t suppose to tell anybody. Shin argues he’s different from anybody. She says she didn’t want him to misunderstand. Shin says he isn’t the jealous type and asks her not to be like that again. Even if there’s something she thinks she shouldn’t tell anybody, she still needs to tell him. And she absolutely needs to let him know her whereabouts. She agrees.

A couple wearing couple tees pass them by. Kyuwon admires them a lot.

Shin warns her that he hates those things.

He asks again if the couple tees she claimed to be for Grandpa and her are actually for him and her. Kyuwon denies and is so angry that she shakes off his hand and walks away.

A store has caught her attention. And there are these totally cute phone straps.

Kyuwon (and me … and you too?) totally falls in love with them.

When the store keeper says they are couple phone straps, this is Shin’s reaction.

Kyuwon says she’ll just buy one for herself and pay for that herself and tells Shin that she’s gonna go to the other side of the store to look at other stuff. Is it such a big struggle, dear Shin?

Ta da …

Kyuwon asks why he changed his mind. He argues that it isn’t a couple thing. The little bears carry different instruments.

Maybe he knows his argument isn’t very sound. He shifts her attention by teasing her liking things that look like herself. She looks like a teddy bear! Kyuwon isn’t fond of this comment but we know actually Shin thinks both are cute.

It’s a long day. Time to go home.

Shin has to drive Director’s car back and he needs to go work at the Carthasis too. Kyuwon reminds Shin that he mustn’t let his sister have the teddy bear. They say goodbye. A happy face.

When Shin arrives at the Carthasis, he finds Director all drunken. Yoonsu is there and she asks if Kyuwon is alright. Shin says she seems fine, though maybe she pretends that she’s alright. “But I saw her smile finally, so I came.” Aww …

Shin actually helps carry Director to the car or even to Yoonsu’s place. Knowing Kyuwon’s worried about Director, he calls Kyuwon, telling her all the details.

Of course the teddy bear totally reminds him of her … he should have bought one carrying the gayageum instead. It’s like he’s kissing himself!

“Good night, Lee Kyuwon.”

Shin’s waiting for Kyuwon outside her home.

But it’s Grandpa that comes out. He says he’s got something to say to Kyuwon. Grandpa says she’s gone to school already.

Shin’s a boy with manners. He doesn’t just leave but starts a little conversation asking where Grandpa is heading to. But this is a bad idea. Grandpa just needs to brag about his status and everything. And he brings up this thing about his haven’t finished telling his life history yet.

Shin has a hard time responding and finally he says it’s really time for school and hurriedly leaves.

Kyuwon can’t find Director at school but bumps into Yoonsu instead. Yoonsu encourages Kyuwon to work hard for the musical, saying if she doesn’t, what Director’s done for her will be meaningless. And Shin finds the frustrated Kyuwon.

He says she shouldn’t leave on her own. She promises that she’ll text him next time. They are to go to the musical rehearsal. Shin says there’s nothing to be afraid of with him at her side. But here comes the devils. Sarang and the sillies. But they aren’t up to Shin’s level.

The real devil comes, Haejoong. He says he’s taken over Director Kim’s job and tells Kyuwon that they won’t need an understudy.

Shin is to respond but Kyuwon asks him not to say anything. She asks the faculty head why herself. I must say I admire a brave Kyuwon. (But she can have Shin besides her when she’s brave. That doesn’t make her look less brave.) But her being brave doesn’t win her anything. Shin doesn’t want to go to the practice anymore. Kyuwon assures him she’ll be fine and insists that he’s responsibility for others. Shin has to let go but he’s worried.

In the practice place, nobody welcomes the devil at all. Not to mention Shin.

Haejoong has changed the script but the students find many faults in it. Even Sarang comments that she can’t possibly appear in one scene as two characters, she’s no Hung Chidong. Haejoong says he’ll straighten things the next day and ask them take things easy for the time being. Shin raises his hand saying if the band can leave for the day as things aren’t that settled.

His heart isn’t ready for any practice anyway. He should be grateful to Haejoong’s saying yes? But he can’t help giving this scornful look as he leaves.

