Dreams have gravity

With the bad news that the musical was canceled, Director says he needs to go to the school to talk to the headmaster. Kyuwon wonders if it’s her fault again. Shin asks her not to worry, for Director will take care of things.

But Shin isn’t very sure of that actually. Director told him he would take care of things last time, but Shin only found him drunk.

Director comes back to tell the bad news to the students. There’s nothing he can do. He apologizes for his not being able to make sure their efforts aren’t wasted … It’s the end of the world to all of them. I mean to capture Shin’s hands below.

Shin asks if he should bring Kyuwon to see a SAD movie. “No.” “What about amusement park to ride the roller coaster?” “Now isn’t the time for that kind of things.” “I just want to let you cry or shout out loud where you won’t be seen and judged.” …

Shin tells her not to be too sad, she can always do another musical next year. But Kyuwon says things aren’t the same when Director won’t be around.

“Don’t you have a lot of good memories already? You captured the coolest guy in the university. This won’t be enough for you?”
“You arrogant brat!”
“I’m not being arrogant, it’s just a fact that I’m real handsome.”

Shin has somebody who cares about his feelings too. His mom.

Her mom tells her own experience during her school days. They didn’t want their hard work go wasted and just performed in front of the school entrance. She asks him not to be too disappointed, there’s always a way out.

He’s so happy for he’s found a way to save Kyuwon’s (and his too) dream.

He can’t wait but go straight to Kyuwon’s house to tell her his plan. I always find he looks cute seeing Grandpa, especially when he’s got to explain he doesn’t come to listen to his story.

Shin says they can have ‘their own musical’. Kyuwon isn’t so sure about that. Heeju won’t join them. Shin says they don’t need Heeju, she can be the lead actress instead.

The Stupid, Windflowers, Sarang and the sillies are all there to convince Kiyoung to join them. Because they think he’s the only person who can convince Director to help them. Kiyoung asks if this great idea is Shin’s. He will join them if Shin will quit. Just kidding. Deal!

But Director’s assistant comes to tell them that Director’s leaving for Broadway. While the others just sit there and be frustrated, Shin rushes out … and everybody follows.

Kyuwon begs him to stay. Shin too. And of course Kiyoung. Even Sarang and the Sillies. Director says he’s staying instead of going to Broadway. They must be their best or they will have to paid for his loss.

The politics in this university is so weird. Even if they are to raise the money themselves and do everything, they have to get approval. Finally, they’re ‘allowed’ to have their own musical. They need to raise money.

Shin contributes his money earned from performing at the Catharsis. Kyuwon: “That’s our Shinnie.” Bowon teases her.

Even Sarang contributes the money she saved for a nose job she’s planned in the holiday.

Shin and all the Windflower girls are making posters for the fun-raising performance to be held in Carthasis. Two girls have left for snacks but Bowon still doesn’t know she isn’t supposed to stay. Shin gives her this look.

Shin and Kyuwon talk about the old days. Shin apologizes for not showing up that time when she was raising money for her sick professor. He promises that he’ll raise a lot of money (for her) this time.

But they can’t talk for too long for Bowon asks (Shin) if she can come back to the room. She finds she has no where to go!

Kyuwon’s having extra dancing lessons from Yoonsu. She’s all tired and her legs are in great pain.

“I’m so tired.”
“Where has Lee Kyuwon gone? I see a granny in front of me.”
“Sit down.”
“I’m so tired. I don’t have energy for any talk. I want to go home.”
“I’m not asking you to talk to me. Just sit.”

+1 for the perfect boy friend. Leg massage. Where did he learn the skill? He used to do that for her mom after she went home late standing all day for work. The perfect son too. *sigh*

“30,000 won.” Just kidding.

It’s really high time for something like this. (Though I expect more than that.)

But Shin seems quite content with that.

The worst nightmare for any couple (in the East)? Seeing their parents dating.

Kyuwon’s dad tells Kyuwon Shin’s mom was his first love.

“He’s the one I was to marry.”
“So are you two going to start over again.”
“It’s too late for that. You are more important to me than that kind of thing. What worries you will never happen.”

Finally they can sleep. No nightmares. A little chat on the phone. But Kyuwon says she’s too excited for the performance at the Carthasis tomorrow. She can’t sleep. “Let me sing you to sleep.” He used to sing her little sister to sleep when she cried, not seeing Mom late at night. Mom worked long hours then. Perfect oppa too. *sigh, sigh*

(Just to show that Shin has REAL pyjamas to wear. And I swear I like the pants more than those tight colorful jeans he always wears.)

