Heartstrings ep 14 preview with English subs

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” — Dr. Seuss

I hate the preview!!!


Eng subs based on Chin translation by doolyshinhwa @ weibo


I’ve been arranging my personal schedule to accommodate time for the ‘absolutely totally unbelievably Shin-biased Heartstrings recaps’, so that they were out within 24 hours of each episode’s airing. (Actually ep 1 and 2 were out late.) I’m happy that some of you tell me you like them. I did that with the little hope that I could be making Yonghwa’s drama a little more lovable (I can’t stand people say Lee Shin isn’t lovely or Yonghwa’s acting sucks.) Above all, I did everything for myself. I just want to record my emotional journey anticipating the drama, getting hyped-up whenever a teaser video or teaser pic is released, grinning, crying, feeling great or being depressed for all sorts of teeny tiny things about the Yonghwa drama … But I won’t be able to make the recaps of ep 14 and 15 soon enough, not that I don’t want to do them anymore. I’ll still do them. It’s just because of my personal schedule. Tell you this because I don’t want you to have misunderstandings.

I think my recaps have become sort of not that palatable lately. Because I didn’t see the dooly couple’s relationship as the majority of Heartstrings fans see it? Or the recaps have never been good; I’m being delusional … I must say the drama doesn’t turn out to be what I expected. I was so happy to hear that the director (Pyo) tailor-made the script for Yonghwa after seeing him at the audition. (Where’s he now?) Despite everything that happened or will happen, Heartstrings is still a Yonghwa drama to me. I’m thankful that it exists; I will treasure it so much. I still have the little hope that the remaining episodes can give more justice to the Shin character, but I’ll be fine if they don’t. Most important, Yonghwa keeps saying he loves doing the drama. I totally need to remind myself not to worry about him too much. Don’t know about you, I think NAN is the least useful variety show he’s been doing. But this boy has a way to enjoy his work no matter what. Or we fans can never understand things fully (Who are we actually to demand to know?). A DC fan told a little story at one of the later NAN recordings. (Many thanks to littlemo莫 @ weibo who usually translates such tidbits for fans around.) The stylist needed to fix Yongyong’s makeup, he ran around the set shouting, “Catch me if you can!” 🙂

Yonghwa will be busy as Yonghwa of CNBLUE soon. I’m fond of all four CNBLUE boys but the uniqueness and special personhood of Yonghwa calls out a unique response from me.

Sorry for explaining myself too much. I sound as if there are people around who care to understand me.

PS Your leaving comments, long or short, agreeing or disagreeing with me is a big bonus all this time. Thank you.

PPS Sorry for saying irrelevant things about the preview. It’s just my style. Or it’s just our style? If some people still feel like talking.

23 thoughts on “Heartstrings ep 14 preview with English subs

  1. Hai klaritia (is it ok to address u like this?)….
    I visit your blog for the first time when I found link on twitter.
    I am sorry because this is my first time to drop a little comment after read so much info and recaps from you.

    Just wanna say thank you a lot for your kindness to share what you tought and infos about heartstrings and yong hwa.

    I am not a good fan. Because I just buy The First Step album. Hopefully, later I will contribute more.
    I like Yong Hwa a lot because his personality. I feel really happy to find your blog, not only because I can get new information about him, but also somehow connected with how your feel.

    Sorry for the bad English. I just wanna try to show my gratitude. Really thank you.

    Riani from Indonesia 🙂

  2. I almost teared up reading various comments on a particular camp about how Shin could possibly be jealous of GW’s future success. How painfully naive it sounds!

    I shall stop going over there (or die trying if necessary), and stay here with you, klaritia, no matter how late your recaps/news tidbits will come out or how long I’ll have to wait to vent my thoughts.

    Enough about the preview, though it still hurts.

    I understand everyone has their own schedule and that it’s hard to keep up with life AND an obsession over someone whom they’ve never met to begin with. I sincerely wish to accompany you guys for the longest time possible, because it is, as I’ve said it before some time before, one heck of a lonely ride. Without our mutual understandings, I doubt if I could’ve finished HT with a sane mind and a beating heart, shattered, but an unbroken heart, anyways.

    A post like this reminds me that there will come a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.

    “A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one’s heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” ~ George Eliot

    Forgive my untimely sentiment.

    Until next time.


    • Just a few days later than usual. No more than a week, I hope.

      You sound like you won’t come talk to me when I will stop talking about Heartstrings. Can we just talk about Yonghwa?


      • No, no, I’ll always talk about Yonghwa, with or without you. lol. j/k

        I know you know what I meant to say earlier. Don’t go twist my words and turn them into something bad. Some people might do that, but you’re not allowed okay? XD

        I already apologized for my unexpected sentiment. Should I take it back?


        On a small note, our timing fits nicely. Feels like a virtual chat room in here. Another reply from you coming right after this, yeah?

      • On a brighter note, I’m glad Shinhye’s stylist changed her hair. Way better. Her face is chubby enough already. I don’t think she needs a hairstyle that emphasizes more on that fact.

