Just some Hearstrings stills

Don’t worry, I’m not excited about kisses. Actually the imbc site is holding an Q & A event. Viewers who guess right the ‘intruder’ will have a chance to win some prize. What the heck? Who wants the prize? Everybody wants a kiss!

I’m more crazy about these very-Lee-Shin pics from the drama staff cafe. Thanks to unexpectedF @ twitter for sharing.

Which one do you like most? Or you prefer the all smiling Shin when he’s so in love? The imbc site posted quite many BTS pics today. Maybe you’ve seen them already. A slideshow of them plus the staff cafe pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pics collector need some help? Zipped. 🙂 And you know there’s a Hearstrings photos page here? I posted tons of pics there.

I know I said I’d be busy. Can still spare some time today. Just being kind of obsessed. Don’t wait for re-caps this week.

5 thoughts on “Just some Hearstrings stills

  1. wehee! im definitely a pic collector and thanks for the zipped!
    im worried after seeing the preview last nite. aish..i wanted to see him play guitar and sings more on the last episode. guess i wont be able to watch that. sigh >.<

    thank youuuuuu!!
    p/s : i still love YH moreeee than i love the fat star Patrick. lol

  2. Hi Klaritia, been camping here, in your blog, since the beginning of Heartstrings yet this is my very first comment. Well,, actually I’m not so sure what to write, I just wanna thank a bunch for giving us this precious blog. Always like the way you write, making me giddy, smile, and touched in the same time. thanks to someone who I believe is your blog fan as well and posted the link on Heartstrings FB page so I could find this blog. Looking forward for your recap of HS ep 14.

    Although tonight will be the last episode of HS but I’ll keep camping here since I also love Yong Hwa 🙂

    Thalia from Indonesia

  3. Hi Klaritia,

    I’ve been lurking you’re blog for a while now and as Heartstring is now coming to an end i feel that
    I must thank you for your tireless effort.I’ve always been a fan of Yong since YAB.After the show finished I would sometimes check on his ongoing activities.Unfortunately as much as i like him, it was not enough for me to start watching a reality show (too long and too scripted for my taste).Sorry I hope I’m not offending anybody with my comment. Through HS I found a deeper love for him…So much that i plan to buy all his CDs.I didn’t realize til now how a good musician he is..well better late than never right right? I fear i”ll be one of you’re blog stalker from now on…Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!

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