Comforting song. Take 2.

Carthasis. The Stupid X Windflower.

“You’ve fallen for me”

That how Shin can raise a lot of money? Fan service.

Kyuwon is jealous and go talk to a guy. It causes this face.

Maybe they miss their bickering time. Not me.

“It’s just because I find your face kind of pretty when jealous that I’m forgiving you. No more talking to guys like that.”

Kyuwon: Are you jealous?
Shin: Real jealous.

“Why you leave already? Still mad?”

“Right now I want to do something I shouldn’t do.”

Dear Shin, just do it already. (Many fans shouting?)

The story that happens in between is long. Anyway, Junhee convinces and brings Heeju to come back for the musical.

I can accept Junhee’s blind love. But what the heck? She comes and goes as she likes and Kyuwon has to be afraid of her? Shin isn’t.

“If Lee Kyuwon says she wants to do it, I’ll go away.” Shin waiting for Kyuwon’s answer.

I think I see tears in his eyes hearing Kyuwon’s answer.

I don’t understand why Kyuwon doesn’t expect Shin to follow her. He won’t let her cry alone.

She explains being the lead isn’t most important to her. It’s not her own musical … Shin’s ending song will sound totally awesome with Kiyoung singing it with Heeju.

“You’re such a good girl.”
“What? I’ve said I’m the 3-month-older noona … ”

“When you feel like crying, you cry in front of me.”

Things are getting complicated in the background. Heeju gives Kyuwon extra lessons. The others found out Heeju’s condition but she stays in the team (for help). Suddenly enemies become almost friends. It’s D-1 and at the end of practice, Heeju tease Shin and Kyuwon that they should go home straight instead of hanging around as love birds.

“I should really work hard, for Kiyoung oppa and Heeju too.”
“You’ll be great. Whose girlfriend are you?”

“Can you be a little serious at times like these?”
“I’m being serious. I don’t fall for a girl with no reason. The most awesome and prettiest girl in this world. The unique one. Is you.”

Getting excited and happy at the same time. But Kyuwon hasn’t told Shin her plan.

Shin is nervous. He’s worried if the performance will go fine and if the ending song will be well received …

The spell works. Yonghwa Shin is so COOOOOOOOOL and AWSOME!!!

I wonder what he feels when Heeju comes out dancing and performing instead of Kyuwon. But I absolutely knows what he feels when hearing Kyuwon sing the ending song in the background.

So sad! But he sings along.

Is it OK for him that she’s crying in a place that he can see?


I read something like this from a teen novel. (I’m teen no more but I look out for good  books.) Dreams are supposed to make you fly but they have this gravity. You need to take action to resist the gravitational force. (Not the exact words but that’s the idea.)

Does Shin have a dream? (You know how biased I’m watching this drama. But no apology from me.) Maybe or maybe not. I know he wants the musical ending song to be great. But he said his performance means nothing if the musical isn’t something that makes Kyuwon happy. He takes actions to help Kyuwon realize her dream. She was to become the lead actress. I know she’s a good girl and all but does she have the right to decide anything and this very important thing on her own? Not to mention she didn’t tell Shin, does she owe the other students and Director and Yoonsu an explanation? Does she care if everybody want Heeju?

I’m so sad seeing her tears, not because I pity her. I just feel the hurt of Shin. She gave up her dream (that Shin helped to make it come true). This dream will just suck her back to the ground? Yoonsu had a little chat with her after dance practice. “If after the musical, somebody sees your talent and offers you an overseas study opportunity, will you just leave for it?” Don’t tell me she’ll say yes when some crappy plot becomes the ending of this story. I read news articles saying the drama was meant to portray youth’s struggle, learning while making mistakes and the adults learn from the young at the same time. Can I see this as Kyuwon’s mistake? Or it’s Shin’s mistake to do too much for her? He has no life except her girlfriend’s life. I apologize to Shinhye’s fans that I criticize the character too much. I don’t mean I love the Shin character 100%. The perfect boyfriend image is sweet and all but not a challenging character for Yonghwa; he just needs to be himself. I prefer the Shin in episodes 1-6. I’m strange? I keep wondering what he would be like if there’s no this big plot change thing to ‘save’ the show.

