Happy 2nd birthday to ‘Now or Never’

Scheduled to be published on Aug 19, 2011 at 00:01 KST

“Now or Never” is two years old today! *throw confetti*

I checked my order history at yesasia. I ordered it on Nov 3, 2009.

I just love counting days, remembering dates and talking about dates. Chiara says she actually writes down some milestone days about her fangirl life. I never wrote down any. Some dates just pop up in my mind and if I’m not sure, I’ll go check. Girls are sensitive about dates. I wonder if the CNBLUE boys remember this date, but they surely remember that day. They went to the record store on Aug 20 to look at their albums on the shelf, became so happy that they took photos and posted on the CNBLUE Oricon blog. The post title: Today is really nice. It looks like Yonghwa wasn’t in Japan that day. Guess he’s been travelling between Japan and Korea in late Aug and early Sep preparing for YAB filming.

How does it feel watching them since their Japan training days? But it’s never too late to love CNBLUE. In case you don’t know they have actually released 2 indie mini-albums before their Korean debut.

Discography (Japan releases)
2009/08/19 indies 1st mini album 『Now or Never』
2009/11/25 indies 2nd mini album 『VOICE』
2010/03/20 indies 1st album 『ThankU』
2010/06/23 indies 1st single 『The Way』
2010/09/16 indies 2nd single 『I don’t know why』
2011/01/09 indies 3rd single 『RE-MAINTENANCE』

And their indies 2nd ablum 『392』 will be released on 2011/09/01. It’ll be the last indie album. That makes it special.

9 thoughts on “Happy 2nd birthday to ‘Now or Never’

    like seriously this is the best among others. i seriously love all the songs in this album.
    sadly…i didnt managed to get this.been trying but no hope.

    Happy 2nd annv Now or Never!!!!! *throws confetti and strums my guitar*

  2. T-T kwangjin .. i miss him tho…
    this is a out-of-print album.. it’s sooooo precious now… many of the early boices regreted not getting it .. i remembered that i was considering whether to buy this album or not when i started liking them (after YAB) … I bought most of their senior’s album but worrying about buying cnb’s … eventho I like them more … i m so weird? .. to me … cnb’s songs are kinda unique .. it took a while to accept it and fell in love with the songs …
    I hope that cnb’s songs continue to be unique and beyond this generation .. so that in 10 years’ time , it will still be played on radios … and people will still like them …

  3. i like this album so much. really!! now or never one of my fav songs too. this..really brings back memories.. i wish they will be more and more successful in the future. say goodbye to lee shin tonight and welcoming yong hwa again. **sigh** i wish HS a bit longer. he is way too cute in the drama.

  4. This album is such a rare find nowadays. A friend of mine just got a copy of this album cause someone auctioned it off in the internet. She didn’t tell me cause she wanted to limit the competition as much as she can. She still won’t say how much she paid for it but she always tells me she feels like crying every time she recalls how much she had to bid to get it. lol But she’s happy for getting a copy. It was the only one she lacks to complete her collection of the boys albums and dvds.

    Happy 2nd year anniversay Now or Never. I hope and pray someone will auction of another copy. kekeke

    • Indeed, this album is precious! Klaritia, you should really have this shrink wrapped and stored in safe, dry place. 🙂

      I’ve been searching the internet in the hopes of finding this for sale too. Really regret procrastinating when I first saw it for sale… Yikes, that makes at least the both of us in competition for this. 😛

      Happy 2nd anniversary to the boys! May they continue to blaze their way into music history!

  5. You mentioned my name in this entry and yet I haven’t commented! Yes, I wrote the milestones of being a Boice, even the date of my first post in soompi, lolol.

    Now or Never is one of a kind. The key to turn me into a fan. Totally irreplaceable.

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