Shin looks around and asks people if they’ve seen Kyuwon.

She doesn’t answer his call.

I think I haven’t said how much I love the cinematography of this drama yet. This is such a beautiful scene. Shin is so small here … but he can become big in Kyuwon’s heart.

Shin knows how music can heal the soul. So he’s doing exactly that for Kyuwon now.

You know I have made a post for this particular scene. Cuts for download and lyrics translated too.

“Smile, look at my eyes … People in love can have the power … I won’t change … Lean on my shoulder and take a rest … Smile, the one who believes in you … is right here”

That’s how to mend a broken heart …

“Have you cried enough?” Another hug. But for comfort.

“Don’t ever cry in a place where I can’t see.”

I hope they’ll stick together and fight against the world after this. People in love have the power.

They leaves for some ending song practice. It’s even more awesome this time. Because … the two hearts has become one.

Then Kyuwon gets a call from Grandpa, demanding her explaining the scandal about her and Director. Shin’s little sister talked to Grandpa earlier, accusing Kyuwon as a two-timer. Junhee’s guilt has been building up all these days that he can hold it no more. He kneels in front of Kyuwon, confessing his being guilty of this whole mess.

Shin is so angry and scolds Junhee. Kyuwon tells Shin not to be angry.

Shin tells Kyuwon that they should go to see Grandpa together and explain. Kyuwon agrees that she really needs Shin’s help this time.

Kyuwon explains. Shin explains. But Grandpa just doesn’t listen, saying Kyuwon’s involvement in the musical all this time is anything but ‘useful’.

Shin says Kyuwon has been great helping him with the ending song arrangement. He even shows Grandpa the score. He says he could never have made such awesome music without Kyuwon’s help. Kyuwon’s so happy that Shin says that. But Grandpa isn’t impressed (or he is but doesn’t want to show it) and says it’s his gukak life story that has inspired Shin. So from tomorrow onwards, Shin is to come listen to him talk for an hour each day!

Poor Shin. But we know he’s willing to sacrifice a lot for Kyuwon. Actually he’s a plan for that. Maybe he can ‘use’ Bowon again. Kyuwon says Bown isn’t that stupid. Shin says he should ‘use’ Junhee; he totally deserves this for listening to Heeju. Talk about being friends!

Shin actually wants to go see Kyuwon’s room. But Grandpa comes out and ruins everything. He’s Bowon the second.

The sponsors aren’t happy that Seokhyun quitted and the students aren’t happy with Haejoong’s directing. I don’t understand Heeju’s mom at all. She’s all powerful but have no principles what so ever. She makes the headmaster brings Seokhyun back to be in charge again. The only villains in the story that has principle is Haejoong. He’s ready to ruin anybody’s life who stands in his way to drown Seokhyun.

So Director is back. Everybody’s happy, including Shin.

Directors says the students aren’t doing good enough. Since they’re running out of time, they need to go home and pack for 2 nights’ stay over in the school for some intense and serious practice.

Shin’s home. His sister comes to his room to borrow a stapler. But her eyes are on the teddy bear.

“You aren’t childish that you bought couple phone straps with Kyuwon onnie?”

“I can’t believed you’ve changed so much. You’d better change back to the cold Lee Shin!”

He doesn’t care that she’s angry. Ouch! Ouch!

He accidentally sees the photos he’s taken during his Jeju trip some time ago.

And of course Kyuwon is still using that broken suitcase going for the school trip. And Shin is doing exactly the same thing that he did many weeks ago.

Ring a bell?

“I remember you.”

“So it’s actually you who’re interested in me first.”
“True. We’ve come after a long way.”

“Don’t worry. Bowon will come soon enough.”

“Have I done something wrong again?”
“No. You’re just being loyal to your character.”

They’ve practiced hard. Time for sleep. Maybe not. What about some ghost stories? Sarang tells the girls that there have been this legend in school that students who’ve seen ghosts in the school all become very successful in their study and career. As they want the musical to be a success and things won’t be so scary if they go together, all agree for ghost hunting. Kyuwon isn’t so sure about that but it’ll be even scarier if she stays alone. Seokhyun’s assistant is even more naughty than any students. He tells his plan to the boys; they’ll go scare those girls hunting for ghosts.

