HS ep 13 cuts – Shin guitar solo & assorted BTS


[720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]


[720p avi | mp4 for iPhone]

I don’t feel so mad that Heartstrings is cut one episode anymore. The stage is where he belongs. Seeing Shin play the guitar in this setting just let me think Yonghwa can always be the best of himself as the musician. I don’t mean he doesn’t have to collaborate with his bandmates or anybody … I mean doing a drama, there are so many things that can affect if he can show his best.

I just can’t stop looping the BTS, and doing a gif of him totally afraid of the bug and sprinting away is the best medicine for all sorts of disappointment I had streaming online last night. I hope watching the Chin-subbed version will help ease this empty feeling a little.

Now I’m ranting … sorry. Please talk about the cool guitarist and the mama’s boy instead.

10 thoughts on “HS ep 13 cuts – Shin guitar solo & assorted BTS

  1. Oh sooo cute.. 🙂 I hope YH and SH will do a proper duet, please, please. Just need a song to remind me of heartstrings and of them cuz deep down I somehow feel it’ll be a long, long time before they collaborate in a another drama again.. imagine the many fanvids will be out after this if there’s a such a song out there…….

  2. wehee! thank you. just what i needed. those sprinting moments of him when he saw bugs is totally worth to laugh out loud.
    seriously when i saw his guitar solo, i see Yonghwa, not Lee Shin.
    those bts btw him n kyuwon are totally adorable esp when shinhye keep hitting him when he made the NGs. hehe

    • Perhaps like klaritia said, the stylist noonas hate Yonghwa? or love him too much to properly dress him up?

      I’m glad I’m not the only hating his stupid clothes and stupid hair/hairbang.

      LeeShin just needs to wear a pair of faded jeans, or even a pair of NORMAL jeans for once in this drama. I need to see him in NORMAL clothes, not those silly college jeans. Arg!

      • On a second note, college boys don’t wear colorful jeans like that, unless they’re, no offense, g*y.

        Comments debating around the topic of our mighty Gyuwon’s in recent episodes, comments attacking the parents’ topic, comments about a cetrain guy’s abs, comments about how normal Gyuwon’s stiffness in showing her affection for Shin, and comments about how wonderful HT that has been since episode 7 have been circulating around make me go argh, ugh, darn!

        It’s frustrating to have so much to say but no words would come out. Also, it’s pointless to talk about things repeatedly. It makes me feel like a fool.

        For the remaining episodes, I’ll hold my breathe and watch it for my bias only. No more expectation, no more disappointment.

        @klaritia: my apology for not having constructive comments to cheer you up, because just like you, I can only count on watching Yonghwa’s BTS clips to finish this lonely ride. *hugs*


  3. It’s weird that I’ve never get mad or sad that it’s cut down to 15 episodes. All I can think that it’s great uri Yongyong especially and Mingie can have proper rest. Though I highly doubt it since Niigata, Hongkong, Blue Storm and last indie concerts are coming up.

    Do you remember in November 2009, we watch the fancam of FT Island’s Men Stories concert? CNBLUE was a guest there. That’s where I came to one conclusion: He’s best as musician. So energetic on stage. of course we watched him before that in An.jell. But it just feels different.

    Yongyong and his bugs-goldfish-cats-ducks-and-the-list-will-go-on-and-on phobia always amuses me. I’d like to shout at your blog, please pardon me for a while.

    There you go. On the not so brighter note, it means OST part 3 is coming up. Still excited but I think my wallet is not so excited anymore. OTL

    • Totally remember that! That’s exactly why we were waiting so earnestly for the showcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And I used to shout on your blog too. We shouting together usually worked wonders. Let’s do it again.

      • lol.. should we make this comment longer with those caps !!
        including other casts in the NGs as well….

  4. Yong2 has his own charm (i m not arguing with u on this) … but it’s only when he is with his band that he is most attractive (at least that was the case to me) .. cos I know he LOVE his band.. he LOVE his band members … he LOVE making CNBLUE music …he is such a GOOD leader (something u can never see in a solo singer…
    I got to know him more since YAB days after I heard he belongs to a band … maybe it’s just me …

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