I went to soompi to check on saturn’s post about the filming behind story. Reading it, I’m less frustrated about my frustration (Sorry for bad English). Yonghwa: I love this work very much. So I promise (him) I’ll watch till the very end with a happy heart.

19 thoughts on “Dreams have gravity

  1. Omg…here I am again. I hope you’re not sick of me and my comments. I’m feeling like such a stalker now. I’ll keep it short, I promise.

    I just want to thank you for this post. It has completely healed my sadness especially the 2nd last paragraph. Couldn’t have said it better myself. After live-streaming Ep13 last night, I came away with a heavy heart and I don’t know why. I just didn’t like what KW did and I felt like such a jerk for not liking a girl that is nice, selfless and does things for the greater good. And I also feel so bad for hating martyr-like characters. I went to Soompi and most of the comments were applauding KW’s actions and I began a debate with myself on why I’m so mean. But, I can’t help who I am and so I won’t apologize for thinking that way, though I do apologize to KW fans. If KW really wants to give up her lead spot to HJ, I’m all for that. She is entitled to it. It’s her right. But please don’t cry doing it. Be happy with the decision. By crying, it tells the audience (and Shin) that she’s sad that would make Shin sad. If you’re going to do it, why be sad? And if you’re going to be sad, why do it?

    And just like I’m happy Yonghwa is happy, I’m sad when Shin is sad. And that, was why I was feeling so bad yesterday. So, thank you Klaritia, for putting my thoughts into perspective. I was under such a dark cloud last night. I swear, things that affect Yonghwa, affect me – too much. I really need to snap out of this.

    Ok, I hope I’m not boring you and all your readers with my opinion everytime. And it’s not a short post afterall. My apologies. I’m getting off my soapbox now.

    • I always forgot to tell you how I love reading your comments. You’re one of the reasons why I keep writing (not real writing I mean, just some very raw words). I didn’t expect to say so much actually. I only love making gifs and screencaps.

    • Looby, thank you for your thoughts about KW! I don’t understand her decision to give up the lead role. It’s definitely not for the greater good. She knows she singers and emotes better than Heejoo. She knows that the director has great expectation of her and actually wants her to lead. She knows everyone else in the musical prefers her to be the lead and loves to work with her. Then the greater good is to lead and have a better performance with herself as lead actress, not to give up yourself and make everyone else disappointed, including dear boyfriend Shin. This is the first thing I feel mad about her (letting down everyone, including Shin). But , just as you said, it’s all her decision to voice over for Heejoo. However, KW has mentioned numerous times that it doesn’t matter if she leads or not. She is just happy to be part of the musical, even as an understudy who won’t get the chance to sing or dance. Then what’s the heck about the crying? You are actually better off now that you have the chance to sing. Weren’t you lying straight to Shin’s face that you would be just happy?!

      I really, really feel sorry for Yonghwa for the recent episodes. He didn’t get challenged but resorted back to the Shinwoo image, the prefect understanding and forever caring god of love, when I know he can do much more than that. I will stick with HS till the end and pray for miracle. But for now I will just need re-watch the zepp tour concert DVD to see Yonghwa at his best.

      • Gosh Yuki, do you have any idea how many times I’ve watched the Zepp Tour concerts whenever I miss Yonghwa and the rest of the boys? Like you, I needed to see him at his best and happiest.
        Great minds think alike? *winks*

      • Count me in too guys. haha. but I also watch Listen to the Blue DVD too. For the umpteenth time. *wink*

        I suggest on a sunny shining day, let’s get out there and have a life shall we? XD

  2. Yonghwa (Lee Shin) is really handsome and cool in this episode (more than usual).. perfect boyfriend, perfect oppa, perfect son and perfect his self as musician.. too perfect for GY (just my opinion). Now, i am convinced that there’s nobody as perfect as him in the real world…

    I have a mixed feeling about this episode, sad because he is just too perfect (he deserves more affections and respect too), happy and proud because he is just too perfect ( i mean, how amazing is he on that stage, not to mention how good is the ending song is)
    .. See, I can’t even describe my feelings properly.. *sigh*

    Thanks God, we still have the real Yonghwa (after this drama is over) who I believe will continue to give us amazing music and charismatic stage performance.

    Thanks again klaritia for giving us such a beautiful YH/LS pic and gif. Although, I couldn’t express my feeling very well, but you pretty much said all of it..

    • Agree! Lucky that we’ll have Yonghwa around, who’s loved by LOTS of girls!
      Poor Shin, he deserves a girl who loves him from head to toe, front to back, left to right, as well as inside and out. (Somebody will laugh at me!)