Shin doesn’t like the idea at all. He’s not the playful kind and he knows Kyuwon’s afraid. The worst thing is that they all have to hand over their cellphones, lest anybody tips a girl about their plan.

“I’ve seen the teddy bear already. I understand you’ll miss it, but you still need to hand over the phone.” 🙂

Shin just won’t care to put on a mask or wear any costume; he means to look for Kyuwon only.

While Kyuwon is replying to Grandpa’s text, everybody’s left and she’s all a lone. The very afraid Kyuwon sees a ghost! No, her guardian angel finds her!

“You’re scaring me!”
“Haven’t I said already? You need to report to me wherever you go.”
“I’m just going with everybody. I need to report this too?”
“Of course.”
“Lee Kyuwon, I’m so angry. I really need to punish you.”
“What? Punish?”

A punishment that causes the heart racing.

A look that causes the heart to race even more.

*Blushing* I mean me.

Shin takes something out from his pocket.

“You’re still carrying this with you?” She has no idea.

“I need you to see me throw it away.”

“I guess we can’t see shooting stars here.”
“You want to make a wish?”
“Aren’t we together now?”
“Not this. Our 100th anniversary musical. I want everything to go safe and that it to end well.”
“Yes. It’s best that it ends perfectly.”

The perfect postures to make a wish.

Dear Kyuwon, you have every reason to feel happy!

The next morning. Time for some stretching exercise to lift the spirits. Not everybody’s enthusiastic.

The devil is jealous that the kids are happy. Haejoong stalked Heeju and knew her throat problem. He talked to Heeju’s mom, reminding her that what she’s done is preparing a feast for the enemy while she’ll get nothing in return. The woman who’s got no principle asks the University headmaster to cancel the musical. These adults never take things seriously; they only care about their pride. Stupid people. Or stupid plot? Never mind.

It’s the students that have been manipulated. Who cares about their dreams?

The lyrics of the ‘Comforting song’ that Shin sings are a little different in the Chin subbed video I watched compared to the translated lyrics I read earlier. I can understand interpretation varies according to different persons. A particular lyric in this different version impressed me a lot: “People in love have the power”.

I’ve been struggling if I should use it as the post title instead. The one I actually picked was inspired by something I read in a book. “You can’t see light itself. You can only see light’s reflection.” I think love is like light in many ways. And I see Shin’s love of Kyuwon reflected in all the things he’s done, all for her. I’m sure I’ll see Kyuwon’s love reflection soon. Shin’s lovelight is so strong. Almost a glare.

Which title do you prefer?

8 thoughts on “You can’t see love itself; you can only see love’s reflection

  1. Replaying the (cheeks) kiss scene again..and of course the loving gazes which followed after that..Lee Shin sure had mastered the best way to kiss and stare and make girl’s heart flutter… 😀
    I’m officially jealous of Gyuwon right now.. got serenaded, a comforting hug, a (cheeks) kiss and back hug.. all in one episode. .
    Oh… and I prefer “People in love have the power” for the title.. but I’ll still read your post, no matter what the title is.. 😀

  2. There are many things Gyuwon could have done for Shin but didn’t…

    She could’ve hugged him back when he begged her not to leave.

    She could’ve initiate the hand holding thingy for at least one to show her love for him.

    She could’ve waited for Shin to go to school with her in the morning. Not even a text message.

    She could’ve smiled a widest smile ever when he kissed her cheek. It was the second time already. Why the shyness?

    She could’ve touched his arms when he backhugged her to acknowledge Shin’s feeling.

    But she didn’t do any of the above, which to me, means one thing, “I’m flattered to be loved by a famous, handsome bf, but deep down, I’m not that interested”. lol.

    Just a little something.

    Episode 1 – 6 : Shin ignored Gyuwon’s feeling.

