Heartstrings ep 10 & 11 – (music) cuts

I actually find the audio of the Shin singing scenes in the 2 episodes too ‘studio-ish’ … just to make a full collection. How I wish he could have sung live more. I heard he actually sang live in most of the singing scenes but the studio version was used in the final cut instead. And the dooly couple scenes with background music are cute. Looks like Yonghwa and Shinhye were actually having fun filming the dating scenes! So some not-so-music cuts too.

HS 10 ~ Gayageum & guita go digital [720p avi | mp4 iPhone 4 | twitvid]

HS 10 ~ Music brings them together [720p avi | mp4 iPhone 4 | twitvid]

HS 10 ~ He says ‘I love you’ to her in a song [720p avi | mp4 iPhone 4 | twitvid]

HS 11 ~ You’ve fallen for me [720p avi | mp4 iPhone 4 | twitvid]

HS 11 ~ Happy date [720p avi | mp4 iPhone 4 | twitvid]

HS 11 ~ Bitter sweet date [720p avi | mp4 iPhone 4 | twitvid]

6 thoughts on “Heartstrings ep 10 & 11 – (music) cuts

  1. Thought you’d be back in a few more days o_O

    I’ve found this news about YongYong (is it?) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZrUEEYVJ3M&feature=player_embedded#at=12 and would like to know what it’s about T__T. Except that I don’t know where and who to ask. So yeah.

    Could you please roughly sub or translate if you absolutely have the time to do so? No pressure, no demand. Oh no, I forgot. You don’t speak Korean, do you? Er, darn. I want to understand what they’re saying about our YongYong. Argh! Should’ve taken Korean lessons instead of Mandarin ones. Pfff! #_#

    P.S. You know those cuts above aren’t available for viewers yet, don’t you?


    • It’s a ranking thing. Yongyong’s #7 “Rich princes in showbiz”
      He’s got looks, talents, and money! But he lacks 2% of variety senses (see the embarrassing looks of him in Hunters & and as the failed MC?)
      (I read what cnpink @ weibo explained briefly)

      Won’t be around on Thursday till Sunday. Maybe check tweets and weibo messages only.

      I know the dailymotion vids aren’t up yet. Twitvid links up already. No?

  2. I really like your blog, Klaritia. Expressed with a feeling what you feel ^^.
    I liked your statement “Looks like Yonghwa and Shinhye were actually having fun filming the dating scenes”. That’s what I feel. As I see it also. They really enjoy the dating scene and dooley couple very funny but when they are given a romantic scene, It makes them feel awkward and a lot of giggling. I really enjoy their friendship both are very comfortable.
    I really enjoy Heartstrings. Time was so fast :(.
    Thanks for the video and everything Klaritia 🙂
    I’m waiting for your other post. I will quote the tweet from Yonghwa

  3. Thank you. I was waiting for the YFFM song, even though it’s a studio version. It’s the first time the drama showed him performing it and I love how his face lights up with a smile when he was singing.

    Abt the ranking. No.7??? Lol…in my eyes, he’s No.1. 🙂

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