      BTW, I need to put this down somewhere too. When I advertised this blog post on twitter, I wrote: [Absolutely totally unbelievably Shin-biased] Heartstrings ep 13 recap]. Shin-biased can be replaced by Yonghwa-biased and it still makes perfect sense.


  3. ouch… I knew I missed out something on my post.. after it got erased… yes, I was wondering if the plot now is wat is suppose to head n not flex for the general public….anyway, shin got to wear pyjamas after fans’ complain?
    thanks for the write out, i feel that I dont need to watch the drama anymore.

      • lol… which part? the pyjamas or story plot? .. u r selling alright .. just it’s not working on me cos i m stuck with that show at least till the end .. maybe u misunderstood my sarcastic joke there? poor english on my side …. i apoplgise …

  4. I skipped most of the parts in this episode, except when Shin’s solo guitar scene was shown. To be utterly honest, that particular guitar piece wasn’t extraordinarily superb, but I was completely absorbed anyway. Yonghwa’s power I guess? I miss seeing him with his passion for music, badly.

    I don’t even want to talk or discuss about Shinhye’s character anymore. For more than half of the show I couldn’t understand why she decided to stick around Shin other than the fact that he’s one heck of a popular boyfriend. I know Shinhye’s fans would be furious reading our comments about her character, but I can’t turn my head away and tolerate her negligence in her relationship with Shin anymore. I guess the scriptwriter/director of HT was scared to death when negative feedback arouse from earlier episodes and took the public opinions to change the story in favor of Gyuwon. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t remember anywhere in any drama that I’ve watched (believe me when I say I watch dramas, tons of them) there is a character that sacrifices herself for everyone except her bf. It’s usually the other way around, female lead tends to sacrifices herself and all for lead male and ignores/neglects everyone else.

    Ugh! I said I didn’t want to discuss it anymore. Argh!

    klaritia reminded me about Yoonsu’s question. That scenario might happen if the story continued its curent direction. Well, I don’t mind actually. Another heartache seeing Shin’s being disposal at the hands of Gyuwon is ironically and painfully familiar.

    That brings up a question I’ve had long time ago. What has Shin done to have to suffer to earn Gyuwon’s love back? Hm. Come to think of it, maybe Shin’s love for Yoonsu at the beginning of the show was too sinful. Why hadn’t Shin just loved Gyuwon for goodness’s sake when she fell for him? The show could’ve gotten many more rave reviews. But I’m glad the drama has redeemed itself by ditching Shin’s emotions. Yonghwa had no problem portraying his real self anyway. Yonghwa’s room to improve his acting? Pfff. Who cares? As long as Gyuwon’s happy, the world’s happy.

    Gyuwon’s a gem, no doubt, but I’m not sure if sticking with Shin’s worth her while. Shin is, after all, just a boy with too much love, and Gyuwon is, on the other hand, a girl with too much fervor.



    P.S. I was tempted to write another letter to LeeShin. Meh, I will probably do it when the show ends anyway, in case you guys want to know. lol.

    P.P.S. I’m not cynical, just so you know. lmao.

  5. I’m happy as to watch this couple develop their love by comforting each other. And I’m happy to be the one who read your post 1st!!! Happy to feast my eyes with handsome Leeshin! Great Leeshin performs on stage! Thanks Klaritia!!!!

  6. I love ur blog. I just want to ask when you said ‘ he has no life aside from her(his) girlfriend’s life.’ what exactly was his goal before? I actually think Kyuwon enriched his life because he nowlearned how to work/interact outside his family. I didnt actually saw him being close to his band before. I think his life was a routine before which is why he sleeps the day away.
    He smiles a lot now and his music seems happier. Just my two cents

    • Yonghwa actually explained Lee Shin’s life in an interview after the first week’s broadcast. Just 3 things: passion for music, sacrifice for family and love for yoonsu. When he fell for Kyuwon later, yoonsu is replaced. Being w/ her, Shin’s life is happier, I agree on this point. My concern is this relationship seems kind of one sided now. I mean Kyuwon doesn’t care about his feelings much giving up the chace to be on stage, not telling him at all.
      Thanks for reading my random thoughts anyway.