    Episode 7 – 12: Shin made up for his said ignorance, while Gyuwon hasn’t exactly reciprocated.

    Episode 13 – ?: It’s about time for a mutual love, scriptwriter.

    Gosh, I feel bad for stalking your blog this often. I’m off for my life now.

    Good night, klaritia.


    • Ah, I forgot, I love love love the title. It fits the current status of the two. Right now I can only see Shin’s love, which is supposed to be Gyuwon’s love’s reflection, but not the love itself.


  3. Shin and Gyuwon should have switches their teddy bears. Gayageum bear for Shin and guitar bear for Gyuwon. Oh.. they are so cute that I want one myself. Actually, Shin is right that the teddy bears do look like Gyuwon a lot 😉

    Hey Shin, are you in pajamas’s or Yonghwa‘s high school uniform in morning exercise session? What’s that about, cody noonas?

    I don’t like this episode that much. Too many sudden changes in the 100 anniversary musical manipulated to drive the plot. BTW, I don’t understand why Gyuwon would not pick up the phone when her dear bf called her. Love is for TWO to share happiness and sadness together.

    Sorry for my random and jumpy thoughts.

  4. I’m sorry I’ve been keeping silent the whole day regarding your beautiful Ep11 post. I originally didn’t want to post anything because I have nothing nice to say about Ep11, except how perfect Shin is (he’s really such a sweet and perfect bf who is always thinking of KW’s feelings first before anything else). Then again, I gush abt Shin/Yong all the time in your various posts so it’s nothing new. so, apart from Shin, I don’t have anything else positive to say and I resolved to stay quiet. But not so anymore. I just came from watching Ep12 and now I can’t wait for you to post your Ep12 recaps. I have to get this off my chest. So I’m very, very, sorry but your Ep11 recap is going to play host to my Ep11 AND Ep12 rants (no spoilers, I promise!)

    It’s confirmed. After watching Ep12, I’m no longer feeling ‘it’ for the drama. Apart from the messy plot, I really, really, really hated the way they portrayed KW as a martyr. She’s always playing the ‘victim’ and Shin is always having to ‘rescue’ her. Frankly, I’m getting bored with this scenario repeating itself over and over again. I can feel the love Shin has for KW but I’m not seeing this love being reciprocrated (yes, I sat through all of Ep12 and I STILL don’t see it). I want to see KW comforting Shin for a change. I want to see KW supporting Shin. I want to see KW being there for Shin. Where the heck is it?? Love goes both ways – not one person giving and one person taking all the time.

    So franky, I’m now really just sticking around for the last 2 eps just to oogle at Shin/Yong and to give Yong my complete support. Even the so-called chemistry that I loved so much is wearing thin with me now because KW is almost always a stiff cardboard whenever she’s in Shin’s arms. It’s like she’s carrying 2 heavy balls of lead in her hands because she can’t seem to lift her arms up to hug him back. I’m sorry if I offended KW’s fans and I am in no way bashing Shinhye because I think she’s a great actress. I’m just very sad with the way this drama is being played out. I’m not ‘getting’ the characters of KW, YS, KY anymore but let’s not go there because then this will be one heck of a long post. I just feel bad for the cast (esp our dear Yong) and crew for all the effort that they put in.

    So, I’m going away to wallow in my sorrows now. I hope I’ll have something nice to say when your Ep12 recap is up, Klaritia. You always do the eps justice with your posts 🙂 Till then.

    Ooh…I DO have something that I like in Ep11 (besides Shin and Shin’s voice). How cute are those teddy bear phone charms? I don’t care how old I am, I’m so definitely getting one (or more!) when I go to Seoul 😛 .

  5. wow thanks .. finally understand what i was streaming yesterday.. was half guessing.. gonna watch it during weekends … yeah i also think they should switch the bears lol.. i want the one holding the guitar …. I actually cried when junhee kneel , it’s not an act to do infront of a female friend … BTW … spot anything? “Don’t worry. Bowon will some soon enough.” … aaaaahhhhhh … the backhug…. kkkk…. so sweet …. ❤ ❤

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