        *Let’s talk about Shinhye too, even for a little bit. She’s our Yonghwa’s friend*


      • Yonghwa fans visiting the sets usually reports that Shinhye doesn’t look as chubby as seen on screen.
        But you know it’s Yonghwa’s idea to pinch her cheek in that scene? Maybe he teases her about that often?
        I need to stop stalking my own blog. Ttyl.

  3. I saw the preview and hate it too.. does it mean Shin is not able to play the guitar in the future or in the next ep?

    Klaritia, I love the way you retell the stories behind each episode. I can tell you do the recaps with lots of thoughts and care. I started liking geun suk, not so much yong hwa (shinwoo) in YAB but have become to like him more once I started watching heartstrings. I can see the real him (in NGs and BTS and also from the ways his fans talk about him – including yourself) and the onscreen chemistry between him and PSH is awesome. In the beginning I went to dramabean for heartstrings’ recaps but am so glad to have found yours. So keep the good work!

  4. I care and I understand. I promise you, I’ll leave you a comment whenever I can.

    I miss Yonghwa of CNBLUE very much and I’m not sure if it’s right for me to say this but I’m glad HS is ending this week. I like HS because Yonghwa is in it and because Yonghwa is happy doing it but I prefer him back onstage where he can shine at his brightest.

    BTW, about the preview, do you think Shin hurt his hand because he’s been playing so hard for KW to sing as the lead in the album? I’m so going to be angry if that’s true.

    • According to the text preview, Shin has his wrist injured protecting her from a fall.
      This will make you angrier or less angry? I don’t know how to feel. Totally need preparation for watching that!

      • *Takes deep breath* Looks like I’ll be angry either way. Maybe I should prepare by making sure I’m mildly intoxicated while watching it. Lol.

      • I’m going to be less angry only if Gyuwon could persuade me (or us) that Shin’s injury is worth it.

        The problem, she has done a really bad job about it, as far as I’m concerned.

        *bite self*

  5. i always love your quotations.( i always wondered how many books have u read so far?ur choices of words never fail to impress me)
    ur not only feeding me with all those yongyong-fangirling moments but also my addiction to awesome quotations.
    keep it up.

    ouch!wrist injury to a guitarist?that’s the worst thing that cud happen to you.
    pray it wud never happen to real Yongyong.
    and are all guitarist has to keep their nail a bit long?just curious though.

    • I’m with you. My heart sank when I watched the preview and I actually felt afraid if something like this would ever happen to Yong Yong or Jong Hyun in real life.

      Typically, guitarists would keep the finger nails on the right hand longer as they pluck the strings with that hand. The nails on the left hand is cut as short as possible as that’s the hand used to hold down the notes. The left hand is also particularly critical as it needs to be very flexible to be able to hold the chords/change the notes quickly which is why the preview is more awful since he has a patch on his left wrist.

  6. My heart just sank when I saw Shin’s waist got hurt. I know this is just Shin in HS. I am usually not that superstitious, but I am just so afraid of similar bad things that might happen to Yonghwa (knock the wood really really hard!!!).

    Who am I? Yonghwa’s mom or what? I already worry too much about his vocal cord, his weight, his mood after HS (ok, I guess he is emotional stronger than I am…). Why do they have to hang this over my head??!! I hate you, PD and writers! I never been so not looking forward to this episode.


  7. klaritia dearie,

    You effort has and will always be truly appreciated! I really admire your dedication to keep us updated in the midst of your hectic personal life. I keep coming back to your blog to look at your screencaps/watch music cuts from the previous episodes since you really do have the BEST caps ever, and they are all focused on our yong. I foresee that this is something I will continue to do, lost after the drama has stopped airing.

    I am reserving my final assessment on the drama until I’ve watched the last episode… but at this point, I can safely say that I am really glad that Yong Hwa took on this drama. The role was perfect for him and allowed him to showcase what a great musician he truly is.

  8. Hello Klarita,
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart,Great job !! I am from India, I just stumbled upon YAB on web, throughly enjoyed it, since then I am a fan of KDramas. I rely on the recaps/ english subs to undertstand the dramas. Since YAB was my first drama I am bit biased towards JKS, PSH & Yong Hwa. So no matter what the review is I will never miss their dramas. I like CN Blue music… good that they have english songs, my fav is “Teardrops in the rain” & “L.O.V.E Girl”. I just wish they gift the fans with good dramas, that we will feel to watch again & again. BTW I am learning Korean, Hopefully one day I will be the first one to recap the episodes and do eng subs. Wish me luck. Will wait for the subs 🙂

  9. Thank you, I thought I must be insane after YB when I started stalking Yonghwa on the net..Any tidbits about him I bookmarked. I just can’t get enough of this wonderful creation. He makes me smile like a fool no matter what he does. His smile, the eyes everything about him. I just have to see him. I don’t care about the storyline as long as I see Yonghwa…that will make my day. I am an obssessed fan thus when I came across your blog and my heartfelt thanks to you Klaritia.

  10. looks like the ending will be a very sad ending…..
    are shin gonna be like his father (only in the drama but not in real life)
    can’t wait to see the ending this week!!!!!

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