  7. yup, something is wrong with the script alright.
    what happened to the obnoxious prince back in ep 1-6?? lee Shin was so much more intoxicatingly alluring back then!
    and what in the world happened to Gyu Won? She was trying so hard to be understanding with Shin. She stood by Shin’s side in the rain comforting him, she took in all his sarcastic and cold remarks back then. But now?? she brushes him aside. Shin is now just like an accessory hanging on her bag that she tends to forget all the time!
    This drives me mad.
    I think it’d be better if gyu Won never entered Lee Shin’s life! she’s made a mess out of him.

    He’s putting her first in ALL and i mean ALL matters. He takes care of her way too much while she does the exact opposite. She doesn’t need him, seriously. She’s fine on her own. She always does what she wants to do without giving him a thought or even remembering that Shin is there to support her. Arrg, it drives me real mad. Where is Lee Gyu Won’s first love for Shin? It has disappeared.

    The downfall of the entire drama started when they became a couple, when Shin loses all that alluring obnoxious prince charm. He is now a puppy totally lost in love following his Mary around. he seems to be tied by the nose by this “love” that he places such high priority on. It’s become a burden to watch Lee Shin…………sorry, but he became pathetic in the last few epsiodes. It’s painful to watch the almighty Lee Shin being treated like that.

    Gyu won needs to be given a hard shake! she needs to wake up and treasure Shin. She needs to return to her first love, the first love she had for Shin. The love she had running and chasing him around, the love she had doing things for him even if he never called for it.

    Script writer did a terrible job to uphold both characters. They are now in a bad mess……….. sigh, what an absolute disappointment!~~

    • Dear friend,

      I’m sorry for my intrusion, I tend to assign people according to Yonghwa’s level of obsession scale, and you accidentally fall into the category called “friend”, thus the “Dear friend” above. XD

      I agree with everything you said about the pathetic LeeShin, but I respectfully disagree with you if Gyuwon needs to be given a hard shake. On the contrary, I think Shin is that one that does.

      He needs to snap out of his one-sided love as I honestly think Gyuwon doesn’t need it, considered how independent her character is from the beginning.

      Passion for music? Check. Sacrifice for family? Check. Love for Gyuwon. Uh-oh.

      As for the scriptwriter/director, I think they’re not to blame either given all the negative feedback/opinions from episode 1 to 6. I sympathize them because upholding BOTH characters is hard, thus the understandable collateral damage when one character had to be forgone, aka. the puppy-in-love LeeShin.



      • hello catcher,
        i’m glad to be in a discussion in this blog of klaritia’s to vent my deep heartfelt feelings and thoughts on Heartstrings. I’m so into heartstrings that each episode lingers on and on and affects me deeply for the entire week until the next episodes come out, and then a new string of feelings would take over.
        Really glad to be over here, because if I don’t vent out with people of the same passion I share for Hearstrings, I’m gonna burst!~

        As for Gyu Won, perhaps i’m too “angry” and blinded by this anger that i still feel that her love for Shin has deteriorated. Why accept him in the first place if she does not feel the “first love” she had for him back then? Don’t you agree she was somehow more in love with him back then? She tended to show more understanding, concern and care for him back then.

        Well, right now, as you have correctly pointed out, she’s fine on her own. She does not need Lee Shin. In fact, it looks like she does not need a boyfriend at current stage. She is much more concerned with those around her, helping others and all.

        I agree with klaritia that the love is so much one-sided now. It hurts to see Lee Shin bringing himself down like that. I also totally agree with you that it is painful seeing Shin being at the disposal of Gyu Won’s hands. How fitting these descriptions are of the current situation.

        And definitely no more time for the script writer to redeem Shin out of this pathetic situation. Coming week is the last!!! How sad. Eventhough I am so very disappointed with the way things are now, I am even more disappointed that there will be no more hours- leading -to -days of waiting on Heartstrings/Lee Shin anymore. I already start to feel the emptiness. I need more of Yong Hwa.

        Seriously, I wish so hard that things could’ve gone down a different road if the script writer had not forgone Lee Shin’s character. If he’d stuck with Lee Shin’s character to the end, and still had Gyu Won around, I wonder how it would turn out. This keeps tugging at my heart, achingly so.

        But perhaps klaritia pointed something out too. His third passion; Yoon su. This third passion, whomever it may be, perhaps even Yoon su herself, would transform Shin into this pathetic little soul who loses all his charm. It may not be gyu Won, it could be anyone, just anyone that replaces Lee Shin’s third passion would automatically set the transformation. This may be Lee Shin’s life. Very sad indeed.~~

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